Avalon Lefevre

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Avalon Lefevre
On Game As: Avalon
Played By: Elizabeth Olsen
Concept: The Good Witch
Date of Birth: October 30th, 1989
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Occupation: Occultist
Virtue: Spiritual
Vice: Stubborn

Freehold: None
Motley: None

Tradition: Hedge Witch

“Real magic can never be made by offering someone else's liver. You must tear out your own, and not expect to get it back.”
– Peter S. Beagle


      Avalon Lefevre is just this girl, you know? She grew up here, she never really left. She's a bit weird, like the rest of her family. Except for Cam, who seems normal. Her older brother, Galen, he died in a car accident a few years back, and the girl saw the whole thing. Helped pull Cam out of the wreck, not a scratch on him. Mis-matched eyes, and no attempt to hide the pentacle that hangs around her neck, or the strange little mundras she does with her hands, sometimes.

RP Hooks

  • The Seventh House Cafe - The business. Specializing in tea blends, but whispers say that certain questions can find answers within. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that the owner is...
  • A Goddamned Witch - Not so fluffy. She's studied traditions that have been handed down throughout her family history. (Fame 1: Neighborhood Witch)
  • Enchanted - She can see you, weirdos.


  • Vodyanoy - Demander of Secrets and Unexpected Swims. My river demon.
  • Vinnie - Internet friends are awesome. So much muchness!
  • Cam - Little bro. Dork, but he's blood. Both eyes shut.
  • Liam - Fellow witch, cousin. Spends too much time in the woods.
  • Izzy - The Ink Witch. Puppy whisperer. One eye always open.
  • Jack - You went and taken, didn't you?


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His Name Is Alive - I Have Secret Powers

I have been fasting
Since the beginning of the world
When flowers covered the earth
When flowers covered the world.
I have special powers
And they are supposed to save me
From fire, poison, and drowning
And everyone who ever did me wrong.
Predictions like a prophet
Protect me from an ambush.
The rain keeps on falling
But you know its never enough'.'
How deep is the real one?
How deep is your fake?
The difference between me and you
What difference does it make now?


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