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Radio Free Fae

"Invisible airwaves Crackle with life
Bright antennae bristle With the energy
Emotional feedback on a timeless wavelength
Bearing a gift beyond price; Almost free"

– Rush "Spirit of Radio"

Radio Free Fae is a modern tradition spreading through Winter Courts. As masters of subterfuge, the Onyx courtiers are also usually at the heart of any underground movement. Radio Free Fae is a method of disseminating information that all Lost should know without divulging the location of either the sender or the receiver. The broadcast "station" can be tracked down, but it moves regularly. Surprisingly, not all Winter Courts support Radio Free Fae, and it is sometimes upheld by an underground movement within the Winter Court itself.

Catching the Signal

Please do not join Radio Free Fae Channel unless you are a Changeling.

  • To join RFF:        addcom <alias>=RadioFreeFae
  • Setting Alias:        comtitle <channel alias>= <Your handle>

As this is an IC channel, and a secret radio, real names are not used.

The channel is set to display your comtitle in lieu of your name. Please set whichever comtitle you want to be known as when you "call in" during radio "shows".

As cited on : Communications Page

Spreading the Word

Should you have information to share in the broadcast or wish to make a request you can do the following:

  • Send an @mail (including your handle) before the show
  • page the host of that program during. Remember, sharing is caring!

Previous Broadcasts

  • (2017.06.21)
RFF - Summer Solstice Broadcast
  • (2017.07.05)
RFF - Independence Day Broadcast
  • (2017.10.06)
RFF - October Sixth Broadcast
  • (2019.07.22)
RFF - July 22nd 2019 Broadcast

DJCulture.jpg DJ Culture -
Maven of the Morning Drive
DJ KA.jpg DJ KA -
Breaking the Wheel
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Events Horizon
+Event: 138
Air Date: Wed JUL 19
10pm (EST)
Host: DJ Culture
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Air Date: <Date here>
Host: <DJ's Name>