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Beast Seeming

References: CtL 101, WM 15
Affinity Contracts: Den (WM 19), Fang and Talon (CtL 142), Wild (RoS 111)

Seeming Blessings

All: /8 on Animal Ken and a free Animal Ken specialty for the animal most represented in their mien (8-again)
All: Spend 1 Glamour to increase Presence and Composure dice pools by 1
Wyrd 7: Spend 1 Glamour to increase Survival dice pools by 1 - HR
Wyrd 8: Spending 1 Glamour now adds +2 to Presence, Composure and Survival dice pools - HR
Wyrd 9: Gain a free specialty in Animal Ken or Survival - HR
Wyrd 10: Presence and Composure dice pools grant exceptional successes at 3

Seeming Curses

All: -4 Untrained Penalty on Mental skills
All: /0 on Intelligence dice pools (no 10-again)
Wyrd 7: -5 Untrained Penalty in Mental skills
Wyrd 8: /weak on Intelligence rolls (no 10-again and subtract 1s from successes)
Wyrd 9: Willpower cannot be spent to gain dice on Intelligence rolls
Wyrd 10: All Untrained Mental skill rolls are automatic failures


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