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Gentry Overview

Each True Fae has its own page where they are described in deeper detail, with information about who they are, where they exist and how they work, links to plots which reference them or, more likely, their minions.

Important: No Keeper or Domain is permitted to reference copyrighted works. You are not going to have a Warhammer 40K durance, or (sadly) live in Willy Wonka land.

If you edit this page to add your Keeper, at the very bottom is a template which you can copy/paste and fill out that will add it to the list.

Further, if you want to create a page for your Keeper, just put the name into the box below and it will give you a template to start with.

Staff-Created Gentry

The Borrower

  • Creator - Staff: Annapurna
  • Activity - Local: This staff-created Fae has been active locally.
  • Realm - The Proving Ground: Environmental penalty? What's that? An entire realm? You don't say...
  • Methodology - Be the Best of the Best: Improve or perish. Changelings are run through bizarre tests of combative visual/auditory/sensory acuity to procure the most gifted of them all. Prone to 'borrowing' the eyes, or ears, or tongues, of those whose senses he wants to acquire for the day.
  • Preferred Victims - You: He isn't picky. When you go through so many changelings, so rapidly, you really can't afford to be choosy.
  • Common Creations - Keen and Paranoid: Sharp of senses...or not. Fight or flight. Commonly Beasts and Ogres. Most often maimed.
  • Allies - Several Known: He has contacts with a variety of known Keepers who send him their discards, and regularly purchases captured slaves from Privateers.
  • Escapees - Agnes AgnarssonBen UtridgeDobson DesrochersMarcus AlexanderOlivia UtridgeRorschachSarah FryStrix NebulosaTiniUschiWally WestWeaver UtridgeYoric Miller

Dread Commander Sof

The Floriographer

  • Creator - Staff: Annapurna
  • Activity - Local: This staff-created Fae has been active locally.
  • Realm - The Herbarium: An ever-sunny garden where his blossoms grow, are groomed, and live forever.
  • Methodology - Beautiful Obsessions: Improves your beauty, grace, elocution, sends you to others in bouquets and, if you're beautiful enough, presses you between glass to stay lovely forever.
  • Preferred Victims - The Loveliest of Them All: He searches for the beauty queens, prize winning dancers, elegant speakers.
  • Common Creations - Proud Petals: Lovely blossoms, marred blossoms and the beastly creatures which prey on 'compost'.
  • Allies - None Known: His obsession is a solitary goal.
  • Escapees - AJ RayDave Mikhael DesrochersFridayHaydn MillerIan BrennanKelsey WilliamsLyric DesrochersMimosaMina GreyReginald PookRyan DunnageSoleil FrySophia

King Nothing

  • Creator - Staff: Rainier
  • Activity - Local: This staff-created Fae has been active locally within the last 50 years; none of his escapees should have been taken before 1960.
  • Realm - The Whisperstitch: A patchwork of stolen memories and scraps of other realms stitched together by the King and his creations.
  • Methodology - Terror and Theft: He steals your memories. He'll steal more if he catches you slacking. Always look busy. Or hide. Hiding is always an option.
  • Preferred Victims - Loners, Lonely, Alone: King Nothing picks off those who are isolated from society, who are alone or hiding, who no one will miss for at least a little while.
  • Common Creations - Crafters and the Crafty: Creative, clever and stealthy creatures who are good with their hands or good at going unnoticed, often both.
  • Allies - None Known
  • Escapees - Almaden EspositoBranwen StoneChristine WatersDollHazel HatterJoel WhiteJohn PrestonKatie JonesLayne LefevreLowell DixonMagina Melanie MedleyMekoSam MitchellUriel Crowther

The Lady of the Loser's Grief

  • Creator - Staff: K2
  • Activity - Worldwide: Active within the last few centuries, this Gentry has been known to take people from all over the world, usually from areas where gambling is seen as a vice and such things are done behind closed doors.
  • Realm - The House of Cards: The Lady's Domain is a Fae Casino, a gambling den where all manner of exotic tastes are catered to.
  • Methodology - Games and Wagers: The Lady usually takes those whom she finds to be entertaining, in the hopes that they will continue to be so, both to herself and her menagerie of strange guests. Maybe with a few adjustments. Often, they will be the subject of strange, often cruel wagers between her and her other guests. Nothing is off limits, if the guests are willing to pay the buy-in.
  • Preferred Victims - Graceful and Skilled: Those with exceptional skills or features, either as performers, fighters, sentries, thieves, or servants.
  • Common Creations - Pieces on the Board: Weaponized game pieces. Exotic creatures. Living works of art. Other more specialized uses.
  • Allies - Several Gentry are known to be her allies. And she also has more than a few enemies.
  • Escapees - Carter Logan

Milk and Honey

  • Creator - Staff: Rainier
  • Activity - Local: This staff-created Fae has been active locally.
  • Realm - The River that Ate the Moon: Idyllic fields and marble estates set upon a brilliant, glittering river where the sun never sets and every wish can be fulfilled.
  • Methodology - Unrelenting Excess: Pleasures upon pleasures, every desire indulged. Except the desire to stop. When does not enough become too much?
  • Preferred Victims - Prudes and Hedonists: Milk attracts the wholesome, the pure, while Honey draws in the decadent, the indulgent.
  • Common Creations - Abnormally Moral: Those who escape Milk and Honey's sweet torment tend to be either excessively strict in their morality, having repeatedly experienced the dangers of indulgence, or extremely loose in their morality, having lived too long with the lines between good and bad blurred into nonexistence. Many gravitate toward the Sun or Moon Courts.
  • Allies - None Known
  • Escapees - AnitaHelah MorgensternMichelle HawthorneNoel NicholasRiley JamesonSam RyansSutter FryTegan WilliamsTom O'LearyTracy MacGregor

The Mother Who Feeds

  • Creator - Staff: Annapurna
  • Activity - Local: This staff-created Fae has been active locally.
  • Realm - Home: Happy homestead where Mother's children are child, pet, playmate and prey.
  • Methodology - Twisted Love: Mother knows best. Deliberately changes 'children'. If you're bad, you're food.
  • Preferred Victims - Lost and Found: She searches for lost children, or people crying out for help. Fiercely protective of her victims.
  • Common Creations - Friend or Food: Those who know how to make mother do what THEY want. Manipulators, convincing cons, loyal playmates, family pets, or prey beasts
  • Allies - Mother's Hounds: The most vicious of her children are set to police the rest and find new prey.
  • Escapees - Adeline DesrochersApollo KrieosC. J. GrilloCallie UtridgeDonald MacphearsonGarth Rodger RodgersHunter GarreauImogene LefleurNanaThompson MeadowsWhiskey Fry

The Noemata

  • Creator - Staff: Rainier
  • Activity - Local: This staff-created Fae has been active locally.
  • Realm - The Seventy-Eight Steps: An impossibly massive step pyramid, surrounded by desert during the day and rain forest by night. A persistent hiss of glinting beetles.
  • Methodology - Questing and Lessons: Everything is symbolic. Especially you. You will learn and relearn your lesson until you can teach it to others, until it is all you know.
  • Preferred Victims - Ordinary or Extraordinary: Nearly anyone can fall victim to the Noemata. All it takes is, for one moment, showing some spark of an archetype or some need to learn.
  • Common Creations - Archetypes and Insects: Many of the Noemata's creations personify a tarot card, both the major and minor arcana of equal importance. Many, instead, are the beetles which flitter about the Seventy-Eight Steps, most of which are glittering blue-green or otherwise jewel-toned.
  • Allies - None Known
  • Escapees - Althea MillerAmber WatsonAndromedaCardinalCoral GarreauDorian CrystalGareth EmrysJonah JosephJoss UtridgeMakaniMorgan LiadanSixTess FinegoldYesteryearZelda FryZillah Grimes

Player-Created Gentry

The Baroness

  • Creator - Player: Valerie
  • Activity - Worldwide: Her minions will take likely people from all over the globe.
  • Realm - Endless Castle: This castle resembles one from a millennium ago in England, but it goes deep underground. On the surface it’s lovely, with parties and feasts held frequently, but underground...there’s nothing but pain.
  • Methodology - Endless Feast: The Baroness expects near constant feasts and parties. For her favorites they attend the parties. Those less preferred, who either are not up to her standards or show reluctance to party, are servants. There are a few, though, who serve as mystical whipping boys for her favored few, for the Baroness tolerates no disrespect and punishes harshly.
  • Preferred Victims - The Lost and Forgotten: Those who are lost or those who have no one to miss them are her favored targets, though the spoiled and wealthy are just as likely to join in her celebrations.
  • Common Creations - Guest or Servant: Wizened Servants, Fairest Partygoers, Metallic or jeweled Elementals or Fairests, occasionally Beasts, primarily those who might be found in a medieval castle.
  • Allies - The Hunters: Though most are guest or servant, the Baroness has her Hunters, though they don’t hunt game. They hunt for more people to fill her castle.
  • Escapees - Valerie

The Baroness of Fire and Ice

  • Creator - Player: Ian
  • Activity - Local to New England: The minions of the Baroness of Fire and Ice have been collecting captives for her realm since the early 1800s.
  • Realm - Palace of Crystalline Reflections: A great yin/yang shaped crater with a volcano on one side, a great icy peak on the other, and in the very center a lake that both bubbles and freezes with an island on which the Crystalline Palace sits.
  • Methodology - Hot and Cold: Melded and enhanced by the elements, the warmth of appreciation of one's best qualities is a pleasure indeed, until the cold reality that one is merely a tool with a purpose sets in.
  • Preferred Victims - Passion/Dispassion: Those whose fire burns bright, or whose chill calm is their strength.
  • Common Creations - Forged in Fire and Ice: Almost all are touched by the elements in some way, their forms forged in fire, carved of ice, made for a purpose, usually protection, pleasure, or performance.
  • Allies - Kaylee Grey, Christian Warren, and Delphi -- Loyalists who use subtle methods to seduce, charm, and trick captives.
  • Escapees - Andrew BennettAshleyConnor MasonEden LopezHannah HarperJon IhrckOmari SmithVin

The Chronicler of Lies

  • Creator - Player: Aaron
  • Activity - Local: North-eastern US, and the eastern region of Canada, from ???? ~ Present Day
  • Realm - Insert Realm Name: The Grand Stage: A place that looks like, at first, an abandoned theater house, but then changes and transforms to suit the needs of the story being played out with those captured as the characters of the story.
  • Methodology - Thrice Upon a Time: Those that find their way to the Grand Stage soon discover that they are characters in what might have been a familiar story, but soon discover the horrific changes in the tale. Things are twisted, perverted, made unfamiliar, all while one begins to question their own identities and become more of a twisted archetype.
  • Preferred Victims - Stories within: The Chronicler of Lies has an interest in modifying Its stories, and to do so, it "borrows" anyone and everyone. It's most attracted most to those that loves reading, writing, and any other artistic expression where someone is trying to tell a story through their medium.
  • Common Creations - The Role: All Seemings welcomed. Those escapees tend to be dual or triple kith--as one begins to transform into their (His) main archetype, they take on multiple qualities that best resemble the role they were meant to be
  • Allies - TBD
  • Escapees - Aaron Fletcher

The Chronicler of the Shifting Sands

  • Creator - Player: Ian
  • Activity - Local to New England: Became active during the Age of Exploration.
  • Realm - The Everchanging Sea: An ever-shifting expanse of deep ocean and sifting sand moving incomprehensibly through time. Navigated by steam-powered airships and expeditionary crews.
  • Methodology - Ceaseless Exploration: Melded into the crews of its ships, the Chronicler keeps its expeditionary parties constantly exploring the lands and cities that rise and fall from sand and sea.
  • Preferred Victims - The Curious: Those who are drawn to curious little shops with dusty books, antiques, and other curiosities are often tugged down by its tentacles.
  • Common Creations - Survivors of Sand and Sea: Beasts of sand and sea, Wizened crew members, Waterborn, Sandharrowed, Manikin, and AirTouched Elementals, as well as others.
  • Allies - To Be Decided
  • Escapees - AerosHopeMiranda DesRosiersMorgaine LaVeyPaz ArenasReggie DangerTallahasseeTristan DarrowWhisper

The Diva

  • Creator - Player: Angelique
  • Activity - Local : North-eastern US, and the eastern region of Canada, from the late nineteenth century.
  • Realm - The Grand Theatre: The glittering stage, the ballrooms that surround it and the endless, endless maze of back halls, The Grand Theatre seems like it should be small, and yet it is the whole world when it needs to be.
  • Methodology - The Performance: All his world is a stage, and we but players. Bit players. Those drawn into The Grand Theatre will never be the star, but they will be cast in less desirous roles, where there's no such thing as stage blood, where stories twist in horrifying ways, and where everyone's job is to make The Diva look good, or function as arm candy, stagehands or bodyguards. Never, ever outshine him or he will spare no effort to make sure no one can look upon you without shuddering again.
  • Preferred Victims - Theatre People: The Diva tends to go after those who are drawn to the theatre, or those who show some particular aptitude for what he needs. Actors and actresses are common victims, but so are those who might serve him in other manners, and on occasion, he'll simply snatch some particularly pretty face that catches his eye.
  • Common Creations - Pretty or Crafty: Fairests, Ogres and the Wisened are by far the most common Seemings The Diva seems to create, filling the roles of either other actors or helpers, but there is room in his theatre for all comers. Those who upstage him, however, are always turned into the most horrific things he can imagine.
  • Allies -
  • Escapees - AngeliqueDinah AscherGrace TownsendInkMarian FryShade

Her Dark Queendom of the Untold Depths

  • Creator - Player: Poppy
  • Activity - Elsewhere: Off the coast of New England up into the southern coast of Canada.
  • Realm - The Depths: Dimly-lit depths filled with wondrous and twisted creatures of bioluminescence, spines, fins, and teeth, as well as the windy, steel-grey skied, storm tossed surface of the open sea.
  • Methodology - Survival of the Fittest: The ocean is unforgiving, and those who serve one who believes Herself the Goddess of Sea are expected to quite literally sink or swim.
  • Preferred Victims - Sea Folk: Those who live or work on or near the sea; She has little patience for those who fear Her realm and will consign them to fodder should they make their way into Her grasp. Always seeking to expand her domain, she uses many ploys to lure in the unwary – from shipwrecks, to sirens, to the tantalizing ‘rare sightings’ for those of an exploratory bent.
  • Common Creations - Denizens of the Deep: Deep sea creatures of the scaled, hided, jelly, or bioluminescent variety; elementals of wind or water or both; sirens, sea dragons, and other mythical creations; more often red in tooth and claw than otherwise.
  • Allies - At least one or more roving band of literal pirates who continue to worship Her Dark Queendom as a Sea Goddess.
  • Escapees - Duncan MorrowPoppy Devereux

Femme Fatale

  • Creator - Player: Berry
  • Activity - Local to L.A..
  • Realm - The Windy City: a maze dark alleyways and shady streets, that follow the lady, a city made for show, beyond the scope of the camera and its lights, the food turn out to be made of plastic and bustling buildings turn out to only exist on the front and made out of plywood.
  • Methodology - Acting, Cynicism, Hunting .
  • Preferred Victims - Failed Actors.
  • Common Creations - Cops or Robbers, those who commit crime or serve as accomplices to the lady or those who meant to catch said criminals.
  • Allies - "The Agents": A band of servants sent to the mortal realm to lure people into signing her contract.
  • Escapees - Berry Brennan

The Greening

  • Creator - Player: Lolly
  • Activity - Elsewhere: The Greening has been active throughout the mid-northeast and Great Lakes area of the United States, but its large reach is compounded by use of Loyalists and Privateers; it isn't clear which victims have actually been taken by the Keeper rather than a paid hireling or slave. Its first known escapee was taken in the early 18th century.
  • Realm - The Green Garden: Endless garden with no apparent purpose but to grow, and spread, and consume the world in entangled green. Small pockets are preserved in peace, at seemingly random intervals.
  • Methodology - Encroach or Be Encroached Upon: Either spread yourself over others or wait to be spread over and consumed, controlled, destroyed.
  • Preferred Victims - Plant-Relatives: Do you have a flower in your name? Are you a gardener? Do you work at a florist's shop? You're the Greening's favoured prey.
  • Common Creations - Creeping Vines & Wildflowers: No matter what else you are, your primary kith will be plant-related. For those within the sheltered pockets, you will likely be a Fairest, some form of Flowering, and you will have been pruned and trained to look as the Keeper wished you to look, to match your name (i.e. Lolly's real name is Lily, so she is a Lily of the Valley now). For those outside, in the entangled greenery, it is survival of the fittest. Fairests are unusual outside the sheltered valleys. Elementals and Darklings are most common. Beasts/Wizened do not exist.
  • Allies - No known Fae allies. Uses Loyalists and Privateers.
  • Escapees - Lolly

The Illustrious Master of the Teeming Streets

  • Creator - Player: Ian
  • Activity - Local to New England: Became active during the Gold Rush when immigrants began to move and settle in New England.
  • Realm - The Midnight Market: All the chaos, passion, and violence of an action movie where rival gangs vie for territory and exotic entertainments abound.
  • Methodology - Beauty and Chaos: The Illustrious Master fills his teeming streets with fighters and performers, shopkeeps and spies, a dizzying array of disparate players on his chaotic stage.
  • Preferred Victims - Indiscriminate Selection: Employing roving bands of Loyalists, most victims are simply kidnapped from wherever and however might be convenient. Almost anyone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time might be snatched up.
  • Common Creations - The Strong Survive: Any Seeming might come out of the teeming streets though many are flavored by an anime level of Asian influence with a blending of folklore and action movie tropes.
  • Allies - Small roving gangs of Loyalist "recruiters" of various types.
  • Escapees - Charlotte WebbCyrilKarin Frei

The Image

  • Creator - Player: Saulot
  • Activity - Worldwide: The Image is active everywhere, and this is in part due to Its agents. It has existed since the 4th century, and has only grown in power since.
  • Realm - The Hyperious Host: A realm of absolute, limitless light. There is no food nor water, but everything save some of the inhabitants are made of pure energy - solid or otherwise.
  • Methodology - Divine Purpose: You are given a task or duty until eternity or your death. Any choice beyond that means expulsion.
  • Preferred Victims - Zealous and Week: Those taken by The Image are those with a belief in some form of divine power that choose to live a life in its service.
  • Common Creations - Angels: Winged things of beauty and the divine spheres. There are no Darklings.
  • Allies - None
  • Escapees - Akka ibn IrinVesta

The Lady Bright

  • Creator - Staff: Annapurna for her PC November
  • Activity - Anywhere: She is active across a broad range. November is not aware of any activity beyond the New England area, but it is possible. She uses catspaws and unknowing minions to retrieve persons of interest.
  • Realm - Winterlight: A realm of exquisite and intricate snow gardens, terraces, artfully wild landscapes and palaces of shining, gleaming, iridescent ice, caught forever on the cusp of Winter blooming into Spring. It is never night. There is no shadow. There is no darkness but the pain in your own tattered soul.
  • Methodology - Manipulation & Appeal: She will learn what you were/are. She will learn what/whom you love. She and her catspaws will find every button, every weakness, and manipulate you so subtly you hardly even notice. She will control your actions by controlling your thoughts, because to control ideas, to control knowledge, is to limit your opponent's choices, and she will ensure that you are beautiful while she is doing it.
  • Preferred Victims - Politicians & Lovely Lookers: The Lady prefers raw material that aligns with her goals. She is a socialite and a subtle weaver of webs, her weapons words rather than swords. She takes humans as entertainment, entertainers, art projects, and spies. Think 'elegant young lady with a stiletto in her fancy hair-do' at a royal court, not action/adventure hero/ines.
  • Common Creations - Social Art: Fairest. 99.9999999% of all creations are Fairest Seeming, and if they aren't, they WILL have at least one Fairest kith.
  • Allies - Insidious creature that she is, she has made alliances which benefit her more than others for centuries, but subtly so. She always seems to have someone on tap to help with any problems she can't handle on her own.
  • Escapees - EziyishumiNovember

The Librarian

  • Creator - Player: Pog
  • Activity - Upstate New York: It has so far been limited to upper New York state, but it takes Lost from other Gentry who are from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Realm - The Library: The Library has two parts. One part is the Library itself that is an endless maze of books, scrolls, computers, cave paintings and everything in between that could be used to hold a written story. It is a lonely place where the few Lost inside it never come into contact with the others. However, most Lost only see the outside of the Library, which is an always-shifting realm of stories come to life.
  • Methodology - Stolen Again: The Librarian does not often take anyone itself. Instead, it typically takes the castoff unwanted Lost from other Gentry who either no longer want the Lost or who simply don't notice when it takes them. Very rarely does it take anyone, and those are the poor souls who serve within the Library itself, acting as caretakers.
  • Preferred Victims - Loners & Voracious Readers: Typically the realm is populated by the castoffs of other Gentry. However, if the Librarian takes someone to serve as a caretaker, they are quiet loners who are usually lost in books and imagination, and often those who suffer from some sort of mental illness.
  • Allies - Unknown
  • Escapees - Augusta GreyfellKip

Little Green Man

  • Creator - Player: Cassildra
  • Activity - Mid-Atlantic Region: This player-created Fae has been active most recently in Lancaster, PA.
  • Realm - Area 51: A 'futuristic' place from the 1950s. Silver, formica--think The Jetsons.
  • Methodology - Experimentation: Changing people to... other things... for fun and profit, or keeping a futuristic 'utopia' running efficiently.
  • Preferred Victims - Lost in the Past: People who long for 'simpler' times--be they Amish, some other form of religious outlier, Luddites, or others of that type.
  • Common Creations - Weird and Twisted: Strange, nightmarish crosses of kiths. Many Manikins.
  • Allies - Aliens: Those created in its image to help with the initial Change.
  • Escapees - Ava ArdentGina Garreau

The Marvelously Mystical Mister Minister of Missed Moments

  • Creator - Player: Sterling
  • Activity - Elsewhere: Semi-globally, usually in areas that are at least partially metropolitan.
  • Realm - The Port of Potential: "Chaos is a ladder" fits well to describe the structure of the Minister's realm. While the Gentry himself sits pretty on top, its victims are often put into a loose hierarchy after being forcibly altered and given better means to obtain their ends. This constantly leads to a strategic game of politicking and maneuvering as different groupings try to coerce and stab the way to the top of their social section for a real or imagined carrot always lingering just out of reach.
  • Methodology - Inside Becomes Outside: Changelings belonging to this Gentry are usually changed into something reflecting their desires - all of them, whether repressed or not - and given a role within the Minister's realm. They're encouraged to use whatever means necessary to fulfill their goals, with constant promises of more.
  • Preferred Victims - Ambition and Regret: The Minister favors those who have an unfulfilled ambition, especially if they feel grief or regret over dreams not obtained or fulfilled. Unhappy housewives, failed artists or actors, those entering a midlife crisis, and the like.
  • Common Creations - Mister Hyde: Frequently the forms of the Changelings created are unsettling in some way: a reflection of inner desires that might be latent or heavily repressed. Fairest, Beasts, and Elementals are typically uncommon (with Fairest being the most common of these) except in the instances of a secondary Kith.
  • Allies - Faces: Also sometimes called Salesmen, Grifters, and similar by escapees, these are agents and loyalists of the Minister that act in his favor on Earth. Their job is to approach potential acquisitions for the Minister, and make them a deal that's literally too good to be true.
  • Escapees - none

Master of Wine and Spirits

  • Creator - Player: Gabriel Grayson
  • Activity - Elsewhere: Below the Mason-Dixon Line.
  • Realm - The Vineyard: Sprawling fields of twisted vineyards, orchards and assorted crops where spirits are cultivated for the Master.
  • Methodology - Tools or Crops: Either keep up with the Master's constant need for new tastes, new experiences or become a part of one of their vintages.
  • Preferred Victims - Rural Folks: The Master picks from agricultural communities, from manual laborers and farmers to wine-makers and pie-bakers.
  • Common Creations - Innovators & Spirit-workers: Those who can create new fare thrive in the Master's realm. Most who escape have familiarity with spirits. Wizened and elementals common.
  • Allies - Unknown
  • Escapees - Gabriel GraysonLouisa Dalton

The Monstrous Prince

  • Creator - Player: Beau
  • Activity - Local: Northeastern United States and eastern Canada.
  • Realm - The Twisted Forest: A forest blanketed in perpetual night and lashed by intermittent winter storms. At the center is a Gothic castle built on the side of a black mountain.
  • Methodology - Survival or Servitude: One will either be banished to the forest to survive, or confined to the castle to serve.
  • Preferred Victims - Broken Beauty: Either the beautiful or creators of beauty: models, artists, musicians; though those with some darkness in them are preferred: depression, trauma, or a violent temper.
  • Common Creations - Twisted and Tormented: Wizened, Ogres, Darklings, nocturnal and scavenger Beasts, Elementals of cold and storms. Nothing beautiful, warm, or bright comes from this realm. Fairest are completely unknown.
  • Allies - Nightmares: A cadre of loyalists that bring sacrifices to the Prince. He also loves doing his own dirty work.
  • Escapees - Alexei OrlovVelvet

Mr Rift

  • Creator - Player: Cobalt
  • Activity - Worldwide: This Gentry is active anywhere that emptiness can be found... or created. Also known as the Strange Machine or sometimes the Whisperer. Mr Rift usually appears as a tall, thin, pale man with black hair, grey eyes, black clothing, and a Yorkshire accent, but has been known to change ethnicities, nationalities, and genders to suit his purposes.
  • Realm - Your mind: Hell is yourself.
  • Methodology - Anything you want: Enjoys putting mortals into difficult emotional situations that he creates and maintains, making them the stars of their own private dramas. Mr Rift loves to whisper a person’s worst fears into their heart, and is particularly adroit at making these whispers sound natural, not like the intrusions they secretly are. He tailors his approach to each victim and works tirelessly to break down and erase everything that makes a person who they are, leaving nothing but nothing behind.
  • Preferred Victims - Passionates: People who can easily be induced to ruin themselves hold a special appeal for Mr Rift.
  • Common Creations - Addicts: Of all types.
  • Allies - The Lady E.
  • Escapees - Cerise HodgsonCobalt RasenderDaniel DrossVervanE Cielo

Perpetua, The Belle of the Ball

  • Creatorss - Player: Itsuki and Haruki
  • Activity - Elsewhere: Semi-Nomadic, but throughout New England
  • Realm - The Big Day: Less a where than a when, although the when is always now. The physical details change over time, but regardless of the location, every day in Perpetua's realm begins with the preparations for a party revolving around her. Sometimes it's a birthday, or a graduation; sometimes, when she's in the mood, a wedding to a special (but invariably disappointing and replaced) lad or lady. Sometimes, when her mood sours, she hosts her own funeral.
  • Preferred Victims - Performers, Artisans, Servants, Romantics, Courtesans and Social Butterflies: Perpetua scouts for the greatest possible talent to make the Big Day absolutely perfect.
  • Common Creations - Perfectionists: The main theme of a Durance in the Big Day is the cycle of Hope and Despair and the never-ending pursuit of perfection.
  • Allies - Perpetua has many "friends" among the Gentry, although they mostly view her as a joke and take great delight and compete with each other to most artfully sabotage her events. They want to keep the game going, however, and may provide assistance in preventing escapes and returning escapees.
  • Escapees - Itsuki

The Queen of Storms

  • Creator - Player: Cassian
  • Activity - Elsewhere: Coastal New England
  • Realm - Stormcoast: The Stormcoast is a realm of seaways against a rocky beachhead and an expansive forest. Jagged rocks liter the beach and waterways, and sinking ships are common sights as the Queen ravages their attempts at navigation.
  • Methodology - Manipulation of Love and Service: As impossible as it seems to leave, the Queen is often seemingly open to arranging a duration of service in exchange for freedom, or a period of love, though it seems rare anyone survives long enough to fulfill their bargain.
  • Preferred Victims - Explorers and Adventurers: The Queen favors those who want to see beyond the horizon or around the riverbend. Those with a curiosity insatiable.
  • Common Creations - Betrayers: The true cage of the Queen of Storms is in self-preservation at the cost of others. She delights in making other Lost betray themselves to her confidence. This can be literal, as a Warden returning escapees, or figurative, as a twisted lover toying with the emotions of others.
  • Allies - The Corsairs, a group of roving Privateers running aground in coastal lands just a hair close to New England cities. The Queen also favors 'exotic' Lost from far away inland, trading with merchants and slavers that come and go.
  • Escapees - none This makes it so anyone with the Category for this Gentry will appear here.

Sky Admiral Santei

  • Creator - Player: Basil
  • Activity - Worldwide: This gentry looks for anything he wants, specifically that which other Gentry are looking for to strike first.
  • Realm - Solar Fleet Epsilon: The Admiral's domain is a fleet of solar ships that travel between the domains of other, weaker Gentry to rob them of everything from titles to treasures, to you perhaps?
  • Methodology - Keep what you Kill: If you can take something from someone they must not have wanted it very badly to leave it so very unprotected. Often includes raids on other Gentry.
  • Preferred Victims - Ambitious & Moraly Ambiguous: There is no honour among thieves. He took those who had a philosophy that might made right, or were overly ambitious, were willing to sacrifice morals for progress, or even needed something and knew the cost to get it.
  • Common Creations - Space Pirates: You escaped through cunning and daring. You know survival is won by gaining the upper hand. This is either in force, wit, or guile.
  • Allies - So. many. privateers. Often times masquerading as being in the employ to other Gentry to steal their catch before it finds them. They're not even above kidnapping other loyalists to recruit them.
  • Escapees - AlvoBasil A UtridgeFreya GullSidonie Glass

The Stultified Puppeteer

  • Creator - Player: Khara
  • Activity - United States: Usually focused in Los Angeles of all places, the Stultified Puppeteer searches for her heroes and villains everywhere she can find them.
  • Realm - The Shire of Moving Pages: A beautiful country where the Puppeteer's castle resides surrounded by a lush green friend and many areas that connect together artificially, from deep, dark jungles to threatening volcanic mountains.
  • Methodology - A Game of Ratings: If you are interesting, dynamic and plays a role that can garner her interest, you live. If you are boring, and your one-Fae audience doesn't want you anymore, you die.
  • Preferred Victims - The Stereotypically Engrossing: Policemen two days away from retiring, thieves with hearts of gold, troubled youths. Anyone who looks like the go-to source of drama in the media attracts her attention, be they actually interesting or not.
  • Common Creations - Heroes & Villains: Beasts, Darklings and Ogres are almost exclusively villains because they look what one would expect monsters to look like, whereas Fairest are almost always protagonists, leading armies and fighting their wretched counterparts.
  • Allies - Coming soon.
  • Escapees - Aslan AltanJessica BelmonteKara KhanLotus Lefevre


  • Creator - Player: Cross
  • Activity - Elsewhere: Usually focuses her attention on Western Europe, but that may be changing soon.
  • Realm - The Garden of Teeth, Teeth, Teeth: An endless proving ground designed to pull people apart and reshape them into their 'best' selves.
  • Methodology - Their 'Best' Selves: Talentsmith sees the potential in people. Hidden depths they didn't know they had. And those she takes will find those depths themselves, or die trying. And those who embrace their hidden talents? She loves them oh so very much, and she is relentless in showing it, until they love her too.
  • Preferred Victims - The Slightly Damaged: She likes the flawed. People of faith who have broken a vow. People of honor with a dent or two. Anyone she can look at and see past their facade to the beating heart beneath.
  • Common Creations - Zealots and Tools: She creates all kinds of seemings, whatever reflects the talent revealed, but all of her creations have two things in common. The first is that they have had everything that isn't part of their talent winnowed away through suffering, and the second is that she loves them and they love her in turn.
  • Allies - The occasional band of privateers and her own loyalists. Tends to turn her talented tools loose on other Gentry's people, so she is not well liked by her fellow Fae.
  • Escapees - Jason Cross

Tally Man

  • Creator - Player: Betsy
  • Activity - Worldwide: This Gentry is active anywhere that bureaucracy and tedious administration work is...Which is to say, he can be found anywhere.
  • Realm - The Obelisk: Though this Gentry is largely nomadic, he does have a small realm, an impossibly tall obilesk full of number crunchers and admins grinding away at endless drugery.
  • Methodology - Tedious Drudgery: Paperwork, accounting, filing. Census taking and collating data. Exciting stuff.
  • Preferred Victims - Drudges: He selects those who excel at being cogs in the wheel of bureacracy and office work. Detail oriented, middle-management types. Government officials. He largely takes those who do not have many ties in the world, the ones that won't be missed.
  • Common Creations - Admins: Almost exclusively, those that come out of the Tally Man's domain are Wizened. The occasional Antiquarian, or hunter-type Ogre or Beast may be found, and of course there's always the odd duck of another seeming/kith, but mostly? Drudges, Chatelaines, Authors and the like.
  • Allies - Recruiters: A band of Privateers that use recruitment ads and job fairs to collect victims
  • Escapees - Betsy Wilson

Tuatha de Danann

  • Creator - Player: Rowan
  • Activity - British Isles: Exclusively found on the British Isles, particularly active in Ireland and Wales.
  • Realm - The Faerie Hill: The British Isles, as it was when it was still a tribal land, heightened and warped in many ways.
  • Methodology - Ancient Tales: Those taken by the Tuatha de Danann are entered into the endless reliving of old battles, legendary quests and epic relations of this collective band of Gentry who claim to be the oldest around. One could find themselves a nymph endlessly enticing people to join them, a sentient tree preparing for battle, or the victim of some inexplicable love triangle that leaves one with insane tasks or a life lived as an animal. Always it is in line with the old Celtic mythology and legends.
  • Preferred Victims - Trespassers: Those who step through ancient gates, or trigger long-forgotten boundaries that these Gentry claim.
  • Common Creations - Legends: Seemings and Kiths run the gamut, but everyone falls into ancient Celtic legends/mythology in some way.
  • Allies - Fairy Revelers: These Loyalists are used on fairy hills and woods to lure in unsuspecting humans, plying them with drink, food and fun until they pass out and can easily be taken to Arcadia.
  • Escapees - none This makes it so anyone with the Category for this Gentry will appear here.

The Wicked Wood

  • Creator - Player: Lulu
  • Activity - Local or Elsewhere: East Coast, USA centered around Roanoke and Boston most often.
  • Realm - The Wood: A place for the wild to run free and unhindered.. Until they're needed for those vital bits.
  • Methodology - Survival, Mysticism, Nature, Hunting, Fear, Magic
  • Preferred Victims - Anyone.: The wood is an opportunist. Mostly people who get lost or go out into the woods alone. Drawing them in with faerie rings, magical oaks, and willows, fairies, visions of unicorns, anything that will draw a lost wanderer .
  • Common Creations - Hunter or Hunted.: Those who fetch the ingredients to help the Wicked Wood and it's Witched to maintain it's magic.
  • Allies - The Witches: Women of any age or type, Loyalists all, who have dedicated themselves to the Wood. Everything from hansel and Gretel's witch to a Voodoo Priestess. They need the reagents from the magical beasts that live in their realm to continue serving the Wood.

Familiars: These are the Hunters. They are not always Loyalists. But they are not usually good people. These people were those used by the Witches, lured in and taken to become the Witches lovers/familiars/hunters.