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Apparent Age
Mid to Late 20s
Relationship Status
It's Complicated
Chimera / Gristlegrinder
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Them Laundry People
“I was handsome, I was strong, I knew the words of every song. Did my singing please you? No, the words you sang were wrong.”

– Leonard Cohen

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Words are just dust

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Collateral Damage
Motley Mine
Close ComfortTangential Targets
  • Lala You know that food you love but is bad for you...
  • Cressida Spin Cycle
  • C.B. You Dumb Idiot
What Music They Make

Sisters of Mercy - When you don't see me

Oh, it's kind of different when your there
You can lease the peace of mind
You bought a mask, I put it on
You never thought to ask me
If I wear it when you're gone

The Weeknd - Starboy

Cut that ivory into skinny pieces
Then she clean it with her face man I love my baby
You talking money, need a hearing aid
You talking 'bout me, I don't see a shade
Switch up my style, I take any lane
I switch up my cup, I kill any pain

The Church - Reptile

Too dangerous to keep.
Too feeble to let go.
And you want to bite the hand.
Should have stopped this long ago.
Go now, you've been set free.
Another month or so you'll be gorging on me

Chelsea Wolfe - Fearl Love

Run from the one who comes to find you
Wait for the night that comes to hide
Your eyes black like an animal
Black like an animal
Crossing the water
Lead them to die
Finger Gallery

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  • (2017.07.25)
Life Skills and Spin Cycles
  • (2017.07.29)
Hullabaloo at the Laundromat
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Trust Issues
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Open Mic @ CAT-22
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Magical Misery Tour
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Hello Neighbor
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Put That Thing Away
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Fungus-Brained Bitch vs. Flea-Bitten Bastard
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Midnight Mischief
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NSP - 2017 September Melee
  • (2017.09.20)
Talking Dreams With Lulu
  • (2017.11.14)
Curriculum Vitae
  • (2017.12.15)
Faerie Favour
  • (2018.02.08)
Cat-22 - It's A Public Meeting
  • (2018.02.15)
Amateur Strip Night - 1
  • (2018.04.06)
Amateur Strip Night - 2
  • (2018.04.08)
RST Tournament - 8 April 2018
  • (2018.07.06)
A Night at Alchemy
  • (2018.09.05)
The Silver Hart
  • (2018.10.17)
Zombaissance 2018 - Opening Night
Count owns a Laundromat, not a particularly nice one, but not a bad one either. Most of the washers run and there's a good change the change machine will give you something approximately equal to the cash you put in. Not responsible for lost socks.
More recently, he and his motley have taken over and renamed the strip mall where the laundry resides, all save the Chinese food restaurant owned by the stubborn Wong family.
Hooks: Maybe you need to wash your clothes? maybe you need a place to do shady business? No really, you smell, do some laundry.