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The area around Tamarack Falls has had a long history of paranormal and supernatural activity. As a psychic, you have one major advantage and disadvantage: you ARE a psychic. This makes you a target, either for public commentary or for .. acquisition .. by outside interests, including the Fae.

How much does your particular gift define who you are? Is it a part of your identity? Something you love? Something you hate, and want removed?

How has being a psychic influenced your life? It surely has, whether or not you are even aware of your unusual talent.


The number of psychics is dramatically higher than it should be, for such a small geographic location. No one knows why. Postcognition offers no answers, and Precognition only the vaguest hints of trouble in the years to come.

In playing terms, if you are a local, you are more likely to be a psychic if you were born in, or born from, a family which has lived in the small town of Tamarack Falls for the past century or more. The town takes care of its own, and newcomers (any family which hasn't been in town for more than two generations) are under heavy suspicion. Expect that a good fifth of the population has at least a single minor psychic gift.

As regards the Anti-Psi and other merits, these are less likely in locals, as children will have heard, or experienced, strangenesses from a young age. They are very likely for those who dwell in Fort Brunsett, however, as the city maintains a more modern, 'realistic' view on such aberrations. A city psychic is far more accustomed to the need for utmost secrecy about his or her gifts.

The Eye

While its existence is kept mum in most circles, the sheer number of gifted individuals has led to the formation of an informal network, a who's who of the psychic community. If you are a local, chances are extremely high that you are already known to, and a part of, this network, and may be contacted by others who need your particular talents. Nicknamed 'The Eye' or 'Eye Net', members can take it as read that if they disappear, someone will notice.

  • Secrecy - Is it important that you hide what you are? That's a personal decision, for most psychics. Many people will assume you are a fraud if you claim to see ghosts or read their auras, and others may want to, ah, acquire you, for research into what makes you tick. Will your boyfriend want to date a girl who tells him she can read another woman's presence when she sits in his car seat? This is the World of Darkness. Strange happens, but humans are still human.
  • Ghost Stories - Local ghosts and spooky places relevant to some psychics.
  • Hangouts - The Lethbridge Library (R04)
  • Outside Influences - Psychic hotlines, weird world events, etc. TBD!


  • Rumors - Check the Rumors page to see if there are any you might want to stumble into!
  • Plots - The list below includes all currently running plots for the Psychic sphere. Please see the main PRP Guidelines page for help in setting up and running IC plots, as well as advice for which do and do not require staff oversight to run. See the Plot Archives/Psychic page for a list of all past Psychic plots. Remember to use the [[Category:Psychic]] category on your logs when posting them.
    • Plots! Things! Stuff!
  • Events - A list of current and planned events.
  • Storytellers - Staff who specialize in stories/NPCs for this sphere; players willing to advertise their desire to run for others.


  • Merits: The merits used on Fate's Harvest are more often than not from Second Sight itself, rather than GMC, as GMC's streamlining eliminated a number of abilities from the Psychic's repertoire. House Rules and page numbers are referenced on the main Merits page. Where prerequisites differ from the book, this is noted as a HR.
  • Powers: There is no coded system to track psychic powers. These are covered by their equivalent merits, located on the merits page.
  • Communication: All psychics have access to +bb 15 and +faction psychic.
  • Commands: The +psyroll helpfile has been written to clarify the at-times confusing rolls required for psychic powers.
  • Requests: How to get your jobs where they need to go.


  • Applications - Page this links to should refer back to main chargen page and include sphere-specific details, including extra requirements and background questions. Should include wanted concepts, banned concepts and arcade awarded concepts, if applicable.
  • Becomings - How to become a psychic if you're currently just a normal person.

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