Haydn Miller

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 Haydn Kasimir Miller

"I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end."


Occupation: Chemistry Teacher at Brunsett High School
Association: Autumn Courtier, Founding Member of Fate's Harvest
Entitlement: Cross-Carrying Knight of the Dragonslayer
Evolution: Elemental Snail, Just Part of the Garden
Family: Miller, Still Better Than You


Chemistry: Fascinating, potentially toxic, fun for everyone!
Greenery: Makes for both pleasant company and pleasant meals.
Pugilism: Gentlemanly violence. Mostly. Some rules may be broken.
Judgment: Have you done something bad? Suspect someone else has?


Miss Green: Discerning.


Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell - Snake Song

You can slip in, try to find me, hold your breath and flat deny me.
It makes no difference to my thinkin'. I'll be here when you start sinkin'.

A Particularly Vicious Rumor - Snail Song

I'd rather be in control, believe me.

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