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Founding Families

In and around the Tamarack River Valley, seven families have stood the test of time, maintaining a continued presence in either Tamarack Falls or Fort Brunsett since roughly a century of the town/city's founding. The locals are quite proud of their ties to history, even if some of those ties are on the left side of the law...

These families are pre-built playgroups, each with NPC members and histories of their own, which staff will be happy to explore. While some families are predisposed toward certain spheres, there is no hard limit, and all concepts which fit the theme will be considered. Family members additionally gain access to discounted skills/merits.

Brief overviews are given below, with more in-depth information available on each family's page.

Joining a Family

In CG, joining a family is as easy as adding one to your +sheet in the Family room. The family doesn't have to approve of you for you to share a last name with them!

That said, staff wholeheartedly recommends chatting with existing family members on the family channel, as they may have hooks to help you fit yourself into the family's ongoing story, or have concepts which could use a warm body.

Joining a Family Post-CG

Family applications outside of CG must be approved by staff before your character will be allowed to join the +faction and take part in family business.

  • Send in a +req/family with:
    • Your concept idea, including involvement in the supernatural
    • Any additional information you feel would be pertinent to your request.


Easily the most common option, all you need to do is +req/family and +myjob/cc the family member you are marrying. Let staff know, and they will add the family to your +sheet.

As a married-in member, you start out at the bottom of the family status totem pole, and you do not benefit from the family's mechanical bonuses.

Long Lost Relation

Maybe you decide that your character was given up for adoption, or maybe your mother died as a baby, and you never knew she was the black sheep of the <family> family back in the '50s.

Before asking staff, talk to fellow family players to see if your ideas mesh with the ongoing family story. This is a game, and we're all here to have fun; breaking the immersion of the existing storyline, while entertaining to you, will likely not make you too many friends... :)

Similar to the above, as you were not raised by the family, you both start out at the lowest influence level and do not receive mechanical bonuses for joining.

Alexander Family

Est. 1869
Crooked, rough, lazy lions, local Bad Boys, shipping/smuggling business.

City vs. Town:
City. No town presence.

Common Archetypes:
Anti-hero, Bully, Catalyst, Guardian, Thrill-seeker, Hunter, Leader, Rebel, Rogue, Survivor, Thief, Tyrant

Common Professions:
Smuggler, criminal, cleaner, janitor, corrupt cop, fireman, business owner

Desrochers Family

Est. 1761
Loyal, laid-back, so many male relatives, middle-income, carpenters, brewers. Protective.

City vs. Town:
Both. Family home and brewery are up in the town, but their pub's down in the city.

Common Archetypes:
Anti-hero, Benefactor, Caretaker, Catalyst, Dreamer, Explorer, Guardian, Hedonist, Investigator, Judge, Leader, Ordinary Man, Rebel, Samaritan, Survivor, Trickster

Common Professions:
Carpenter, day labourer, cook, brewer, police officer, teacher, nurse

Fry Family

Est. 1799
Free-spirited, get-stuff-done farmers/rangers who care for the land and have great taste in ice cream.

City vs. Town:
Both. Family home and dairy are up in the town, but their ice cream shop's down in the city.

Common Archetypes:
Caretaker, Catalyst, Dreamer, Teacher, Wanderer, Thrill-seeker, Herald, Loner, Innocent, Poet, Scholar, Sensualist, Thief, Trickster

Common Professions:
Farmer, ranger, woodswalker, ice cream "taste tester", performer

Garreau Family

Est. 1784
Quirky, wealthy doctors, scientists, musicians and philanthropists.

City vs. Town:
City. They don't have anything against the town, but their estate is in Fort Brunsett.

Common Archetypes:
Analyst, Benefactor, Bureaucrat, Catalyst, Elder, Herald, Introvert, Investigator, Judge, Mediator, Manipulator, Poet, Rebel, Samaritan, Scholar

Common Professions:
Inventor, scientist, doctor, professor, botanist, biochemist, reenactor, philanthropist, bard

Lefevre Family

Est. 1798
Insular, tightly-knit group with a high psychic/thaum count. Maple farmers.

City vs. Town:
Town. Their compound is by the feet of Mischance.

Common Archetypes:
Analyst, Anti-hero, Catalyst, Curmudgeon, Dreamer, Elder, Explorer, Guardian, Hermit, Hunter, Introvert, Investigator, Mediator, Leader, Magician, Perfectionist, Sage, Scholar

Common Professions:
Maple farmer, professor, woodsman, palm reader, industrialist, business owner, daycare provider

Miller Family

Est. 1761
Small town royalty. A conservative, not to say stodgy group of former lumber barons.

City vs. Town:
Town. They built it. It's theirs.

Common Archetypes:
Benefactor, Bureaucrat, Caretaker, Teacher, Gossip, Guardian, Judge, Leader, Manipulator, Ordinary Man, Pleaser, Survivor

Common Professions:
Business owner, lumberjack, office worker, truck driver, teacher, nurse,

Utridge Family

Est. 1863
Ambitiously political hoteliers, nouveau riche wannabes, not as honest as they want you to think.

City vs. Town:
City. The town is too smart to bother with them.

Common Archetypes:
Bully, Coward, Curmudgeon, Gossip, Hedonist, Hunter, Leader, Manipulator, Masquerader, Monster, Perfectionist, Pleaser, Rogue, Saboteur, Survivor, Sycophant, Tyrant

Common Professions:
Marketing exec, business owner, hotelier, accountant, gardener