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Autumn Court

The Autumn Court

The Ashen Court, The Leaden Mirror, The Court of Fear

Court autumn.png

“Such days of autumnal decline hold a strange mystery which adds to the gravity of all our moods.”
– Charles Nodier



Influence Titles

The titles below indicate an autumn courtier's level of influence and responsibility within the Leaden Mirror. The mantle level listed with each title is the minimum requirement. Meeting the mantle requirement does not automatically bestow a title. See Influence for a detailed look at the system.

Influence 5 - Prerequisite: Mantle •••••

  • Magister of Nightmares - (LoS pp.73-74, Adaptation) - Leader of the Autumn Court, responsible for guiding the court, burdened with selecting the prey for an Ashen Hunt.

Influence 4 - Prerequisite: Mantle ••••

  • Barrow-Tender - (LoS p.73, Adaptation) - Among the most fearsome of Autumn courtiers, responsible for enforcing the will of the court, potentially with deadly force. Frequently serves as assassin or executioner. Advises the Magister when there is one, leads the court when there is not.

Influence 3 - Prerequisite: Mantle •••

  • Paladin of Shadows - (LoS p.72, Adaptation) - Champions of the Ashen Court, possessed of martial or arcane prowess. Responsible for expanding and defending the court's influence and interests and guiding scriveners.

Influence 2 - Prerequisite: Mantle ••

  • Lord or Lady Scrivener - (LoS p.73, Adaptation) - Lorekeepers, librarians, record-tenders, occult experts and their ilk. Responsible for expanding the court's knowledge and mentoring pages.

Influence 1 - Prerequisite: Mantle •

  • Twilit Page - (LoS p.72, Adaptation) - The bulk of the court with few expectations and responsibilities. Encouraged to attend rituals, pursue research and educate new members.

Freehold Positions

These positions are bestowed upon autumn courtiers who directly serve the Fate's Harvest freehold.

  • Ranger of the Thorns - (LoS 72, Adaptation) - Summary, citing LoS.
  • Witch of the Bitter Wind - (LoS 73, Adaptation)
  • Ashen Notary - (LoS 74, Adaptation) - Pledge expert who may, upon request, oversee, record or consult on the intricate workings of pledges made by members of the freehold.

Other Court Roles

Generally internal, these positions represent other responsibilities to which autumn courtiers might be assigned by the court's leadership.

  • Legate of Mists - Summary, citing LoS.
LoS 72-73:
  • Fool of First Frost - Summary, citing LoS.
LoS 73:


Name Influence Position
IconDefault.jpg August Bordeaux ⚫⚫⚫⚫ Autumn Councilor
Court autumn.png Kelsey Williams ⚫⚫ Lord Scrivener
Court summer.png Alexander Twilit Page
IconDefault.jpg Isadora Cruz Twilit Page
Steph7.jpg Steph Garreau Psychiatrist
Poppy3.jpg Poppy Devereux Twilit Page
Michelle Hawthorne 1.jpg Michelle Hawthorne Twilit Page
Nick cave 2.jpg Jacob "Jack" Ortega Baldwin Twilit Page
HienIcon.png Hien Almas Twilit Page
IconDefault.jpg Almaden Esposito Twilit Page
Gert2.jpg Gertrude Wexley Twilit Page
ErebosIcon.jpg Francis Right Twilit Page
Dross2.jpeg Daniel Dross Twilit Page
Frank Grillo 3.jpg Benedict "Ben" Utridge Twilit Page
IconDefault.jpg Ambrosia Grace Duponte Twilit Page
Court autumn.png Vodyanoy Twilit Page
75px David 'Marc Wright' Mueller None Outsider

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Court Logs

Inactive Members



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