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PRPs in the Hedge

Since this is a Changeling game, the Hedge is going to be a huge part of what goes on in day to day life around here. To that end, staff wants to A) preserve the theme of the game, and B) do so without making it a pain in the patootie for players to have fun.

Most types of scenes in the hedge do not require pre-approval. For those that do, please send up a +req/plot BEFORE you run your scene(s).

Thematic Musts

These are mentioned elsewhere and in the book, but to be very specific about a handful of items staff WILL be doing their utmost to enforce...

  • Changelings, you have no Mask in the Hedge.
  • Hobs are the natives. Not you.
  • The Hedge is psychoactive. If you are afraid, it will get gloomier and darker and you may well draw things to you which will hurt you.
  • Changelings ALL leave visible "aura" effects, some of which can go out a good 500 feet in all directions, thanks to the influence of their Wyrd upon the Hedge. You are never truly "invisible" there, even with Smoke 5. High Wyrd, especially, makes you a VERY shiny target and easily tracked.
  • The Hedge is not a wide open landscape. This one gets trampled on a lot. The Hedge, no matter which part of it you are in, is a maze. It is a labyrinth. Some areas are more open than others, and if you're up high, sure, you may see something in the distance, but unless you're in a Hollow, large or small, you won't be finding broad open meadows and fields (unless there's something in the field itself which acts as borders for a maze).
  • There is no Twilight in the Hedge. If you call a ghost, or have a ghost, or anything ghostly at all, it will be Manifested by default.
  • The Hedge looks mostly like the mortal landscape it is 'nearest' until you get deeper in. Deep Hedge is where the truly bizarre and totally unnatural looking stuff starts happening.

Approval Unnecessary

  • Humans in the Hedge. Go right ahead! Just don't involve anything from the list of pre-approval required topics.
  • Minor Variations on Existing Hobs. If you're taking the stats from an existing hobgoblin and creating a new one off of it, that's fine. Staff doesn't need to rubber stamp EVERY new hob in the Hedge. If you're going to be using the hob a lot, or want others to be able to do so, please let staff know, so it can be added to the wiki.
  • New Hobs Which Use Contract-Equivalents. If a new hobgoblin is effectively duplicating the effects of a Contract with one of its Turns, that's fine. Staff doesn't need to approve it.
  • Gewgaws & Trifles - Want to toss in a handful of gewgaws or trifles as "loot" or trade items from an encounter? Go ahead.
NOTE: The players will need to +req/fae (and +myjob/cc the ST's character for confirmation) with a link to the plot log and the details of the gewgaws/trifles so they can be properly A) locked on +notes or, in the case of trifles, B) added to the character's +equip inventory.
  • New Trods and Hollows. Staff hasn't built a room for every single trod in the area. If you're just exploring the local Hedge, go for it! Have fun inventing odd places. Just bear the theme in mind. You're not going to find candy castles until you're preeeetty darned close to Arcadia.
  • Long Trips through the Hedge. While staff would appreciate a note about treks taken from Vermont to, say, Arizona, no, you don't need pre-approval to run these. Just bear in mind the rolls you'll have to make to stay on the right path(s).
  • Common/Uncommon Goblin Fruit. No. You don't need approval for these unless they are restricted fruits. This includes using them as "loot" from fights or bargains struck. If you don't want to fiddle around with +hedgefruit/harvest until you get the amount your ST said you found, just shoot up a +req/fae to staff with a link to the log, and the name/qty of fruit to add.

Needs Pre-Approval

  • Supernaturals in the Hedge. Mages, Vampires, Werewolves, etc. all require staff intervention. There are Super NPCs in the area, and a specific number of them with specific roles in the local story, and for Plot Reasons staff will need to know beforehand what you plan to do with any others.
  • Hobs with New Abilities. Got a hob using powers which don't duplicate a Contract? Ask staff for confirmation.
  • New Tokens. Even a 1-dot token requires staff approval before you can use it as a loot/trade item in a PRP.
  • ANYTHING involving Gentry, Loyalists or Privateers. There are a lot of staff-run plots waiting in the wings related to the local Fae. Please check with staff before inventing any groups of your own! We may have ways to help you, or more information for you!
  • Arcadia. Absolutely 100% this requires pre-approval.
  • Rare Goblin Fruit. Yes. You need staff's approval to hunt these down or to give/get them as loot. +req/fae per above.