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Annual Event Calendar
Certain events, including local festivals and Changeling Court gatherings, happen during the same months every year.

Please see Events/Annual Event Calendar for their schedule.

Staff and players alike are welcome to use this page for posting wiki-accessible notices about the timing of their public events. Click on an event to be taken to its page. The arrows at the upper right of the calendar allow you to move forward and backward month by month.

Please don't post private events to this calendar. (Private = events just for your friends)
Public events, Sphere events, Family events, Court events, etc. which the public should know about are what this is intended for. :)

If you are running a PRP, please make sure your event names are prefaced with PRP.

Creating an Event

  • To add an event to the calendar, all you need to do is make a page for it. The page name must match the following formatting:
Example: Event:2017/02/27_Beta_Launch
  • If the event spans multiple days, each day must be its own unique page. #REDIRECT [[First Event Page Name]] on subsequent pages to redirect clicks to the main event.
Example: Event:2017/04/12_Munchie_Party --> Main page for the event! Write details here.
Example: Event:2017/02/13_Munchie_Party --> #REDIRECT to Event:2017/04/12_Munchie_Party
Example: Event:2017/02/14_Munchie_Party --> #REDIRECT to Event:2017/04/12_Munchie_Party
Make a page for your Event: