Enid Schmitt

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Enid Schmitt
On Game As: Annapurna
Played By: Linda Rodin
Concept: Information Source
Date of Birth:
Apparent Age: 40+
Occupation: Gossip Columnist
Virtue: Diligent
Vice: Stubborn

Freehold: None
Motley: None


      The one and only gossip columnist for the Tamarack Times, Enid Schmitt is both obnoxious and persistent, generally oblivious to any malice directed her way. Also oblivious to the meaning of 'no', she will cheerfully and friendlily stalk Persons Of Interest until police are called. Everyone in town knows her, or knows of her, and if you're new, don't think you'll manage to escape. She is a busybody, plain and simple, but because she makes it her business to stick her nose in YOUR business, she is also a valuable source of information.

      Well into middle age, she wouldn't dream of leaving the house without being properly made up, and regularly changes her hair colors at Crops and Bobbers. If asked, even she will claim she can't remember what it is supposed to be, these days.


  • Author - She has published a single book, poorly received, with a lot of information about Mount Mischance and disappearances/timings/history thereof.
  • Media BBoard - Do you have a Mask lapse or other gossip-worthy item you want written up in Enid's column? Staff will regularly post plot- and gameworld-related gossip columns to +bbread 3 and 7. Enid seldom leaves the town, but if it is truly grievous (read: fascinating and newsworthy) she will travel to Fort Brunsett for research.
Note: You are welcome to post other details on board 7 yourself, but please don't post as Enid.


  • Mayoral Fling? - Enid and Mayor Jack have been seen with their heads together more than once. Is there more than information gathering afoot?


  • Herself! - Her name, address and phone number are printed in every edition of the Times.

Information and Roleplay

Enid Schmitt is played by Annapurna and is active in Tamarack Falls.

If you need something from this character, please use +req/npc <NPC Name>=<explanation of request>.


  • (2017.03.31)
Enid Schmitt at Crossroads Cafe 1
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Gossip Office Hours - March 29 2018
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Gossip Office Hours - 5 April 2018