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Communication Methods

This page is for Changelings, Fae-touched, Enchanted Mortals and Ensorcelled.


Changelings all have access to +bbread 13.

You will not have access to the bulletin board until you have been approved by staff and added to the +faction Changeling.

Fae-touched, Enchanted and Ensorcelled mortals will also gain access to board 13.

Court bboards are limited to A) court members, B) those with court goodwill and C) mortals sponsored into the court.

NOTE: only Changelings gain a mantle. Fae-touched, enchanted and ensorcelled, all being variations on mortal, do not.

Dawn Court +bbread 20 Spring Court +bbread 23
Sun Court +bbread 25 Summer Court +bbread 24
Dusk Court +bbread 21 Autumn Court +bbread 19
Moon Court +bbread 22 Winter Court +bbread 26


There is a channel for every Court, as well as a channel for Changelings themselves.

In addition, the Winter Court runs a secret radio station, included on the channel RadioFreeFae, which will be discussed below.


  • Don't join the channel if you aren't a Changeling/Fae-touched/Enchanted mortal/Ensorcelled mortal.
Exception: players apping in, or asking questions to see if they WANT to app in as one.
  • Don't join a Court channel unless you belong to that Court.
  • Don't join Radio Free Fae unless you are a Changeling.

Channel Type How to Join
Changeling addcom <alias>=Changeling
Radio Free Fae addcom <alias>=RadioFreeFae

Dawn Court addcom <alias>=Dawn
Sun Court addcom <alias>=Sun
Dusk Court addcom <alias>=Dusk
Moon Court addcom <alias>=Moon
Spring Court addcom <alias>=Spring
Summer Court addcom <alias>=Summer
Autumn Court addcom <alias>=Autumn
Winter Court addcom <alias>=Winter

Radio Free Fae

As this is an IC channel, and a secret radio, real names are not used.

The channel is set to display your comtitle in lieu of your name. Please set whichever comtitle you want to be known as when you "call in" during radio "shows".

Please don't chatter on this channel. See the Winter_Court/Radio_Free_Fae page for details.


All Changelings, Fae-touched, Enchanted and Ensorcelled mortals are added to +faction Changeling by default. If they are mortals, they will also be part of +faction Mortal.

If you are a Psychic or a Thaumaturge who 'becomes' a Fae-touched or a Changeling, you will be removed from your former +factions. Please leave their channels.

Ensorcelled are automatically added to the +faction of their Changeling sponsor.

The following factions also exist, one for each Court. If you believe you should be on one of these factions, but aren't, please seek out the player faction head on channel. If you cannot get in touch with them, +request staff assistance.

Dawn Court Sun Court Dusk Court Moon Court
Spring Court Summer Court Autumn Court Winter Court

Faction Rank & Title

Rank: Your faction rank equates to your Wyrd level. If you are not a Changeling, your rank in +faction Changeling will always be zero.
Title: Your faction title is your Court, in the case of Changelings, or both your Court and Fae-touched/Enchanted/Ensorcelled in the case of mortals who are part of +faction Changeling by association.
Name Title Rank
ChangelingDude Summer 3
ChangelingDudette Winter 2
EnchantedDude Dusk, Enchanted 0
EnsorcelledDude Spring, Ensorcelled 0
FaetouchedDudette Dawn, Fae-touched 0