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Plot System

Thank you to Pestilence over at TheDescentMUX for the inspiration!

Ever wanted to ST something, but been unsure if anything in particular is needed/wanted? What if staff doesn't approve? What if your brain is a wet twitching blankly-staring heap of head-noodles because you were up until 3am working on the best cross-stitch and needlepoint EVER and you can't 'creativity' your way out of a soggy paper bag?

The +plot system is for you!

Also sleep. Please sleep if you have a head full of twitchy noodles.

Using the System

This system is a way for staff to provide player STs with pre-approved stories to run and have fun with.

Think of it like a D&D module. Every plot in the database will have a summary of the NPCs involved, personalities, basic stats, expected storyline, but it will be up to the ST to bring those stats alive (and invent anything not written there)!

The system was created to facilitate "pick up and go" STing, for those who like STing, but don't like coming up with all the nitty gritties which go into plots.

All plots are tagged, so players can search the list of options based on the type of plot they would like to claim and ST.

Type '+help plot' in game to see the full helpfile.

Plot Visibility

By default, all available plots are visible to you once staff has published them.

A plot becomes invisible if:

  • Someone else has claimed it.
  • You have set up a filter (with +plot/myfilter) and it doesn't pass.

When you claim a plot, it is visible to you, but not others.

Staff sees all plots, claimed or not.

How to Run a Plot

We've kept it as simple as possible.

Step #1

Claim a plot. This will set you as its owner, and make its spoilers available to you.

Be aware that claiming a plot immediately renders you ineligible to play in it as a PC, should you end up needing to +plot/unclaim it for any reason.

Any ineligible participants will be displayed ONLY to staff/the ST who has claimed a plot, to ensure that the new ST is aware of which names they should not allow to participate. It's no fun to run a mystery plot for someone who already knows the answers... :)

Step #2

Read the spoilers. Plots in the system will have a summary written for each expected scene they have. Go through these to familiarize yourself with the spoilers of the plot.

Some plots will require specific timing, groups, or additional bbposts to go along with them. These will be marked and will generally be provided for you.

You can see the summaries with the +plot/view command.

Step #3

Schedule a +Event. Once you claim a plot, there is typically no real time limit on when you have to get it done. You are the ST. Any plots with time-sensitive material will be marked as such.

Run the +event as normal.

Step #4

Log each Scene. To show that activity is happening with the +plot, and to create a useful archive should you or staff ever need to reference the events within your plot, use the +plot/log command to save wiki links to logs.

If a scene goes long and you need to split it into multiple logs, that's fine. The system is smart enough to check for that.

Any logs which have been linked to a plot will be displayed when you type +plot.

Step #5

Mark the +plot finished. When you are alllll done, use the +plot/finish command to stamp the plot complete. This will automatically transfer the plot to the plot archive.

As the ST, you will still be able to view the plot details if need be, but it will no longer show up when you type +plot. To view archived plots, type +plot/archive. To view the summary details, it is the same as before -- +plot/view.

Adding Plots to the System

Players do not have access to the back end of the system.

If you would like a plot added, you will need to contact staff with the full writeup and details. Please use '+req/plot' for this. Staff will add it with a note that you were its writer.