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Court autumn.png
Come to my waters and bleed for a wish
I shall dish out your dreams like a fat wriggling fish
But if my waters are ever drained down
I won’t dawdle nor dally when killing your town
Mysterious Places

  • Dark Waters: Down by the river Tam there's a story of a drowned man that pulls people under. Of a corpse that refuses to be swept away and lingers, only wishing for someone to keep it company. To not be alone in the water. Some say it plays the fiddle and sings, luring the unwary down at night.
  • Wishes: There's an old stone well out in the forest, the children say there was once a farm with it. But the owners moved away, the house rotted away but the well remains. Untouched by time. All know that if you toss a coin stained with your own blood into the waters and speak your wish out loud when alone, it comes true. You must just never speak of it.
  • Secrets: All that glimmers isn't gold, and not all have greed for things that glimmer. There are deeper things, varied yet all delicious. Secrets. Mutable of nature, each unique and each brimming with power. Some collect a hoard of gold, others magic. But the waters, the waters thrist for secrets.

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