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The table below contains a list of all existing staff, any pertinent wiki pages they want you to know about, and any specialties they have. If a

Active Staff

Staff Name Wiki Pages Specialties/Additional Information
Annapurna Annapurna Game Owner. Does a little of every role, world-building/story especially, but <3 building. Final arbiter of what's allowed.
Flatirons Flatirons Lore consultant. Toy maker. Wiki wizard.
Matterhorn Matterhorn Lore consultant.
Llwytmor Llwytmor Jorbs and builds and equip reqs. Also monkeywrench NPCs.
Kebnekajse Kebnekajse Secretary. In Ur Game, Updating Ur Factions.
Abourassein Abourassein Admin, Hater of Tremere.
McKinley McKinley

Staff Storytellers

Staff Name Wiki Pages Specialties/Additional Information
Shelley Shelley ST's Stories about Monsters and What not! (Specialties: Spirits, Hedge Trips, Entitlements)

Inactive Staff

Rainier Rainier (RETIRED) Pack Beta. Second in command. Kith-tweaker. Ephemera-poker. Market-builder. Keeper of the NPCs.
Kilimanjaro n/a Helped with initial setup.
Mercedario n/a Helped with initial setup.
Ida Ida Wiki and Build.
Amon Amarth Amon Amarth Admin Grunt, grunt, grunt. Pledges.
Erebus Erebus NPC Assistant. Mage consultant.
K2 K2 General Jobsmonkey and Doer of Things.

Code Consultant

Vesuvius telnet:// Coder from Dark Spires who helped Annapurna get this baby started!