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Alex Juliet Ray In Game as "AJ"

      Once upon a time, AJ was a free-spirited, rebellious high schooler. Getting drunk, getting into fights, getting suspended for having pot in school. Then she turned 17, dropped out, and left Vermont to go chase her dreams... which mostly involved being groupie for a not-great indie band. AJ was gone for a few years, then decided she missed her family and headed home. It took her about two years - however many that was, in Arcadia - to finally make it home. When she finally arrived, AJ had a bit more of a temper, and a few more emotional issues, but wasn't too far off from where she started.

      AJ's return came just about when the Freehold was starting up. She was there, from the get-go. For all her instincts were to rebel and damn the man, she was entirely on board, and was a vocal supporter. No amount of rebellious nature could stave off the fear of being recaptured, and a Freehold would help keep her safe. Now, AJ works as a bartender in the nights, and a newspaper delivery girl in the early mornings. During the day? AJ sleeps. Nocturnal beastie that she is. In addition to this, AJ is a Harvestperson and a defender of the Freehold. Her specialties are watching, sneaking into places, and tracking things down. She's also been known to handle the dirty jobs. What's a little murder, in the name of the Freehold?

RP Hooks

AJR ICON.png Desrocher's Bar - AJ is a bartender. Not a very good one, but she's usually around at night. What better way to keep track of people and hear gossip than working as a bartender?
AJR ICON.png News Paper - AJ delivers newspapers. She's the one lobbing them out of her red Jeep early in the morning. Another good job to watch the fringes of Tamarack Falls.
AJR ICON.png Harvestperson - AJ watches. AJ also fights.
AJR ICON.png Investigation - Need something found? Need someone looked into? AJ does a little of that.
AJR ICON.png Drugs - Maybe!
🦊 Foxes - Yeah, ok, duh. But really. She has two pet foxes she keeps, which are officially "exotic dogs".


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On Game As: AJ
Played By: Mandy Lee
Concept: Lazy rat-catcher
Date of Birth: August 17, 1993
Apparent Age: Mid-twenties
Family: Desrochers
Occupation: Bartender/Delivery Driver
Virtue: Vigilant
Vice: Cruel

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart / Cleareyes
Court: Summer
Entitlement: None
Keeper: The Floriographer


Sia - Cheap Thrills

Baby I don't need dollar bills
to have fun tonight
I love cheap thrills
Baby I don't need dollar bills
to have fun tonight
I love cheap thrills

Hardwell - Run Wild

Can you hear my heart howl at the sky
It's the wolf that I keep deep inside
I've been holding her back but tonight
Tonight we run wild
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Gathering at Desrochers Bar
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Wally's First Delivery
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Spring Crowning 2017
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Summer Fights: AJ v Thorn
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Soundless Coffee and Eggs
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Summer Meeting March 2017
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Decades Dance Party
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Summer Brawl March '17
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Rabbit Snatch
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April Foolery
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Another One
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End of Endurance
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April Court 2017
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May Parlor Poetry Reading
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Summer Brawl May '17
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May Court 2017
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The Search for Marty's House
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Summer Meeting June 2017
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Harvestmen Training Jun 2017
  • (2018.06.25)
Rescue Rangers - Ariana is Kidnapped!

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