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Psychic Lure

Avalon Lefevre, Vo, Jack Fry

10 May, 2018

Avalon has an idea about the Whyte mystery - and shares it with Jack. Jack gets to finally meet Vo, and is a bit more surprised than usual as he's Ensorceled for a day.


Morning, and with it came a text message from Avalon to Jack's phone: Come by the cafe, back room, when you have a chance. I have an Idea.

Yes, capital I. It's right there in the text. Things out front are quiet, and none of the staff would blink an eye at someone showing themselves into the back room, as long as they do so with purpose and intent. It's more than just tea that people come to the Seventh House for, after all, if rumors are to be believed.

Avalon's seated at the moment, though leaning forward as she peers into a cup emptied of all but the leaves within it, cradled in her hands. A furrow to her brows, and it's unlikely that she is aware of the way that she gnaws on her lower lip, to the point where it's threatening to bleed.

Jack shows up quite quickly after the text - he was in the neighborhood, wearing his uniform, but clearly having time for something private. So, he strides in, hat comes off and he nods at the wait staff out there before moving purposefully into the back room. "Av," he greets, "hey. I got her as soon as I could, I was right nearby."

Vo makes a tall figure, especially standing to the side. Palorous and sickly looking, with too long limbs. Clad in a simple t-shirt and jeans, looking at odds with his out of place appearance. Too long fingers settled around a cup, much of his face hidden behind the curtain of long slick hair, but noticable is a lack of a nose and a mouth which seems to stretch from ear to ear, lacking lips. His head turns, almost twitchy as Jack strides into the backroom, eyes like pools of shiny oil.

For her part, the looming figure in the room doesn't bother Avalon overly. Until he moves. It sends a small shiver down the witch's spine, that more intelligent, instinctive part of her brain reacting. But it, and the arrival of Jack, have her eyes finally tearing away from the tea leaves. "Jack," she returns, with a smile that is small but still warm. "Thanks for coming by."

Jack's gaze swivels to the other figure in there, and he does a double take, turns a bit paler and stares. If not for the fact he's already seen several Lost in the last twenty four hours, he might've reacted more violently seeing that very startling appearance. "Wooah," he says, holding a hand up and closing his eyes for a moment, to compose himself. "No problem. And sorry." He opens his eyes again, squinting at Vo. He doesn't really look at Avalon, at all. "I seem to have a bad case of seeing through that magic thing you all got."

For awhile Vo stares back, perhaps as surprised to be seen as Jack is to see him. A tilt of his head then, before he smiles to reveal several rows of needle thin teeth reaching back into his mouth, likely lacking the air of reassurance they might wish to offer. A faint scent of seaweed lingers in the room, seemingly from nowhere. Then he speaks, and the voice is odd and uncomfortable, like he had water in his lungs. Hollow and wet. "Entered into a promise?"

There's an arch of brows from Avalon, at Jack's reaction. But then he clarifies, and the woman herself glances over to the Lost in the room. "Ah," she says with a chuckle. "I've seen them since I was a child, but sometimes. Sometimes they still surprise me." She doesn't seem to be offended at all that she's not getting any eye contact, instead a bit amused by it. "Jack, meet Vodyanoy." Leaning forward, she starts to put that tea cup down. But reconsiders, as she rises to her feet.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," Jack responds and confirms Vo's educated guess. He rubs a temple, puts his hat down on the table and moves to offer a hand to shake to Vo; he'd never be so rude as to not do that, despite what the man looks like. "Avalon's boyfriend, huh?" He shoots a glance at Avalon - he didn't quite expect that. "Nice to meet you. Jack Fry."

Vo shakes the hand, his skin feeling damp and cold to the touch. There's another faint tilt of his head, oily eyes looking briefly to Avalon before returning to the man. "What did you give for it?" he asks, his voice that same wet and hollow.

"Speaking of good ideas..." Oh, that sounds a little ominous, with the tone that she uses and the way that she glances into that tea cup once more. Squint. Shift cup. Sigh. Avalon finally settles it down, and for a moment she's distracted by Jack's question to Vo. And when the river demon doesn't answer it, a slight quirk of lips. One that's turned towards Jack, with a small lift of shoulder. There's curiosity in her mis-matched eyes, for the answer to Vo's question. Even as she continues on, "I'm going to host a psychic faire at the cafe."

Jack resists a sudden urge to ask some very pointed questions of both of them. "I think I lost my sanity," he jokes - but it's obvious he /is/ joking. And doesn't actually answer that question, maybe wanting to keep that to himself. "I've been told it's temporary." So, a short pledge, probably. He takes a seat, glancing between the two thoughtfully; he's distracted to say the least, and has to force himself to focus on Avalon's idea. Once it's settled in his head, he nods firmly at her. "That /is/ a good idea. Well... or is it." He scratches his neck. "Would it be psychics only? Lots of psychics don't really advertise."

"Many who aren't would show." Vo remarks, raising the cup to drink from. Baring those weird needle-like teeth briefly. "Would you know who to look for?" Standing quite still, a bit too much so then where he stands. It looks as if something drips from his elbow, but nothing hits the floor.

"It's over rated, anyways," Avalon assures. "All the best people are mad." That, that finally makes her smile fully. The witch moves about the room, a version of pacing for her, as are the little movements of her fingers. Jerky little mundras, something of a tic. "If I advertise it, they'll come," she says more softly, on the heels of Vo's drowning words. Touching his elbow in passing, before continuing on her stroll through the small room.

"Weeell." Jack mulls it over, leaning back with arms crossed, frowning in thought. "In this town, a Psychic fair wouldn't surprise anyone, and the tourists? They'd think it's part of the quaintness," he admits. "There are going to be tourists coming to gawk." He points at Avalon, asking her seriously; "What's the purpose of it all? What you want from it?" He flicks a gaze at that thing that drips - but doesn't see it falling to the floor; his eyes widen.

Vo remains standing quite still, eerily so. A wet sound from his throat, sounding like a laugh at something said. His dark eyes following Avalon as she moves around the room, but remains silent. Also waiting to see where this goes.

"That's why I want to do it soon. Between syrup season and summer, when the tourists are a trickle rather than a rush." Avalon gives another one of those shivers, but when she looks over her shoulder to Vo, it's with a smile. "But no. No one would bat an eyelash at a psychic fair here. Especially not one held by a Lefevre." A tug of her lower lip between her teeth, further threatening to make that skin break. "And the Feldmann Institute. They would come to check it out. A trap, Jack. I want to set something of a trap. If we can get them, we can find Suzie. Or learn more."

It's Jack's turn to shoot to his feet now, so he can pace as well. "Av - that's brilliant and utterly dangerous all in one go. You /would/ get young psychics coming here. How can we make sure they're not becoming targets?" He stops pacing. "Mediums. We need a medium, most of all."

"Do you have the means to sniff out which would be them?" Vo asks, his head turning slowly to follow each as they speak. Shifting then to settle the cup down onto the table before straightening, his too long fingers flexing.

"It's probably a little crazy," the witch admits with a laugh. "But if we're not bold, well. I don't think we'll get very far." Avalon gravitates back towards Vo, or more truthfully that cup that he just set down. Glancing at the things left behind it. "By being vigilant. Bringing in people that are already involved, by keeping an eye on those that aren't. I can read auras, if I prepare ahead of time. Franklyn met them before, some of the representatives of the Institute. Do we have a mind reader? Someone that can do light prying?"

"It's a whole lot crazy but I like it. And I gree, with the bold part. It is driving me insane that we can't /find her/." Jack's gaze turns steely cold, and there's a hint of cold rage there; few get to see that part of himself. And it's there only for a moment, before his patience reels him in. "I don't know any mind readers." He looks between Vo and Av, pausing again. "What do we do if they come here. Grab them and interrogate them, Fry and Lefevre style?"

"It is the quick way." Vo notes in that same wet tone. "There is always a worse boogeyman." his focus is on Jack however, lingering at that brief show of cold steel in the man. Some vague sense of interest there. "I know of no mind readers."

Avalon, too, makes note of that show of rage in Jack's eyes. Something filed away, for later prodding. "We'll bring it up to the others," she suggests, "And get together soon. But I wanted to run it past you, first. Out of the lot of them, Jack, it's you that I trust the most. And yes. I'm not above shaking a tree to get the apples, as it were." She smiles to Vo, boogeyman that he is. "Yes, yes there is."

"I got a feeling they will vehemently disagree on this, but frankly - we need to look at every venue. I suppose I could be the bait, if needed." Jack smiles brightly at the two, but there's an edge to that smile. Like he's itching to /do/ something. About the bogeyman? He eyes Vo for a lingering moment, then snorts a little.

There is a brief pause as Vo listens, and his black eyes meet Jack's as he eyes him, his own still lingering. There is little in the way of reaction as he snorts and after a few more moments he looks to Avalon. "I will go." before he straightens, as if to do just that.

"You, or Franklyn. I'm a witch, not a psychic, so I don't think that I'd be as convincing of a lure." There's a flash in Avalon's eyes, a hint of her stubbornness shining through. "I'm tired of chasing at shadows, myself. And of hoping that they're sharing fully the things that they know. It's time for more action, before that poor girl becomes a ghost herself." Vo's words bring a little frown, and she holds her hand out towards him. "No, no. I think that we're done, anyways. For now."

"Not Franklyn - they know her from before." Jack grabs his hat, puts it back on. "I'm leaving - afraid I gotta go to work. I won't be available much the coming few days, some work related stuff. Prepping for wildfires," he says, grimacing. "Nice to meet you, Vodyanoy." He gets the name right, and everything. "Av - you take care now. Keep me posted." And off he goes.