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Planning for Panning

Market Value


Lucky, Hex, Oliver, Haruki

May 06, 2017

Lucky brings Hex a gift in his pawn shop. Oliver and Haruki show up, and start to discuss a prior plan to pan for gold. Lucky talks about the rumors surrounding Mischance Mine, and Hex and Lucky eventually strike up a bargain before Hex's luck turns on him. Introductions are made, everyone leaves mostly happy.


All That Glitters Pawn Shop

Hex is currently behind the counter, cataloging a few new pieces of jewelry he just acquired. He's joting down notes in a cook, attaching a tag to each one, and then he's turning to unlock the brand new (since the last one was broken) glass door and place them in the displace case near the counter. That's when he catches sight of Lucky.

He's in his usual black t-shirt, this one with a an old style 'Taco Bell' logo on it, and his black jeans. He breaks into a genuine smile, "Lucky! Oh man, did you come here on purpose?" It's a valid question among changelings. "What do you think?" He hops over the counter, surprisingly agile, and then says, "Hey, you have time this weekend to go panning for gold? A friend fo mine and I want to go, and I thought it'd probably be best if we brought you along."

"I did come here on purpose," Lucky tells him, grinning. "Figured that you couldn't be too hard to find. This kind of seems like your kind of place." Lucky, also surprisingly agile, hops up onto one of the counters, looking around at the place. "And this seems like my kind of place too. People get rid of some of the most -fascinating- things," Lucky tells him, leaning over to flip through some old vinyl records. "You never know what you'll find in places like this. Little hidden treasures."

Flipping through, he pulls out an old 'Air Supply' vinyl, looking over to Hex. "Like this. This would just sit on a shelf forever, probably, but man. Do you know what kind of sound quality you get from vinyl?" He even turns it over, looking at the price tag. Apparently intending on doing a little shopping. Though at the notion of panning for gold, he just grins. "Pan for gold? I get mine in other ways." He takes out a gold ring, someone's old class ring (Daryl, from the name on the inside) and flips it over to the man. It's set with Cat's Eye, and has a football emblem one on side, along with the depiction of whatever the local school masoct it. Typical, in almost every way, and easily replaceable with a phone call. "Gift for you," Lucky tells him. "Since all the signs outside seem to indicate that gold is a thing here."

"Not to mention I told you the name, right? Well, here I am. You found me. Why were you looking?" He seems more interested in why Lucky was looking than the fact that Lucky found him so easily. he knows why Lucky found him so easily - because he has luck and Hex does not. Or does he? Maybe he wanted to be found, who knows.

He watches as Lucky looks through those vinyls. It's an ecclectic mess. When Lusky finds something, he smirks, "Of course you do." Then he's catching that ring, quickly forgetting about the vinyl. He turns it over, focusing on it, and there's a little sigh, a little hint of wimsy. He tucks it into his pocket and looks back at Lucky.

"If that was a gift, then you still owe me for the record." He smiles, his silvery gaze amused, "What do you have to offer?" Because Hex has a hard time dealing in money. And Lucky stated the ring was a gift. So now it's barter time.

"What do you want most? I can find a lot of things. You'd be surprised. or maybe you wouldn't, I don't know, it's an expression."

"I dunno. What people want the most tends to change every few seconds or so. Really, it's more about what they want -right now-," he tells him. "And right now, I'm in the mood to find something cool. Something that someone got rid of because they didn't want it, but I would." He pulls the vinyl out, inspecting it carefully. "You ever listen to these guys? Pretty good, really. I mean, sure, a little sappy, but the sound is kind of brilliant."

Tucking the album under his arm, Lucky grins back over at Hex. "I never joke about gifts," he tells him. "And I'm well aware that I still owe you for the record. We'll get there." The man picks up a little figuring, a bronze dragon, looking it over. "Weird. Who gets rid of dragons? Dragons are good luck." Except Hex, of course. He seems to have all the bad luck in the world. Though if the bad luck is -directed- at him, then presumably it's not directed at anyone else. So good luck after all!

Hex shakes his head at Lucky's words, "Not for me. It's always the same, for me." He smiles wryly, but there's a glint to those silvery eyes. Maybe it's obvious, maybe it's not, what he actually wants. He continues, "This is the place to find something cool. And don't see what you like, I have... more. I sell at the market."

He glances at the record, the shakes his head, "I'll check them out. I don't get a lot of opportunity to listen to everything I buy."

At the talk of deals, he smirks, "I could name names, but it's best we don't." In response to the getting rid of dragons comment. "So what other things are you interested in? I have a lot in here, but I have a lot elsewhere, and maybe I could help you out."

He's in the main pawn shop, dressed in his usual black t-shirt and black jeans, which is how he tries, adn fials, to downplay his pale shininess. Lucky is there, too, with a record under one arm.

Oliver is suddenly outside cupping his hands around his eyes at the window trying to see beyond the daylight glare inside. Seeing the propietor in residence he decides to come in. He's got a documents tube with a strap slung over his shoulder and his tophat has a new enamal pin with the POW-MIA symbol.

Lucky's browsing along the store, apparently chatting with Hex. "In the words of the famous Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, 'I'll know it when I see it.'" And indeed, it does seem like he's looking at just about everything... until he spots the guitar on the wall. Acoustic, black enameled, with silvery highlights. And that seems to catch his attention. He takes it off the wall, picking a few notes out on the strings. Luckily, it's still in tune. Seems that he's found something that he wants there, too.

Though as the tatooed man comes in, Lucky manages to glance up, those not-quite-human features taking the other man in. Especially taking into account how he manages to wear that top hat over those horns, which apparently takes some skill. "How much for this?" Lucky asks Hex without actually looking directly at him, creepy stare still on the newcomer.

Hex looks over as the chime rings and another enters. He sees Oliver and he's grinning, waving a hand in greeting. "Perfect timing!" He looks back at Lucky,e ven as he's taking that guitar off the wall. That causes him to smile. It's not /all/ about the gold - he also likes helping people find things. "That's a good one. Eddie Vedder played it ones, so I hear. How much? Well, do you have any more gold? I give a discount."

He grins again, then looks back at Oliver, waving the man over. To Lucky, he says, "Lucky, meet Olly. Olly, meet Lucky. I was just talking to Haruki about inviting you both on a little gold panning expedition. What do you think?"

He glances back to Luck and grins, "You could pay it off that way. I enjoy a barter." There's a hint of challenge there, but then he's pushing on, "So, everyone down?"

Oliver nods to Hex. "Yeah he mentioned it. I told him I had reservations having that many tons of rock above my head while in your company. But then he said you know some guy that can cancel out your jinxiness." He comes over, gives Hex a quick hug and then looks Lucky over. "Dig your eyes, man. You can, like, see things in them."

Lucky looks over at Hex with a grin. "So, what you're saying is, if I go with you on this little gold-panning trip and come back with something shiny, you'll take the shiny rock and I can keep the nice guitar?" Lucky seems to consider this for a moment, curious, looking the guitar over. Deals are always dangerous things to enter into with another Lost. Thinking it over a moment, he nods his agreement. "Alright. Throw in the record, too, and you have yourself a deal." Because Air Supply is already his. He hovers over it somewhat protectively.

As Oliver comes over, commenting on his eyes, Lucky looks the man over with a smile. "Kind of digging the threads. And the ink. And, you know..." He pats his head, where Oliver's horns are. And where the tophat is. "Bet those come in useful." Is he talking about the horns, or the hat?

Hex snorts at Oliver's words, yet there's a hint of acceptence there. Oliver's not all wrong - there's a good chance of something going horribly wrong. Still, he says, "It'll be fun." At the mention of good luck, Hex moves to sling an arm around Lucky's shoulder. "This guy! Lucky, meet Olly. Olly, Lucky. We both live up to our names, I guess." He flashes a grin towards Lucky, then considers. He shakes his head.

"No, you have to earn that guitar's /value/ in gold. By the books. I'll look it up. so it might take more than just a few rocks. But, hey, I'll throw in the record." See, he's generous.

As Olly comes in for a hug, he breaks to return it, then grins at the interaction between the two, "So what do you think, you both in?"

Oliver nods, "You bet I am. What about Rukes? Is he gonna come?" He picks up a mechanical egg beater and looks it over, turning the crank and watching the spindles spin. "What the hell is this?" he asks. He puts it back and picks up an old Santa decoration. "Ohhh.. " he says, feeling nostalgic. He looks over at Lucky. "When did you grow up?" he asks.

"Eighteenth Century Sex Toy," Lucky tells Oliver. "That's why there's two of them, there, you see. You just turn the handle and magic happens." Though as introductions are made, Lucky offers Olly a nod. "Nice to meet you, Olly. As far as growing up? Lost Boys never grow up. Haven't you read Peter Pan?" Though to Hex, he gives a little smile. "So find a guitar's value in gold? Yeah, I think I can manage that," he tells the dragon. "Sure, count me in. When are we going?" And then, "Also -- are we staying more than one day? Do I need to bring clothes? Or beer? Or a tent, or whatever? Details are important."

Hex snorts at Oliver's first question, "He's the one that suggested the whole idea. See, he wants a box I have. An antique, where you pretend to cut someone in half. it was quite a find and I got it for a steal. I told him I'd give it to him for a magic show at my show, which I think will draw lots of new customers, and got some gold. Whatever he finds on the trip, it goes to me." Hex is susprisingly good at bartering.

He looks over at Lucky and smiles, "Market value." Which includes all the memobrilia, clebrity, and possibly antique additions. He smiles, "Market value in gold, you get the guitar, and the record." He offers a hand.

Sealed or not, he comments, "You know, it'd be kind of fun to make it an overnight thing. A big tent, a campfire, roast marshmallows, tell stories." Steal everyone's gold while they're distracted. "Let's do it."

Oliver asks, "What makes you think we'll find gold in an abandoned mine anyway?" he ask. He wriggles his fingers. "Give me a few minutes with our equipment and I can have them working like little miracles." He tells Lucky, "If you're Peter Pan, that makes Hex Rufio, Haruki tinkerbell, and me... damn, I don't know.."

"No, no. I'm definitely Rufio. Hex can be Thud Butt. That guy never had any luck either." Lucky doesn't even hesitate on that one. "And there's always more gold in a mine. Just depends on if you get more value out of it than what it takes to keep up the equipment, miners, shit like that. And sure. I can go camp out for a few days. Not like I have much better to do right now." Though he does clasp Hex's hand, looking the man in the eyes (so that Hex can see the tiny comet burning there, behind those rolling dice). "Deal."

Hex may have gotten the short end of this particular stick.

Hex lifts an eyebrow at Oliver's words, snorting. "Was there a dragon in that story, I can't remember?" He's not saying he /is/ one, he's just asking. There's a big difference! He looks back at Lucky and shrugs. He doesn't actually know the story, not in that sort of detail. Then something occurs to him and he looks back at Oliver, "Wait, what, mine? What about a mine?" That bit's new to him. Then, back to Lucky. "I hadn't heard this part." When the hand is shaken, however, he shakes back, and then grasps Lucky's hand for a moment, meeting those eyes. Longer than is necessary. "Let's do it, then. And deal." He continues to grasp the man's hand for a moment, then finally lets it go.

The three of them are standing near the counter in the pawn shop, on the customer side of it, even Hex.

Haruki's carrying a bottle with him as he steps into the store, a smile upon his lips. He heads over to where the others are.

Oliver asks, "You mean there isn't a mine? I thought there was a mine." He steps back to let Ruki into the conversational circle. "And no.. there was a giant alligator. It might have had a clock in it." He puts his arm around Haruki and draws him close for a kiss on the cheek and then wipes off the black lipstick he leaves behind.

Lucky goes back to sitting idly on one of the counters, plucking out a tune from Air Supply on the almost-his-for-real guitar. The record is still right beside him. He and Hex seem to have just made some kind of deal, and Oliver is off looking at little trinkets here and there, a part of the conversation. At the mention of the mine, though, Lucky looks up, smiling. "Yeah, there's a mine. You guys haven't heard of it?" He smiles again, though it's somehow just the smallest bit unsettling. Too white teeth, too straight. "They say that the people who go in now after dark never come back out again. It's got a whole local history. Some people are genuinely nervous about it." Because what could possibly go wrong?

Hex shakes his head at Oliver, "Of, there's likely lots of mines. I've heard about at least one. But if that wehre we're panning for gold? I just assumed a river or something. You know." He shrugs a shoulder, then snorts, "What, I don't get one? No, no, that's fine." He sniffs, although it's clear he's being almost... playful? Maybe so.

He looks back at Lucky and shakes his head, "A mine, hmm? I think I've heard about it. What's the story behind it? I mean, even if we don't go panning there, doesn't mean it's not worth exploring. Mines lead underground. People bury things underground. It's a good spot. Once a mine's run dry, what else can you do but fill it in and never touch it again? It makes a great hiding spot."

He didn't say anything mortal unfriendly nor did he have any major accident. Meaning something big's probably looming.

Haruki leans against Oliver, smiling warmly. He begins to offer the bottle over to Hex. He's not going to say 'don't drop it'. Nope. That goes without saying. But he does give a look to Oliver, just in case. Within is a bottle of Goldschlagger, gold flakes spinning like snow through the liqueur. He shook it up earlier. He looks curiously at Lucky as he speaks of the mine. "Oh. I just found out there's a disused mine, none of the history though. Copper mine, was it? Mischance Mine on Mischance mountain seems far too much like tempting fate. What got the name first? Unless it's rumours to keep people away from the hidden treasures inside." That's possible, is it?

Lucky nods to Haruki. "Mischance Mine, yeah. And Copper sounds about right. But that doesn't mean there isn't other stuff there," Lucky adds. "People leave the most interesting things just laying around when they think they're done somewhere." The melody to 'Lost in Love' keeps playing on the guitar, Lucky not an entirely bad player. He's not exactly band-quality, but he's not bad either. Though he does give Haruki a nod at the comment about 'tempting fate'. "Yeah. Probably best to only go there if we really need to. Especially if our boy here is coming." Meaning Hex, of course. "Could always try the bridge a little down from it. I think the river has a source from inside the mountain. Might find something useful there. I don't think panners were ever really super popular here. California got most of that."

Hex lifts an eyebrow at Haruki and Oliver, then shifts his attention to the bottle. He accepts it, lifting it up to examine it. He smiles as he sees the golden flakes. He's seen Goldslagger before, of course, he wasn't born under a rock, he he likes the look of it, and to get it as a gift... And so he admires it, taking a step back to get a good shine beneath a light.

And he steps back onto an empty cardboard box, recently emptied. His foot gets stuck on it. He tries to stake it off, which causes him to knock against a shelf. A cuckoo clock sitting on the top of the shelf falls, smacks Hex's head with a twang, giving one last 'coo coo' before falling tot he ground and smashing.

"Ow!" Hex reaches up to rub his head, grumbling, "whatever, yeah, mine, we'll go there. Mischance Mine, whatever. I'll show it. I'll /prove/ to it... something." He rubs his head some more, "You know why California got the most of it? Because California actually had gold." Still, he seems up for the idea.

"You play pretty good."

Oliver , who's been spacing out for a bit suddenly seems to be paying attention again and reaches out right Hex. "Will you be caregful, man?" he complains. He steps back. "Oh look! You crushed this box a little. You have to be more careful."

"Taking a guy called Lucky, and one called Hex, into a place called Mischance Mine, does seem to be tempting a lot of fate," Haruki says. "We should probably load up on the lucky horseshoes and four leaf clovers before we go." He nods. "Probably best to try the river first." Which isn't to say the idea of cave exploring and treasure hunting doesn't appeal to him. It really does. When Hex falls he goes diving towards the man, trying to save him from... well he's too slow. "Are you okay?" he calls out, concerned. He'll right clocks and help Hex up, or do whatever's needed.

Lucky actually stops playing as that shelf falls on Hex's head, eyes going a little wider. "Jesus, dude," he tells the man, setting the guitar aside for the moment as he goes to see if the other guy is alright. "Like.... seriously, does this happen -all the time-? Because I'm starting to fear for your general safety a little, here." He takes a look at Hex's head, then nods back to Haruki. "Yeah. I'm thinking maybe a bunch of rabbits will suddenly be amputees." And then, when Oliver points out the box, Lucky gives a little wince. "Hope that didn't have anything breakable in it."

Hex pushes himself back up, but he looks a little confused as Oliver comes closer, points out the box. "what?" He looks at the box, eyes narrowing, quite quite comprehending. He shakes his head, clearing it, "Ok, hope it wasn't breakable. Probably was. It always is. I'm surprised it didn't stab me in the ass." Because the box must have been there the entire time.

He glances at Haruki and snorts, "What could go wrong, right?" He smiles wryly, but there's a flicker of amusement, even if it's directed at himself, in those silvery eyes. "Let's start with the river. if we don't drown, we can chance mischance."

And then there's a Lucky and he's looking at the man, shaking his head, smiling a soft, almost resigned smile. "All the time." He reaches out, patting Lucky on the shoulder, and adds, "You should run now." He doesn't want Lucky to run, and that's obvious, and yet he does. He knows what could happen. His attention is drawn towards the box, though.

He shrugs, and moves towards it, picking it up, opening it. "Might as well find out what I broke."

Oliver looks over his shoulder. "Whatever it is, I'll help you fix it." He does feel like kind of a schmuck for making Hex think it's Hex's fault. In fact he grows a little sad as he looks at his new friend. He sighs.

"No!" Haruki says fiercely. "Don't hurt the rabbits. Their feet are luckiest on them. Poor bunnies. How can something bring you luck if you murder for it." He looks at Hex. "You won't drown. We won't let you. You'll be wearing a lifejacket at the very least." His gaze flicks between Lucky and Hex a moment. "You cancel eachother out?" he asks. He touches Oliver's arm, just resting his hand there. Then he asks Hex. "Do you think it's a curse, like a piece of cursed treasure, that once you get rid of you'll stop being so unlucky?"

"I dunno. Plenty of things die so that I can live. It's called 'food'. I tend to think that's pretty lucky," he counters to the asian, offering a wink. Kneeling down, Lucky opens the box, looking through the contents to see what might have broken, and whether or not it can be fixed. Lucky looks over to Oliver, noticing the sad face. "Dude, I think it'll be okay. I mean, worst case scenario, I'll just buy all this stuff at my next game." And then, back up to Hex, a nod. "Yeah. I think the river might be a little bit safer. At least to start. Besides," he says, "maybe we'll get lucky and find enough for you to retire. Or all of us to retire."

Hex doesn't ever open the box, apparently, because that's when his cell phone starts ringing. He moves to pull it out of his pocket, shaking his head at Haruki, "No, it's not like that." He looks between Haruki and Oliver, then shake his head and shrugs to himself.

He looks back at Lucky. "It'll be fine, people need to stop being afraid of things. We're all doomed, might as well do what you can in the meantime, right?" He turns away, answering the phone, "The pen. Oh. Oh. Really? How big? Oh, my. Others? Ok, I'll be over in a bit." He hangs up, stuffs his phone in his pocket, and looks towards the others. "I have to run. Tom's around here somewhere, he'll take care of you." That wasn't his name yesterday. Really, he can't remember the man's name. Maybe he's cursed.

"The real treasure's going to be friendship," Haruki says hopefully. He nods at Hex. "Um. Seeya." And he says the same to Oliver when he dashes off. Which leaves him here with Lucky. "So..." he says suddenly awkward.

Lucky opens the box, pulling out some of its contents. "I'm taking you bought this place already furnished," he tells Hex as he heads out, pulling out a stack of old phone books. Long outdated. Not that anyone still uses much in the way of landlines to get published in a phone book. "Bet these could come in handy, though." He flops them back down into the box, in case Hex wants to try and sell them for something. Though looking at Haruki, he just shakes his head, laughing. "Man, that belongs in a my little pony commercial."

Haruki smiles at Lucky. "Maybe. But it's going to be true. Hopefully we'll find some gold too though. Or at least some fun."

Lucky stands up, moving to put the guitar back on the wall. It's not -quite- his yet. But soon. "Gold would be nice. I mean, I don't really give a crap about it," he admits, offering a shrug. "I'll just give it to Hex. He seems to like it just fine. I think that'd make his day. Plus, the guy needs some good luck."

Haruki nods. "I'd give it to Hex too," he admits. "You saving up for that guitar?" he glances at it. "Your playing was good."

"Thanks," Lucky tells him. "We didn't have much in the way of TV and stuff growing up. Not always available the places we went. So we learned other stuff. Mom taught me how to play. She was way better. Had the fingers for it." He runs his own over the strings, looking at the thing. "Hers looked a lot like this one. Think that's why I like it so much."

"Is Hex going to keep it for you?" Haruki asks. "Seems like playing's a useful skill." He looks down at Lucky's fingers.

Lucky's hands are mostly covered by black leather gloves, but they do seem on the long side. One glove, his right, is pristine and immaculate, like he just opened the package. The one on his left is cracked and a bit battered looking, as if it's been well worn. "It can be, yeah. Music tends to be a pretty effective tool, at times. Depends on what you need to get done, and how much people around you value it."

While the gloves are curious in their differences Haruki doesn't ask. Nope. He nods at what Lucky says about music, but his interest is starting to wander around the room and his own conversation has dried up.

Lucky seems distracted himself, staring at the guitar, off in his own little world of memories. "Sorry," he tells Haruki, "did you say something?" And then, he just blinks, looking around, noticing that it's just the two of them. Offering the asian a little smile, he says, "I should probably get going. Things to do today, and I could get lost here for hours."