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What does it mean to be human? You have no psychic gifts to define you, no paths and magical traditions to force you along other lines. You're free, to an extent, in ways no other group in the gameworld ever can be.

You don't have to hide what you are.

As a 'vanilla' mortal, you're an object of envy or scorn, but you're definitely not unimportant to the story. There are way more of you than there are of them, and it is YOU who form the backdrop of the world.


What the Normals Know

This is the World of Darkness, where the supernatural lies closer to the surface and the shadows are a bit deeper than they would be, in our own world.

The average human, unGifted, may have heard the occasional rumor or campfire story, but unless the Occult is a particular course of study, they are unlikely to truly know of the Supers' existence.

Think of supernaturals like gods, or fairies. People may believe in them, may set out saucers of milk and honey, but they don't expect to SEE them. That takes experience and faith (or very, very good drugs).

That said...

If you are from Tamarack Falls, it is highly likely that you have direct experience with the supernatural, be it something as mild as a granny who always knows when her grandchildren will be visiting by "surprise" or as dramatic as seeing a hob under bridge. The town tacitly accepts the oddities as normal, and doesn't tend to talk about them with any more interest than ordinary folks would show for discussing 'that poor girl with the buck teeth' or the local football star.

Fort Brunsett, more cosmopolitan, makes plenty of tourist dollars off of those who know the area as a hot spot for paranormal activity, but by and large, citizens are less likely to have concrete experience with any of it.


  • Bill's Bar (MT01) in Tamarack Falls tries to keep itself mortal-only, but the fact that Bill refuses to be ensorcelled does mean he can't always catch fae slipping inside. Thankfully, other patrons aren't so particular.

Outside Influences - World events!

The gameworld is our world, for the most part. As of game opening, there are no stated differences in world events. This may change if staff decides to spice things up!


  • Rumors - Check the Rumors page to see if there are any you might want to stumble into!
  • Plots - Should have sublist of currently running plots with a link to plot guidelines and plot archives and log category maybe?
  • Events - Might be a pain in the ass to maintain, but I'm putting in a placeholder all the same.
  • Storytellers: Staff and players willing and able to run PRPs for mortal characters.


  • Merits: Clarifications, house rules and homebrews.
  • High-Powered Mortals: Discussion on what it means to be a high-powered PC without superpowers.
  • Communication: Mortals are all entitled to join the Mortal channel and have access to +bboard 6.
  • Requests: How to get your +jobs where they need to go.


Active PCs

Active NPCs