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A Player-Run Plot, or PRP, is a wonderful beast if properly cared for. It will provide you with entertainment and affection for many years, and isn't picky about its owner.

In essence, this is a story you and your friends tell by yourselves. While not always true, one player will typically take on the role of ST for the scene, and arbitrate the story for the other characters involved. If the ST's own character is involved in the scene, he or she should stay in the background as much as possible.

Getting some things requires either justification or a PrP to obtain. Those things can be found at: Justifications.

+Activity Awards

+Activity is awarded for PRPs on a sliding scale of danger/consequences.

Points Awarded Danger Level
1 Social. No serious danger to characters.
e.g. Meetings, ice cream socials, group get-togethers.
2 Combative. There is a considerable danger to the character or the character's reputation.
e.g. any Hedge scene, duels, fighting people/creatures, dealing with hobs, getting arrested, undermining authority figures in such a way that you could be caught at it and have your name stained, etc.
3 Deadly. You are very likely to end up dead or a social pariah.
e.g. ANY scene where you go back to Arcadia or deal with True Fae, combat where multiple people start taking Aggravated damage and/or die, your reputation is utterly ruined by a deep dark secret's revelation, scenes where business dealings tank/you end up in court, etc.

When your PRP is complete, provide staff the log, proposed danger level, and the list of players involved (yourself included), and staff will give everyone the appropriate points.

If you are killed in a PRP, you may assign an alt to receive your 3 activity points.

Approval Unnecessary

Staff does not feel the need to babysit every player or nose into every scene. While knowing, in general, what you are doing in the world will help staff to ensure it stays responsive, neither they nor you need the hassle of extra paperwork.

The following types of PRPs do not require pre-approval:

  • Social scenes. These can be parties, ball games, races, meetings, murder mystery nights, jousting tournaments, you name it. The key is that they are primarily social, and don't involve staff NPCs. If it's something you would need to get the city's permission to do (say, a drag race down Tamarack Road, or a massive harvest festival), you need staff approval.
  • Business scenes. Do you run a business? No matter what it is, if you are doing something on your own IC property and it doesn't involve anything you'd need a separate license for/doesn't involve staff NPCs, go for it. Want to murder someone in your haunted house? Just don't let the police catch wind. ;)
  • Basic combat scenes. Run into trouble? Get mugged by a gang of idiot college kids down in the Industrial District? No problem. As long as they have nothing to do with established NPCs, you're good to do a one-off. If you intend to propose a permanent addition to the underworld or any other type of real world combat situation, please talk to staff first. There may already be something waiting in the wings, plot-wise, which could help you.
  • Hedge scenes. If you are wandering the Hedge all on your lonesome with a friend, more power to you. Be realistic and stick with the theme; it's a bad place to go for a picnic unless you can defend yourself. If you want to run basic combat with monsters from the books, go for it. Feel free to buff them as necessary; by and large, they were NOT written to match the amount of xp our players will have. Check the Hedge PRPs page for more detailed explanations of staff's opinions and expectations. Promise, they're nothing awful! Just making sure we're all on the same thematic page. :)

Requires Approval

Alas, certain types of stories do require staff input. As a general rule of thumb, if it involves established groups, NPCs, big custom monsters or custom items, staff needs to hear about it before you run the plot.

The following types of PRPs require pre-approval:

  • Becomings. Whether you're being Taken to Arcadia or developing a psychic power, any sort of Becoming does require pre-approval.
  • Magical items. Are you collecting pieces for one? Researching one? Seeking to build one? Staff needs to know about it BEFORE you run the plot. This is typically not an issue, since magical items need staff help to set anyway! We'll already know you're working on buying/making it. Gewgaws are the exception to this. See the Hedge PRP page.
  • Established NPCs. Do you want a staff NPC involved in something? Does your group need a meeting with a public figure? Don't fake it. Ask staff first.
  • Town/City-wide events. Similar to the above, if something is going to be scattered all over the town and potentially on the news, staff needs to know before it happens. Please feel free to use the media board for any announcements once your plot has been approved.
  • Wyrd Evolution. If you haven't chosen to develop the changes organically (in which case no PRP is necessary), and would prefer to have them happen more suddenly via a PRP, please have your ST pitch their story idea to staff. Remember, you WILL be showing signs of the changes before the PRP occurs. It is evolution, not "I magically get powers totally unrelated to anything I've ever done before in my life."