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Winter Court

The Winter Court

The Onyx Court, The Silent Arrow, The Court of Sorrow

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“Nothing burns like the cold.”
– George R. R. Martin



Influence Titles

The titles below indicate a winter courtier's level of influence and responsibility within the Silent Arrow. The mantle level listed with each title is the minimum requirement. Meeting the mantle requirement does not automatically bestow a title. See Influence for a detailed look at the system.

Influence 5 - Prerequisite: Mantle •••••

  • Lord of Unbidden Mourning - Explanation.

Influence 4 - Prerequisite: Mantle ••••

  • Onyx Thane - (LoS p.94) Internal discipline, policies, punishment, and record keeping are some of the administrative tasks the Thanes are responsible for, but the list is far from exhaustive.

Influence 3 - Prerequisite: Mantle •••

  • Iceclad Armiger - (LoS p.94) Armigers are typically focused on the big picture; investing the Court's resources into projects and expanding the Court's knowledge of the supernatural world.

Influence 2 - Prerequisite: Mantle ••

  • Squire of the Frost - (LoS p.94) The primary duty of squires is relaying information up and down the Court ranks. They have more responsibility than Pages, but there are often more perks, as well.

Influence 1 - Prerequisite: Mantle •

  • Flowing Page - (LoS p.93) Often responsible for little more than keeping quiet, but occasionally requested to deliver messages, travel, scout and perform other tasks for the benefit of the Court.

Freehold Positions

These positions are bestowed upon winter courtiers who directly serve the Fate's Harvest freehold.

  • Archer of the Lonely March - (LoS p.95) - Scouts who explore and mark places for safe settlement/conversion into Winter safehouses. Traditionally skilled at wilderness survival.
  • Lord of the Unhospitable Chamber - (LoS p.96) - Court interrogator, skilled at isolating people on Winter's behalf, be it in physical prisons or in driving them to friendless places.
  • Sun Banisher - (LoS p.96) - Clean-up crew. Hired out to Freeholders often to wipe all evidence of a changeling's presence from an area. Often have a background in forensics/law enforcement.
  • Moirologist - (HR) - Mourner, ritualist, holds Freehold funerals. Works with Sun Banishers to ensure no traces of the supernatural exist in the deceased's mortal holdings.

Other Court Roles

Generally internal, these positions represent other responsibilities to which winter courtiers might be assigned by the court's leadership.


Name Influence Position
Charlie O.jpg Charlie O ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Winter Councilor
Nathania mien.jpg Nathania Winters ⚫⚫⚫ Moirologist
ClariceIcon01.jpg Clarice Hudson Flowing Page
CountMaskbw.jpg Count Flowing Page
IconDefault.jpg Kiril Morozov Flowing Page
75px Saga Skoglund Flowing Page

Ongoing Plots


Court Logs

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