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Mortal Applications

This page is a supplement to the main Character Creation page, designed specifically to help with regular plain Jane Mortal apps.


The following questions must be answered in your +bg during CG for you to be allowed out into the world.

  • Where/when were you born?
  • How was your childhood/young adulthood? What were you like?
  • What is your profession? How do you feel about it?
If you are apping in to work for another player, please include this here.
  • If you aren't a local to the Tamarack Falls/Fort Brunsett area, where are you staying right now?
If your answer is "a hotel" you are probably in Fort Brunsett, though Tamarack Falls does have a tiny bed and breakfast, and many cabins to rent out in the woods.
  • Do you have any family or close friends in the area?
  • Why are you here now? This may relate to the question above.
  • What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun? Taxidermist by day, gamer geek by night?
  • Do you have any enemies? Anyone who would actively do Bad Things to you? Why? do you feel about this?
  • Have you had any brushes with the supernatural? What happened? How do you feel about this?