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Benedict "Ben" Utridge
Frank Grillo 4.jpg
On Game As: Ben
Played By: Frank Grillo
Concept: Ex gladiator/Scholar
Date of Birth: June 8 1965
Apparent Age: Late 40's
Occupation: Assistant Manager at Red Clover Hotel
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Witchtooth Bloodbrute Troll
Court: Autumn
Entitlement: Magi of the Gilded Thorn
Keeper: The Borrower

“Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up.”
– Veronica Roth, Divergent


      A very average child and teenager, Ben Utridge's name only popped up after his 20's and only among the underground backalley fights in and around Fort Brunsett. He was a good fighter. Won quite a lot of fights and earned a bunch of money that he used to spend in drinks and parties. To the common folk, and to those that didn't care about the gossips, he was a playboy that used to frequent the college eventually just because his family forced him to. Usually seen drunk around the upper class parties and balls and all forms of events with other young rich men, he was a very terrible person. /fetch_on/ After a really terrible event when he was missing for 48 hours after a huge party, his familly forced him to be an adult and used the family money to build him his own business. A motel called (surprisinly) 'Little Maple Motel' in I-89 close to Little Maple Hill residential area in the outskirts of Fort Brunsett. The years and the burden of leading and managing a business weren't enough to turn Ben into a real man, responsible and serious. He continued being a bon vivant and irresponsible and his business was almost in the edge of getting closed for lack of money. Only after a terrible car crash things finally changed. He almost got himself killed and got a severe amnesia that erased almost 20 years of his life and completelly destroyed his favorite car. /fetch_off/ The Ben that came out of the hospital was different one. Very surprisinly, he suddenly became mature, responsible and centered. But the trauma also made him a bit distant, cold and very intimidating. But despite all that, now the new Ben is trying to save his business and find 20 years of lost memories, including reconnect with his family and the few friends he doesn't know he has.

Mortal Hooks

  • Amnesia - During 16 years, Ben's life was driven by his Fetch so now he pretends to have amnesia. If you want to had be friends with the Fetch, let's try to make it work.
  • Little Maple Motel - Not so fancy as Red Clover Hotel, this motel used to be a good place to crash if you're not rich and needed a discreet place to your hidden/illegal activities. Now it's out of the business. But still good for hiding and privacy.
  • Luxury - Ben lives an expensive life. That includes expensive suits, sport cars and all in between. Middle-aged playboy. YAS!
  • Red Clover Hotel - Recently nominated Assistant Manager, Ben is now working and living under the family roof once more.
  • Striking Looks (Intimidating) - After the accident, he became more hard, cold and intimidating for some reason. Do you want to uncover it?
  • Utridge - His blood heritage. For good and for bad. Let's be family!

Lost Hooks

  • Custodian Recruit - Now his new position within the Freehold.
  • Ex gladiator - Ben was a gladiator in The Borrower's Realm and killed many other Lost and Hedge Beast. Maybe you fought by his side, or against him and managed to survive?
  • Magus of the Gilded Thorn - Self explanatory. I hope.
  • Slave - That humanoid creature that wanders in Ben's shadow. No one knows the details about their bond besides being a slavery. Pry at your own risk.
  • Survivalist - Expert both in the wilderness and in the Hedge. Need a guide? One that can also protect you?


  • Name - You can list people your character knows here.
  • Name - It could be someone they find useful, someone they care about.
  • Name - It could be someone they loathe, an adversary or rival.


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Heilung - Krigsgaldr

There's such a fool heart beating so fast,
in search of new dreams.
A love that will last within your heart.
I'll place the moon within your heart.

Danheim - Gungnir


Heilung - Carpathian Forest

Bone to Rune
Skull to Dust
Ice melts the thoughts of the gods
Root promises blossom


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