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Dr. Bronwyn Elise Gallagher
On Game As: Bronwyn
Played By: Margot Robbie
Concept: Overeager Anthropologist
Date of Birth: July 2, 1990
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Occupation: Anthropologist
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride

Freehold: Tell me about this Freehold
Motley: I don't look that unkempt

“Anthropology is the science which tells us that people are the same the whole world over - except when they are different.”
– Nancy Banks Smith


      Doctor Bronwyn Gallagher, graduate of NYU, is an anthropologist who investigates unique cultures around the world. Never settling too long in one place as a child, it has led to wanderlust as an adult. Her latest thesis to be about a strange Vermont area that seems to cling to old traditions.

RP Hooks

  • Anthropologist - Bronwyn's traveled the world studying odd cultures...and this one in Vermont seems really odd.
  • Thesis - She wants to learn all about the people who live here. Hopefully, someone will actually answer.
  • Socially Inept - Unfortunately, she puts her work before social mores - or she doesn't know any. She may seem rude and abrupt in her quest to learn.
  • Ensorcelled - After an incident at a wedding reception, Bronwyn has seen the truth. After getting over the surprise/horror she is now intrigued about this new society and may ask a lot of questions.


  • AJ Ray - Intriguing. She's like a minefield...but I still want to run around in it. Hopefully, 2.0 will work out better.
  • Ben Utridge - Stares. A lot.
  • CB Alexander - It's like the 60s never ended - the 1660s. Counter-culture leader - is that an oxymoron. Good café to hang around in though and he's pleasant company.
  • Cerise Hodgson Works at CAT with CB. Seems a lot more level headed than her boss.
  • Clarice Hudson Looking for a family. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. And you can stay over anytime. The door's not locked.
  • Damion King - Red Dragon. Still helping me with stamina training.
  • Dani Utridge - A fawn. What is it with the Utridge family?
  • The Doctor Nice to meet another scientist and she's even read my work! I owe her some stimulants for suffering through that.
  • Eden Lopez - She was going to find out about some secret society for me but I haven't heard back for a while now. Is what I see now the secret society she was talking about?
  • Haruki - Another I met in the library. A bundle of energy one moment, morose and lethargic the next.
  • Itsuki - Also a library hook-up. A bundle of energy...all the time.
  • Logan Brenner Rich. Handsome. Retired. Too good to be true. I wonder if I could convince him to invest in my research?
  • Olivia Utridge I don't think I made a good first impression. I hope the cold turkey is going well.
  • Poppy Devereux - 'Cousin' - in a role playing sense. Does that sound kinky? Knows how to work a stiletto.
  • Tryptych - Hacker? Thief? Cyber-Terrorist? Possibly all these things but it seems she knows how to have fun.
  • Velvet - I've seen the real Velvet now and...she's still my best friend. Never bet against her in sport.
  • Weaver Utridge - Loves dragons - now I know why. Somehow convinced Velvet to marry him.
  • Widget - Gremlin. Intriguing. Cute. Really good with knives. Should that last one concern me?


  • Jack Fry - Bear Dundee. Forest ranger who can talk to the animals. It seems I got him into a lot of trouble and he left town.
  • Quinn Garreau - The Mighty Quinn. Voice of an angel. I hope she finally had that talk before she left.


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Aqua - Doctor Jones

Kirin J Callinan - Big Enough

I've lived in lonely cities,
I've crossed deserts on camelback.
And I filled the halls of folklore,
With things I'd rather we forget.


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