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The game's physical setting is centered around the small town of Tamarack Falls and the city of Fort Brunsett.

Tamarack Falls has a reputation as a country backwater, a poor cousin, a failed provider which refuses to give up. It still provides some local lumber, and there are the occasional grumblings about reopening the local mine, but those never get too much traction. It's locally known for being a bit queer, what with the loopy Lefevres and all, but most folks ascribe that to the murders some fifty years back. Others know better.

Fort Brunsett, on the other hand, is a small, but slowly growing city, caught between the small-town values of its antecedents and the metropolitan ideals of its dreams. Located in the general vicinity of Stowe, it gets much of its money from tourism, thanks to the ten mile lake along its northern border, and the shipping of goods downriver. Despite its best efforts, there is a fair amount of decay in the industrial district, both genteel and...less genteel. Crime is rising.


  • Vermont Facts - Useful information and links about Vermont.
  • Local History - Detailed history of the area.
  • Local Legends - Local mythology, weird rumors, story hooks, stuff to look out for.
  • Tamarack Times Gossip Column - An online record of the IC bboard 3 gossip column.
  • Channel 10 Local News - An online record of the IC bboard 3 news posts. Generally, these are +event fodder or the results of ongoing storylines IG, and players are welcome to investigate them.



This is where we'll describe other places beyond the local setting which become relevant to the setting, such as other nearby towns.

Stranger Places

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