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Hunterheart Kith

References: CtL 102, WM 63
Theme: Predators

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: Tooth and Claw

Hunterhearts deal lethal (0L) damage with their unarmed Brawl attacks.

Active Blessing:

Hunterhearts may spend a Glamour to add Wyrd to one Survival or Investigation roll when relying on their keen senses. This bonus is far more likely to apply to noticing a pattern in flattened grass than catching the hidden meaning in a written message. This blessing may be used more than once per scene, but only once per roll.

High Wyrd Blessing

Hunterhearts with at least Wyrd 7 gain +2 to unarmed Brawl attacks.

Example Frailties

Repelled by cockcrows, cannot cross running water at night, repelled or injured by monkshood, cannot harm dogs, must eat raw meat, immobilized by a ribbon tied around the neck.