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Welcome to the Fate's Harvest MUX wiki!

We are a Changeling/Mortal+/Mortal game using 'Changeling: the Lost' v1.0 (okay, more like 1.5) and modified GMC rules. A full list of what is/is not GMC-based is located on the GMC page.
You can find a list of books in use under the Rules and Policies link to the left, and some guidelines on what you can expect from our storytelling style right here. Check the House Rules page and individual sphere pages for more on the in-game mechanics, story hooks and other systems.

Fate's Harvest is designed to be a place where players can explore the themes and struggles of Changelings reaching the ends of their journeys, be they those who chase their dreams back to Arcadian arms or those they leave behind. Either road has consequences. Are they worth the price?

Players are given the chance (see XP Tiers or 'news xp tiers' in game) to choose just which end of that spectrum they prefer to play in, and can expect to receive support for their own personal stories; this is a game where high power and the risks it entails will be a major playing point, but it is not the only playing point.

What dangers will this presence bring to the mortals who surround them?

How do you protect your home from a threat long since reduced to nursery rhymes and happy endings?

New Player Guide

New to the game? Check out the page above for quick links to areas of the wiki new players should read.

Launch Plan

Alpha Testing: All but complete. Staff is working on finishing touches and beta prep. PCs will be wiped on Sunday, February 26.

Beta Testing: Monday, February 27. Players will be encouraged to make the characters they intend to play at launch so that they can begin playing as usual, assuring that the game works as it should under normal conditions. This time will be used for finishing touches by staff with a lot of energy put towards solidifying plot and theme for full launch. There will be NO wipe at the end of this phase. Players will retain their PCs. As such, we will aim to keep this interim phase brief.

Public Launch: Monday, March 20. Stories start. The mountains ring with joy! Date may change depending on how beta proceeds.

Beta Testers

Feel free to create the character bits which you wish to retain moving into launch.

If you would like a wiki account, please use +req/wiki in game, providing your desired username and an email address to send the temporary password. It might go to your spam folder.