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Loons in the Library

Bronwyn, Damion, Haruki, Itsuki, November

7 February, 2018

Bronwyn is researching in the library when a strange group appear.


Lethbridge Library

Bronwyn has come to the local library to research her next thesis/book about the local folk tales of the area. She's been lucky on two counts. One, the place is actually open unlike most of the buildings she's visited in the few days she's been here. Two, it has a shelf on exactly her subject - old, harsh fairy tales. A personal enjoyment as well as a professional one. The books are old and intriguing...and pretty damn rare if the lack of information on the net about them is true.

Bronwyn, blonde hair tied back, glasses perched on the end of her nose, dressed in really boring sweater and pants, sits at one of the tables. It must be mid-afternoon now. Lunch ignored in her quest to gather as much information as she can...since she's also finding it hard for the locals to talk to her. Her laptop open so she can make notes as she reads.

Oh boy there's a special about the Nubian dynasty for Black History Month and that's why Damion is here. And also why Haruki is here. Because both are being forcibly dragged by Itsuki who is practically bouncing as he peeks at the exhibit and snatches up most of the rentable books, babbling on happily about the late bronze age, "...and like, the Kushites are basically in Sudan now, I guess? So they're technically foreigners I guess, but it's like, the last real dynasty that's in the Egyptian cultural sphere before the Assyrians and then Persians and then Macedonians just come in and kind of take over and..." The smallest Nakamura continues babbling for a while.

Sooooo bored! Haruki's not really paying Itsuki and his babbling much attention at all, in fact he's wandered off in search of something with pictures, or well maybe they have some books on magic, wait, that's fairytale books, they've always got pictures, right? He absently picks up the first one and flicks in search of a random picture and OH THE HORROR!!! Literally.

For obvious reasons, Damion is all for Black History Month. But he's still not much of a reader most of the time. So he probably wouldn't be here today, if he didn't happen to stop by the Nakamuras place and get dragged along. The tall, bald man walks along with Itsuki as he hops around the library, listening to his rambling about ancient civilizations and stuff. Nodding his head nod and then and letting out little grunts of acknowledgement. Mostly though he's just there to carry the books that the bunnylike boy hands to him. He reaches over, absently rubbing the top of his head. "Yeah, that's all great Itsy." He glances around the library, looking for something to distract himself with.

November, on the other hand, has come to the library quite voluntarily, unlike Haruki and Damion. Taller than anyone present, with the exception of the almost seven-foot tall Damion, the androgynous young woman moves with careless grace, carrying herself with quiet authority and confidence. Some people, they wear their everything on their sleeve. Not the rainbow, here. SHE wears holographic paint on hers. A white leather moto-jacket with a stenciled design of skeletal white winter trees in a silver rainbow of holo, she wears white leather trousers to match, hugging long legs with yet more holo down the outer sides of her hips and thighs, of course. A white tank top and white flip-flops complete her ensemble, because flip-flops are totally appropriate attire when it's 21?F outside.

She flippity-floppities her way toward the librarian to begin a quiet conversation about a book she slides over toward 'Caroline' to return, many-streaked almost knee-length hair sliding a bit too fluidly over her jacket to answer gravity as she leans on the counter. Quite singular in her focus, really, and in her discussion of ways to integrate iron into jewellery-making.

It's pretty hard to miss the arrival of the rambunctious trio, no matter how much Bronwyn wants to. She even offers them a severe 'looking over the top of her glasses' to subtly hint for a little more silence. It doesn't work. And now one of them is into /her/ shelf of books. On the positive side, she doubts this group would stay quiet for anyone, so this could be a time for interviews!

November is also hard to miss...it's the flip-flops. And the hair. And the height. Most everything really. All of these people live in the same town? Yet none of them look like the kind to keep centuries old folk traditions going. And the big black guy...he even looks famous. Bronwyn decides the library just got a whole lot more interesting - though she may disagree with Haruki's assessments of Egyptian cultures. The blonde deciding it can't hurt to offer them all a little wave in greeting.

Haruki is very much not looking at November, particularly if her midriff is on display since that kind of creeps him out and it's cold and where are her clothes and nope he's definitely not looking that way. No look at the gashly gruesome images in the book that's likely going to... he stuffs the book back on the shelf, probably in the wrong space too since he's like that and where's Damion got to? It's hard to miss the huge man so he ... oh one of Bronwyn's books catches his interest for a moment and while she's looking in a different direction he goes to check out its cover! And wait, did someone mention iron jewelry? "Does it work?" he blurts out. "Can you make it work?"

"Hi! Hello! Are you here for the Nubian exhibit? Oh that's a lot of books." Itsy crops up suddenly, peering at Bronwyn's stack, laughing apologetically as he leans back a little, apparently suddenly conscious of intruding into another person's space. November draws a long, nervous stare, buckteeth nibbling at his lower lip worriedly.

Oh hey. There's a familiar face. Damion spots November talking to the librarian. He doesn't know her well, but she's kind of hard to forget. He watches the rainbow-haired woman chatting with librarian for a time, then decides she's probably too busy to chat. Scanning the rest of the place, he notes the wave from the unfamiliar blonde woman in the glasses. The massive, bald dark-skinned man flashes a bright smile her way, raising his own hand in return. And then the Nakamuras descend on her table. He lets out a low chuckle, following behind Itsy when he approaches Bronwyn and begins to chatter. He notes the reaction by the shorter twin and rests his hands on his shoulder to rub them comfortingly. He glances at Haruki, raising a brow. "Why're you interested in iron jewelry, hon?" Then he turns his attention towards the blonde mortal. "Hey. I'm Damion. Sorry for the interruption. Itsy can get kind of exited at times." And really shy at others. Sometimes right after the other, as can be seen in this case.

Is November amused by Haruki's deliberate efforts to avoid looking at her? Why, yes, yes she is, periwinkle eyes lingering on the scaredy-cat and dancing in silent laughter. Puckish, point in fact. He's in luck, though. A) she looks human(ish) and B) her belly is safely hidden under that white scoop-necked tank top.

Since Haruki is near Bronwyn, the rainbow catches the stranger's little wave and returns it with a small smile and a lift of a hand while listening to Caroline-the-librarian effusively bubble over about new books and the new blacksmith in town. Neirin has an admirer, it seems.

"Work for what, lovely?" the totally-a-human woman inquires of Haruki in delayed response to his query. Her accent is mostly Massachusetts, but with a distinctly Irish lilt to it, and the occasional odd pronunciation of words.

"Protection!" Haruki says to Damion. "Does it work? Is it lucky? Is it better than four leaf clovers and horseshoes over the doorway and nails on the windowsill and herbs around the house and salt circles that just wash away and hurt the slugs and get eaten by the moose. And the snow thing. There was a snow thing but I forgot what it was. And pumpkins." He shakes his head at Damion and immediately blurts out. "And don't apologise for Itsy. He's not a nuisance. He's a fountain of knowledge who just wants to learn more. That's not an apologising thing." He's wrapped up so warmly against the cold, all bundled up, his colours of preference being reds and golds, warm autumnal hues as if those shades will somehow keep him warmer. "I'd like to meet a blacksmith. It's hot work."

Bronwyn is rather surprised by the sudden intrusion into her space and the touching of her books - the latter much worse by far. "Nubian? No, I'm not here for that exhibit" she replies with an attempt at a polite smile. And then there's a Damion and it all makes sense; Haruki and Itsuki are out on a day trip from the asylum and Damion is their handler! "It's quite alright" she smiles up to Damion before offering her hand, "Doctor Bronwyn Gallagher. It's nice to see people so interested in books."

Haruki's sudden outpouring of folk remedies catches Bronwyn's interest. "You know about all those?" she says in one of those 'talking to patient from an asylum' tones. "I'd love to talk to you about that some time. And I don't think your friend is a nuisance either." Her eyes fall back on Damion. "I'm sorry, you look familiar. Have we met?"

Damion blinks at Haruki, his brows rising. Where did all THAT come from? "I'm....not sure?" The second part has him looking towards Itsuki again and nodding. "Well, I suppose that's true. Still. Personal space, boys." Being their handler isn't quite the right answer, but he does take the hand of the Doctor in his own much larger, callused one. "Nice to meet you, Doctor. And yeah... really interested in books. At least Itsuki is." He nods towards the shorter Nakamura. The question about familiarity makes him smile a little. "Probably not. I used to box professionally though. Maybe you caught one of my bouts."

"Someone's a blacksmith? Like the sexy kind? Pounding iron, grunting a lot?" Itsy follows up, "Although, I guess doctor is good too." The smaller Nakamura picks up one of Bronwyn's books, peering curiously and quietly through the pages. Interested, like.

Question unheard, November waits a moment longer to hear Haruki answer Damion, expression one of mild curiosity, before looking away from the trio and their hapless Doctoral victim to thank Caroline and flip-flop her way back out into the blessed cold, humming the beginning to 'Fairy Ring' by Singh Kaur & Gary Stadler. (https://youtu.be/2Yk_kfLbvUM)

"Holly!" Haruki suddenly says. "You pick a sprig of holly at the first snow and hang it up for good luck. That's a local tradition. They have lots of local traditions. Nice to meet you, Doctor Bronwyn, what're you a doctor of? I'm Haruki Nakamura and this is my baby brother, Itsy. We're magicians! Have you read Enid Schmitt's book, it's got a lot of local information in it that's really useful. She knows everything about everything going on around here." Oh! Personal space! He backs up a bit and towards Damion. "Sorry." He laughs at Itsy's comments but he doesn't respond because... "best behavior!" he says that out loud.

"Doctor of Anthropology. The study of people if you like" Bronwyn explains to Haruki. "And you can call me Bron if you like" she adds in soft tones. "Pleased to meet you Haruki and Itsy. Yes, what you do with holly is a tradition and I'd be interested in all of them. Enid Schmitt" That's typed into her computer. "I'll track that one down. I don't suppose she's still alive and lives here?" Bronwyn can hope. "And you're magicians...that's nice. I've met a lot of them over the years."

Bronwyn considers Damion again, pursing her lips in thought. "Yes...I think I have seen a few of your bouts. You're from around here? Or is this the place where all superathletes retire?" she teases lightly.

Damion shrugs a shoulder at Itsuki, "Maybe. I don't really keep up with new smithies that've opened in town. Maybe they're in the yellow pages or something." Not that anybody USES the yellow pages anymore. He rests a hand on both Nakamuras heads lightly. "Enid? Yeah. She's still around. She actually writes a gossip column in the local newspaper." The question directed at him makes the corner of his mouth curl up and he shrugs a heavy shoulder. "Well. After I retired I wandered around a while. I decided I liked it here, so I stayed. I run a gym here in town. The Iron Church."

"By like a minute or something." Itsy's cheeks puff out a bit, but sighs, "Oh? Sounds fun though. People are interesting. Enid Schmitt? She's alive but mostly just writes about gossip stuff. Well. I guess it's probably a fake name? Maybe it's like, Dread Pirate Roberts, and the real one has been retired in the Caymans for twenty years or something." He nods at Damion's words, adding, "It's also much gayer here. Something in the water, probably."

"Bron, like game of Thrones," Haruki says before he can help himself and second guess if this serious doctor wants to be compared that way. "I'm sure they have a copy of the book around here. It's all about Mischance Mountain and the disappearances and the history of it. She knows everything that's going on." He looks at Bronwyn curiously. "What type of magicians?" He shakes his head at Itsy. "Her book's really good, full of facts and things and she's done a lot of research."

"She's a gossip now? That's very interesting. So she's your community's storyteller even now. I look forward to meeting her" smiles Bronwyn with some excitement. "Iron Church? Odd name for a gym but...if it works for you." Her phone buzzes and she has a quick look. "Oh, looks like that cabin I want to hire is available for me to look at. Sorry, but I have to go. I've met shamans, witchdoctors, Satanists, all kinds Haruki, and I'd be happy to talk to you about them if you like." Closing her laptop, she starts stuffing books into her satchel bag. "And Bron like in Game of Thrones. Just not as tall." A curious look to Itsy. "Gayer? Oh...well...nothing wrong with that. Umm...do any of you know who that woman was who left a second ago?" She realises she is going to be late. "Sorry. It was wonderful to meet you all and I hope we can talk later. Bye."