Lefevre Family

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Lefevre Family

Uphold the Pact


Founded here in 1798, the Lefevre family exemplifies both 'old' and 'strange', with ties to France strong at the time of its arrival here in what was then the wilderness of barely-settled lands. Private even then, the family promptly began work on the establishment of a homestead far from any other home in town, alone, on the east bank of the Tam. Given that one of the founding members was a maple-bodied Woodheart, their choice to dwell on Maple Hill had very personal meaning...as did the relative nearness of, oh, Hedge Gates and particularly useful places of power.

Knowledge is power, and power is security: as a family, they are unusually focused upon the occult, and psychic gifts, or others, are nothing to be ashamed of. A child found flinging toys across the room with thought alone might be scolded for pelting his brother, but not for showing telekinesis. Granted, knowledge IS power. While time has shown that the insular Lefevres are a strange lot to the outside world, they keep their secrets to themselves. If a member chooses to show off, that is their choice, but betraying the gifts of other members will see them punished for it. More than most, they know exactly what they have to lose.

The family earns its living locally by selling maple syrup and various related goods, harvested from the dense forests about their hillside home. Members have scattered to the four winds to learn other trades, to study at universities, international or local, but they'll always have a home on Maple Hill. Unlike the Millers, the family can't afford to send all of its children to the brightest and best schools, so Lefevres either learn to apply themselves...or learn to tap a tree. Many members never leave Vermont at all.

More of a loose compound than a single house, the Lefevres strive to avoid cutting trees wherever possible. Their homestead is a sprawling collective of smaller buildings instead, the largest of which, built earliest, contains the family's most prized possession: books. Hundreds of them, thousands, their library is their treasure and their secret, added to over two hundred local years.


No one is quite sure where the Pact came from, or when it was made. Centuries ago, for certain. There is, it seems, something about the topic which protects itself; it actively resists giving up its secrets.

What IS known is this:

Lefevre bloodlines (or those who have ritually bound themselves as blood kin) who respect the Pact tend to be left alone by the more malicious supernatural entities. If an attack occurs, unless the Lefevre does something to draw attention, chances are good they will be attacked last.
Upholding the Pact is simple: accept that you don't know everything, respect/embrace the wonders and powers of the supernatural world, and never Hunt anyone who has not personally brought harm to you and yours.

Family members who have broken the Pact, deliberately or not, may never enjoy its benefits again. It is not forgiving of mistakes.


  • Fry Family - While the Lefevres are a secretive lot, they know that the Fry family can be trusted.
  • Garreau Family - The Garreaus have their own secrets to hide, and they, too, are quietly considered allies.


  • Alexander Family - The Alexanders are violently opposed to precisely the Lefevre form of supernatural acceptance, and over this many years, the Lefevres have learned to be opposed to the Alexanders, too.


Town. The Lefevre family's primary and only major residence is located on the east bank of the Tam, none too far from the waterfall which gives Tamarack Falls its name. Point in fact, anyone going to the Falls has to go through their compound. This is useful when it comes to teenagers playing hookie.

  • Lefevre Compound - ER09 - Situated on Maple Hill, the compound is home to any Lefevres who choose to stay there. Everyone is expected to work, whether at an external job or on the maple farming business. No loafers here.


Name Influence Position
MissyLefevreIcon.jpg Missy Lefevre ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Family Head
FloydLefevreIcon.jpg Floyd Lefevre ⚫⚫⚫⚫ Old Man Mechanic
AvalonL01.jpg Avalon Lefevre ⚫⚫⚫ Tea Witch
JaneyLefevreIcon.jpg Janey Lefevre ⚫⚫⚫ Helpful & Handy
JacksonSmithIcon.jpg Jackson Smith ⚫⚫ Font of Information
Cam-main.jpg Cameron Edward Lefevre Black Sheep Musician


Mechanical Bonuses
  • Skill: -1xp to purchase Survival
  • Skill: -1xp to purchase Athletics
  • Merit: -2xp to purchase Allies: Lefevre Family
  • Merit: -2xp to purchase Contacts: Lefevre Family
  • Merit: -1xp to purchase Direction Sense
  • Merit: -1xp to purchase Hobbyist Clique (Occultism)
e.g. buying Athletics 5 would net you a -5 discount, total, because you get -1 per dot.

When buying discounted stats with +xps, rather than being automatically added to your +sheet, a +myjob will be created for staff to review the discount and manually set the stat/spend for you.

+xps skill/survival to 4 for 16=Lefevre family discount


  • Common Professions - Maple farmer, professor, teacher, woodsman, ranger, industrialist, business owner, daycare provider
  • Resources - 1 or 2 on average. There ARE the rare wealthier family members, but they tend to be those who choose to live elsewhere, and donate to the core group monetarily, rather than magically.
  • Wanted Concepts
    • Thaumaturges of any accepted tradition
    • Maple farmers
    • Woodswise


  • Influence 5 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 4 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 3 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 2 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 1 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.



Very. The family is rife with psychics and thaumaturges, and a Changeling was one of this branch's founding members. To a Lefevre, the supernatural is just one more truth about the world. The sky is blue, the girl across the river has cute eyes and aunt Matilda makes spoons thwap your fingers by themselves if you try to snitch frosting from her cakes.

Thaumaturgical Traditions
Likely in Fam. Tradition Name
NO Apostle of the Dark One The family is strongly opposed to the precepts of this tradition.
YES Ceremonial Magician Most common tradition, handed down over the years from father to son, mother to daughter, etc.
YES Hedge Witch Second most common tradition, typically chosen by those who can't handle the pomp and ceremony of being Ceremonial.
YES Shaman Third most common tradition, otherwise known as there are typically only a few around, there not being that many restless ghosts and spirits to require more.
NO Taoist Alchemist Wrong culture.
NO Vodoun Wrong culture.

Other Families

  • Alexander - Never, ever, tell them what you are. There are no secrets they won't sell.
  • Desrochers - Good blood, solid, stable. They don't ask too many questions, and we don't tell.
  • Fry - Reliable, discreet and creative. They walk their own paths, and we respect that. Trustworthy.
  • Garreau - They know our secrets, and we know theirs. They know that wealth is not the only form of power. Trustworthy.
  • Miller - Don't press their patience. They don't want 'new'; they want what helps their town.
  • Utridge - Avoid them. Their smiles are lies.