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A quick visit to the Caretaker's House

Aaron and Ben

4 April, 2018

Aaron gives Ben some suggestion on how to be useful for the Autumn Court.


Caretaker's House

It's raining outside and it's still too cold for people being around the city oldest graveyard what leaves the place with an eerie and lonely ambience. But it's soon disturbed by the arrival of an expensive looking car that parks in front of the main gates. From the inside comes a muscled man in his late 40's with an intimidating look. The man doesn't mind the rain and calmly walks in up to the Caretaker's House. There, without any cerimony, he opens the door and heads inside. A moment is taken to adjust his wicked yellow eyes to the dark house."Hello. Anybody there?" He asks as he glances around. His voice is clear, serious and cold.

Shadows mingle, wriggle, and writhe along the walls near a doorway. This is what's seen first. Shadows moving unnaturally. What follows is a tall-ish man with dark pools for eyes and spindily fingers that hold a cup of tea in one hand, and a small journal in another. His footfalls are barely heard along the old wooden floor. While not someone that carries an air of intimidation, there is something that is haunted and unsettling about his movements and demeanor, even though he looks at you with a nod and a smile--which looks wider-than-wide and presents a series of sharp teeth. "There are many here," Aaron says with a whisper of a voice, "depends on if whom you seek is living or living-impaired."

Ben arches a brow as he watches the other man approaching materializing himself from the thin darkness in the furthest part of the room."I'm Ben Utridge. I was passing by and decided to come take a look at this place and say hi." He says plainly as he returns to glance around the place with mild curiosity.

Aaron moves to put the cup down on a table. "Good afternoon Mister Utridge. I'm Aaron Fletcher." He offers a hand to shake. "By passing by, are you new in town?"

Ben takes the hand with his black one and shakes his firmly while staring at the other man's eyes. His hand is cold to the touch and looks too hard to be made of organic tissue. When it's done, he shakes his head."I'm living in this town for more than a decade now. I was just really passing by by the neighborhood on my way to the Crossroads Cafe for a mug of coffee." He explains as he leans against the table and puts his both hands into his pants pockets."It's a good place." He then says a moment while staring at the fire by the stone fireplace.

Aaron's shake his also firm, if not clammy. "I've only been here in town for a little over a year now." He nods in agreement to the sentiment of a good place. "I've come to find this place a bit quieter than my home prior. Which is a good thing at times." He gestures to a seat if you prefer to sit. "I could put on a cup of coffee if you'd like," He says.

"Pitch black, no sugar, please." Ben says as he heads to take a seat at the table."My place isn't this quiet either. People can be pretty noisy sometimes." He murmurs as he finally sees the box over the table."Do you know who puts this box here? It's a masterpiece." He comments idly as he inspects the object with both eyes and hands.

Aaron nods once more and heads back through the doorway. A moment or so pass and water is heard, then sounds of cups coming out of cupboards. A moment more, and Aaron returns with a cup of coffee that it black and carries a rich, dark cocoa hint in the air. He sets it down. "The travelling box," he offers a subtle smile at the corner of his mouth. "I do not know, but the box is indeed a unique piece of artwork. The person probably spent a few hours working on some of the more intricate details on the wood and locks."

Ben nods idly to the man's words as he continues looking at the box for a few more second before letting it go."So." He starts while changing his position on his chair. One leg over the other and hands together over his lap in a classy way."I don't usually follow the ongoings of the Court, but I'd like to ask if there is anythin I can do to help it thriver. I wandering around town and I'm not seeing much of our own kind."

Aaron nods. "I've been noticing that, but that could be for a dozen or so reasons..." he muses. He takes a seat, taking his teacup in hands. "Though there are a few familiar faces I catch now and then more frequently than others." He considers. "I've got some things that I'm working on with for the court--but they are still in their planning stages. We could use a bit more blood coursing through the court." He looks between his cup to you. "What sort of things do you do, Mister Utridge? Meaning--in what ways are you looking and-or offering to help your brothers and sisters of the court?"

Ben picks his cup of coffee and holds it his both hands close to himself."I'm pretty versatile, actually. I'm a member of the Magi of the Gilded Thorns. That granted me contacts and familiatiry with the local Market and the Hobs' treatment the only dispends to their own kind." He pauses for a moment, as to think about something else to say without taking his yellow eyes away from the other Autumnal."And I'm pretty good with bladed weapons and with pledges alike." All that is said as a matter of fact. There is no pride on his words.

Aaron considers something a moment. His eyes show that he's somewhere inside his own head, thinking. "I am not quite sure how many of our brethren understand the power of pledges," Aaron muses. "Words can be as deadly as any blade--maybe even more so if crafted and honed well. It might not be a bad thing to have a few academic conversations over the power behind pledges and pledgecraftmanship? Or perhaps ones account of navigating through the local Market and Hobs, if only to keep from getting duped?"

Ben just nods sagely to that at a first moment. Probably thinking too."No sure how useful these skills can be here, though. Strangely, this land is like a beacon to very powerful Lost. I think that all fields are already covered up by a small group of people, no? I spend most of my time dwelling into the Hedge and don't really pay attention to the local Lost community." He says and takes a brief sip from his coffee before continuing."I'm not part of the local Freehold, by the way. If that is a matter."

"Even if it were something that someone or multiple someones have covered," Aaron posits, "who is to say that everyone's heard the same information--or retained motes of it that benefit them individually? How useful a skill is or isn't is a matter of where and when. Is it important to know Market etiquette when at the local coffee bar? Not really -- but only the individual will know for certain." He takes a sip of tea, adding, "having an understanding of pledges has also assisted when I've ventured into places where pledges aren't really an issue, but understanding the subtle art of wordsmithing and the power of those words is a transferable skill to have and know. But that's one person's opinion," he gestures to himself.

"Well pointed." Ben says nodding sagely after a couple seconds of silence."But you must agree with me that, sometimes, people can get very territorialists about things doing whatever they judge necessary to keep the monopoly of something they believe it's their right to possess and control. Whatever it is, knowledge included. And I really don't want to piss off no one around here. The fact that I'm not part of the Freehold already makes me a target. I don't need one more reason to people come knocking at my door to burn me in a bonfire." He goes further into his explanation."But if you're saying this is not a big deal, I'm here for whatever it takes."

Aaron nods. "People are...interesting," Aaron says safely, "in that regard. We all have that part of us there. That part that sees collaboration or learning from multiple sources as an afront to individual ego. There is much that I know about an area that I also claim to not know everything or different aspects of the same subject matter." He is quiet a moment, then says, "There are, I'm sure, a number of members of the court that are not of the Freehold of Fate's Harvest. So open the doors to just members of the Court. Or better yet, have the Court host, but open it to any and all who wish to learn from an Autumn courtier's perspective and lens. Not to say that one from Summer doesn't know about pledges--but pledges are an Autumn's specialty, no?"

"Yes, they are. Like Contracts and the Occult as a whole." Ben says and ponders for a second as he keep looking at the other Lost."Do you suggest me to offer help to the whole community? No matter if they are or not part of the Freehold or our own Court." He then asks lifting a brow lightly in a sign of curiosity.

Aaron is quiet a moment before saying, "I think that--given your initial inquiry was about what you could do to help the court, perhaps opening the help to your brothers and sisters first. Freehold or non-freehold members of the court alike."

Ben considers that suggestion for a while before nodding heavily."Alright. Sounds like a good plan. The Court sees I'm willing to help and the Freehold sees I'm not a threat." He concludes as he lands his cup of coffee on the table."Well. It was a nice talking, Mr Fletcher. But I need to head back to the Red Clover Hotel. I'll come by again soon to have more conversations. Have a good day." And with that, the classy ogre stands up and heads out of the Caretaker's House.

Aaron nods and stands up. "Safe travels to you, Mister Utridge. If you ever want to talk some more, than feel free to contact me."