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Nakamura Haruki
On Game As: Haruki
Played By:
Concept: Stage Magician!!!
Date of Birth: 19 Nov 1992
Apparent Age: 25 (Looks younger)
Occupation: Magician
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Sloth

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

“You never understood... why we did this. The audience knows the truth. The world is simple, miserable, solid all the way through. But if you can fool them, even for a second... then you can make them wonder. And you get to see something very special. ... You really don't know. ... It was the look on their faces.”
– Robert Angier, The Prestige


Haruki's a Magician as he'll tell anyone who asks. He's Japanese, which tends to make him stand out. He has a twin brother, Itsuki, who is far, far shyer than he is.

Haruki's Story

Nakamura Haruki was born in Okinawa, to the wayward daughter of an influential businessman. Five years ago, he, and his brother, Itsuki, visited Fort Brunsett in search of their father. The brothers ended up having a huge argument and didn't speak for four long years.

Haruki returned to his grandfather, where he tried his best to be the obedient grandson, but that was never to be. At 21 he took off for Vegas to learn all that he could about magic. Just over a year later he found himself in Hollywood, at the Magic Castle. After his partner left him, he decided to move again, and ended up back at Fort Brunsett, where he reunited with his brother.

Now living on Nathania's land in a 'burrow' that Haruki claims Itsuki dug. The two of them mostly do birthdays, bachelorette parties, and other small events where a magician can provide some entertainment. While they have had plans for a larger scale performance, so far every venue they've planned for has closed down before they could get the chance.

Fame 1: Magician Haruki's previous social media is locked up tight. He does appear in some of The Amazing Zelda's older videos, where they had an act that combined gamer and geek culture, lots of cosplay, and magic. Zelda's growing in popularity, and has had a few television appearances. Her more avid fans fight remember Haruki as her first assistant. Haruki does parties locally and has business cards. Haruki and his brother have been speaking of setting up a magic museum.

RP Hooks

  • Magician - Haruki's a magician, he's also got connections with other magicians. Is his magic real or is it mundane?
  • Parkour - He likes running around and climbing things.
  • Not so New - He's been in town for a year, and managed to win a local scavenger hunt! He also won a contest at the Dare Icecreamery. And a bread-man thing where he chose magic as the theme! (He totally didn't put on a mask, and enter a contest at the pirate strip bar and win that, because that would have been inappropriate for a children's entertainer.) He's the first ever male Apple Queen! He was even once seen with a trophy that said he was 'paintball champion' but that one looked like he'd made it himself. How come he never gets prizes for anything he wins?
  • Charity - He likes helping others. He's volunteered at the hospital several times, doing magical performances for sick children.
  • Therapy Rabbits - Some of the bunnies are therapy animals! Haruki and his brother will go around with them and also do magic for those in need.
  • Father - He's looking for his father, who may be local. He seems to have forgotten completely about this.
  • Cat-22 Collective - Haruki's gluten-free veganish and is frequently found hanging out here, flirting with CB. CB appears to be oblivious.
  • Enid's Column - Haruki gets the occasional mention in her column.
  • Sai Joshi - Haruki is Sai Joshi's biggest fan!
  • Twin Brother - If someone did something bad it was probably Itsy and not Haruki! Really! Haruki's the good one. They're easily confused.
  • Bunnies - The Gang are Haruki and Itsuki's rabbits, that they use in their magic acts. The pair clearly have too much time on their hands since they also make videos of the rabbits, in fantasy costumes, that go up on youtube. The videos are cute, but derivative of whatever tv show they're watching at the time, and don't have that many views. Haruki is also known to have discussions with Enid about rabbits!

The Lost

Haruki is a member of the freehold, as is his brother, Itsuki. It's easy for Lost to tell them apart, since Haruki's the one without the cute tail or bunny ears.

There was some sort of incident with Dave/Oberon, that resulted in Oberon being punished, and Haruki forced to join the freehold. Haruki's been a member ever since, although he doesn't attend meetings, has only been to Stoneheart once, and is rarely seen at the Wayhouse. He's been kidnapped by loyalists, and had a few other scary adventures, most of which he appears to have forgotten.

He absolutely adores most hedge beast companions. He loves hedgefruit! He's fascinated by gewgaws and trinkets and tokens. And just everything from the hedge! But not to the extent that he actually wants to go there. The hedge scares him.

He joined the Custodians as a recruit, with Logan is his mentor. He's not been that active.



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Queen - A Kind of Magic

One dream one soul one prize one goal
One golden glance of what should be
It's a kind of magic


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