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RFF - Independence Day Broadcast

"A nice change of pace from the corporatized pap"


Your Host: DJ Culture

5 July, 2017

Topics: Aspire Arena - Project Dawn, Catt-22 workspace and Lost Haven, Thudlump Manhunt, Club Carnivale Charity Night, Men in Black Sightings


Off your Satellite;
Eating your airwaves


The Broadcast

<The radio, television, phone near you start to crackle with static, and slowly... slowly adjusts to the station. It's almost like a subliminal vibe being transmitted by frequency for the Lost out there in the regional Freeholds and without. The raspy digitized voice of a woman greets, though being on air the entire being could be synthesized; in the background there's the faint background sound of the Pet Shop Boys>

"It's that time again, for the sleeping to get awake. Open your ears and don't touch that dial cause," <the sound of a woman's digital laughter breaks in static>, "it won't help. Like the legislature we are getting into all your business, but here at Radio Free Fae we aim to get you the information you nee to survive that cer-tain people want to keep you in the dark about. The airwaves are clear, the static is out, This Independence Day Weekend I'm celebrating all of you who managed to break free and get a little independence for yourself. So I'm gonna kick this off with with some Jimmi Hendrix for all my friends out there in the free lands."

“We got tonight's playlist rolling out with a little something for everyone tonight- Including you. We do have a caller on the line though givin us some good digs on what is going on in Dawn Town. We got Bossy on the line. Bossy what's up, What have you got for the free world to know other than bottle rockets point up?”

<CALLER> Bossy says, “Well, DJ Culture, I know that everyone really loves the Aspire Arena. But we are closing our doors for a while, as the purpose of the place will be changing. I'll call back with more information as I get it to keep everyone updated, but it looks like total renovation is in store. All Dawns know who to contact if they're interested in helping as we turn it into a youth center.”

“Youth Center? That's pretty bad ass. Hey hope everything goes alright and you might get more than Dawn shining on that project. There's a lot of opportunity there for a lot of people. Should even hit up Autumn Court come fall and have em build a haunted house or somethin. Bossy, I dig it: You heard it here folks, Aspire's goin to take it back tot he people. And Bossy for you I give you one of my faves. Have some S.O.B. on me.

"Goddamn I love hearing about the community getting off their ass. Goes with the week though doesn't it? Take back what is ours and make something of it. Speaking of taking things back, we got more news from a couple weeks ago on that cat that was on the run. So this guy goes into the Wild Roses Goblin Market and decides to undercut and deal right there without permission? No wonder why Lady Day and her hobs got interest in talkin to you. Thudlump, if you're out there I hear there's some interested parties on both sides wanting to talk to you. For the rest of you? Caveat emptor; let the buyer beware. Here's a little something to keep you company on the run and for those looking to chase you to have a word.

"Speaking of getting back to come classics, Numbah Six, I was wondering when we'd hear from you in all of your anti-establishment Seasons we watching you cavaets. How're you gettin down with your liberties today, neighbour? Numbah Six, you're on the line"

<CALLER> Number Six says, “"Glad to be here, Deejay Culture. Thanks for playing some Jimi, man, it's a nice change of pace from the corporatized pap I usually hear on any sort of airwaves. Listen, do me a solid and play "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" by the Electric Prunes, if you can dig up that oldie but goodie from 1967...it feels a lot like what we all feel sometimes, if you know what I mean. And let all the cats and kiddies know that the upstairs space at Cat-22 Collective in the Industrial District of FB is meant for them, and by them I mean US. It's a safe space for you all, no matter who you are and where you come from. Remember, Number Six and the rest of the Betweeners are watching yer Freehold for corruption...be seeing you!”

<Laughter broke in digitized static> "And here I was almost convinced you just ran around with a hate-on for music all the time. Electric Prunes? Seriously folks a band far too ahead of its time. But from the man who is not a number to the rest of you here you go.

"Now I know there's some of you lucky son-of-a guns out there that had it rough. Things aren't what they were or when they were. Nice to see as Summer's breaking into some long hot days that we got time out there worth spending to fix what they broke. We here at RFF want to let you Lost hunkering down like hermits that we get it too. And though I might be a bit direct, I appreciate what you are doing out there for one another. So a appreciation to the Cat-22 project here's a little something for the people. Yeaaaah Numbah Six I can here you smiling from here. Stop that. You're going to ruin my mental image of you as Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. Have some Creedence on me."

"So in the name of Altruism there's a Lost hosted Charity event (+event 129) that Club Carnivale is hosting. All proceeds tomorrow night will be going to the pediatric wing of the hospital downtown. Nothing quite like giving money to help kids out with a terminal condition. We were all doomed for a while and it took something to make our situation less shitty, least we can do is pay it forward. Should be a pretty great show too. You never get out to Vegas to see Cirque live I recommend going. It'll be good to see you there. Next up we have Mark Ronson, not to be confused with Ron Swanson. Here's some Summer Breaking."

"So I got a caller who didn't want to speak to us calling themselves The Eye, and the Eye is bringing back something that is a thing everyone should and ought to be tuning into. Various places people have been seeing men in black suits just watching, then disappearing. I don't know if this is a bad sign but we got a funny feeling about this. That 'trip giveaway' for a Aston Martin and a free trip to Arcadia? Yeah that ain't suspicious AT ALL. They can keep their fucking car cause I ain't going back, and if we here at RFF can help it, neither are any of you. George Michael even agrees with me."

We are crawling into the later part of the evening but we have a present for you. Go outside and look up. We're going to light up the sky from a few water towers and give you a bit of a light show. Don't look for us up there, we remote to shit. Sorry Numbah Six, it is the digital age. But this fireworks show is for all of you. So as we head out I want you to remember a few things: The Hedge is not a plaything it bites back. People in public places DO hear shit. And lastly? Stop texting your non-human business on your digital devices. We are talking phones, e-mails, carrier pigeons. Being discrete saves your life and others. So this week's assignment for all of you? Do something randomly nice for someone and don't let them know it's you. It's really funny to see people get paranoid and confused cause ain't nothin free. Talk at you in a bit, DJ Culture out."

<The broadcast fades into Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner>