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Second in command. Pack beta. Retired.

Things You Can Do to Keep Rainier Happy

  • Be respectful in your interactions with staff and your fellow players.
  • Express gratitude liberally. Thank staff for doing their jobs. +squee people who make your experience here worthwhile!
  • Share things which make you happy instead of bitching about things which make you angry. Bonus points if it's music! Double bonus points if it's music I like.
  • Cite your sources when we disagree, providing a URL or book and page number. Being on the same page is a good thing.
  • Tell rich and interesting stories in the world Annapurna has created. I can't think of anything that would make her happier.

Staff Roles

If Annapurna's not to blame, it's probably me. I maintain an active list of what I'm working on here.


  • Cardinal - Owner of Dare Ice Creamery. Redbird rebel. Adventure and generosity.


  • Wild Roses - Goblin Marketeers, purveyors of possibilities and impossibilities alike.
  • Almost Everyone Else - Many of the setting's established NPCs are my fault. +req/npc is the best way to ask about them.


  • The Noemata - Tarot archetypes, Egyptian mythology and jeweled beetles. Oracles. Embodiments of ideas. Bugs.
  • Milk and Honey - Hedonism on the bank of a sunbathed river. Excess at its best and its worst. Obsessively moral or utterly immoral.
  • Dread Commander Sof - War games. Endless iterations of battle strategies. Generals and grunts. Another day, another death.
  • King Nothing - Stealing and stitching. A patchwork world of shadows and mismatched memories.


Touching base with NPCs. Goblin markets. Ghosts and spirits. Occasional becomings. Single scenes. Short arcs. Behind-the-Scenes magic.