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Game Systems

Fate's Harvest uses a combination of Changeling: the Lost (1E), Modified GMC, Second Sight and a bunch of custom content. It's strongly advised that players familiarize themselves with our rules, policies and systems.

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Core Content

  • GMC - Detailed explanation of which GMC rules are in use on Fate's Harvest with combat quick references.
  • Merits - Full list of merits in use on Fate's Harvest with links to appropriate House Rules.
  • Flaws - Full list of flaws (mechanically merits with negative values) in use on Fate's Harvest as above.
  • House Rules - Full and detailed list of all House Rules in use on Fate's Harvest.
  • Building - Building policies and guidelines.
  • Equipment - Equipment policies and guidelines.

Custom Content

  • XP Tiers - Fate's Harvest allows characters to begin at a broad range of power levels.
  • Activities - The +activity command allows you to earn more than the default 1xp per week by logging what your character does each week.
  • Master Accounts - Alts should be linked to a master account; some rewards are gifted to the player rather than the character.
  • Arcade - Player rewards can be purchased through the arcade, allowing more ways to engage with the game world.
  • Influence - Influence represent's a character's pull within a particular group. Anyone seeking leadership should familiarize themselves with this system.
  • Kiths - All kiths have been redone. New kiths have been added. The mechanics in the book probably don't apply for your kith anymore.

Sphere Specific Systems


  • Hedgespinning
  • Token-making
  • Goblin Fruits
  • Hollow Gardens
  • High Wyrd
  • Secrecy