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RFF - Summer Solstice Broadcast

You asked for Unfuck the World and for you? Unfucked the world shall be.


Your Host: DJ Culture

21 June, 2017

Livestream broadcast on the night of the Summer Solstice: New Crowns, the Solstice Courts watching from the shrubs, Goblin Market fracas, and soiled fruit warnings.


Off your Satellite;
Eating your airwaves


The Broadcast

The radio, television, phone near you start to crackle with static, and slowly... slowly adjusts to the station. It's almost like a subliminal vibe being transmitted by frequency for the Lost out there in the regional Freeholds and without. The raspy digitized voice of a woman greets, though being on air the entire being could be synthesized; in the background there's the faint background sound of the Pet Shop Boys>

"Wake up, you Andy DuFresnes out there, DJ Culture here to Wake. Your. Ass. Up. And if you don't know who that is, watch the goddamned Shawshank Redemption. It's a fucking national treasure. We promised to kick the signal from space out here over top of that cannibal Candy Land known as the Hedge to keep you Sugar Babies alive and in one piece... Because believe it or not? We actually got a vested interest in your well being. Who knew? If you're Lost and picking up this signal you know how to get a hold of us. Ain't technology a wonderful thing?

It's been a while since we were kicking it out in the stratosphere, but hey, we actually got a hot show for you tonight because it's the Summer Solstice. That's right come Sun Up freeholds all over the greater New England area are gonna get lit up. So for our brothers and sisters with the Summer and the Sun, we salute the rise of the season with this classic from Carl Cox"

"So I got a lovely little bit in my in box. Looks like the Court of the Solstice is riding high right now in the shift of things. One of our Listeners by name of Number Six wanted to remind the Freeholds out there that they are aaaaaall being watched. Though hopefully, chummer, if anyone's doing their job right? Ain't much to fucking see. After shit wound up in the newspaper though> Cannot say I blame them. Number Six if you're out there, pipe up so we can hear from you.

I won't lie, I think the biggest kick out of this job aside from spreading harsh truths and exposing the corruptions inherent in the world is seeing what people choose to name themselves. Lots of movie buffs ain't ya? In any case this one goes out to all the boiler men and the electric dolls, all the tweeters and woofers out there having a rough night and trying not to short out as the rain rolls in. This one's off the Gorillaz's Plastic Beach album which I used to argue was the best one but let's face it, that new release is hot as hell. Check it out if you can. "

"Shit had I know this was give DJ Culture what I want night I'd have asked for a 5 Guys burger with some of those giant fries. So good news for yous, looks like we got our wish and got Number Six on the line with us. Number Six, You're live on the air, breaking through the static and the noise to talk to us. What's the 411? "

<CALLER> Number Six talks in a clipped and enunciated way that's evident even beneath the synthesized voice. "I am not a number, I am a free man! Alright, for the purposes of this broadcast, I AM a number. Number Six, who wants to reiterate what DJ Culture said -- the 'Betweeners' are watching you! In or out of the Freehold, no matter what your Court, we're here making sure injustice is fought and boundaries are not overstepped, while opening up your minds to greater possibilities beyond your boxes. We will not be silenced! If you see corruption happen, DON'T let it go unchecked! Speak out and speak up! And oh, goddamnit, DJ Culture, can you PLEASE do me a solid and play something that hasn't been put through a machine and spit back out again as some pitiful excuse for 'music'?!

"Be seeing you!"

"Well to that I'd like to say you're not required to have good taste to listen. Art's int eh hands of the people and will not be silenced. Well we'd love to hear from the rest of you though if you want to criticize the digital classics remember I can make you sound like you are on helium. We're moving onto my girl Samantha and her boy Scott as Frenchy and the Punk with one of my faves from them "Dark Carnivale" off their album Happy Madness. Though if you like to make requests into the show they will be screen to make certain they absolutely do not contain any Barry Mantilow. "

"So we got a request out here for Suzanne Vega - "Blood Makes Noise" for all you crazy ass Onieromancers from Listener Malcolm Next. I'll tell you what, if you trust anyone to go into your head you know that's a mixed back. Remember kids: sometimes drugs are better than letting strangers scramble your head. Not to mention the Goblins. They've been making a mint off dreams and memories last season. Lemme ask you this... who do you suppose gets their hands on that shit and what do you think they're learning about you or your loved ones? Hmm? Food for thought. Still taking requests and call ins from viewers like you. Sharing what you know only helps everyone and this IS confidential."

"SO it's Summer and it's Sun UP in several freeholds. How about that shit? Guess it's time we all get on our best goddamned behaviour, not that that ever hurt anybody. Still, remember, someone's got to watch the watching waters that watch. And that someone else is watching you too. Speaking of which seems a couple vendors tried to snake the Wild Roses and booooy let me tell you there's no fury like a Goblin scorned. Would love love love to hear if anyone knows what went down in the Market a bit back. While we see if anyone heard anything let's cut through some Red Tape with Agent Provocateur as was featured in both Underworld and the Jackyl."

"Just. In. from one of our green grocers out there. There's currently an advisory to check your produce. Someone thought they were striking it big out there finding a good crop of blood fruit only to find it was fetid and started to spread some sort of bacteria or something to the rest of their stock. Had to burn their pantry in their hollow making that corner of the hedge smell like burnt graham crackers. Eew. Kids, remember the 5 second rule? Hedge fruit counts. Eat bacon. It's better. Really though thank you to Listener Rex Manning... SERIOUSLY dude... you rock my socks. And good luck trying to recover the rest of your hydroponics. Here's a little something for you while you rebuild."

"Seriously Rexxy, I hope that all works out. Growing shit can be a bitch. Aaaaaalright we got some time left and we got Caller Fennekin on the hook. How's shit for you tonight out in Meat Space?"

<CALLER> Fennekin: “Ummmmmm hello there DJ Culture! Love you, love your show. First time caller, long time listener. Thanks for taking my call. So, um, it's Summer? Soooo... can I hear something hot? Maybe with a little rage to it? Because I'm feeling pretty fucking bored tonight.... So, if you please, gimme that new Prophets of Rage!”

"Aaaaaah a woman after my own heart. Yeah, there's nothing like getting ready for a shift into summer like some good fucking Anarchy. You asked for Unfuck the World and for you? Unfucked the world shall be. Good to hear from you. Go destroy something beautiful tonight and shake some shit up.

"Fennekin if this shit wasn't fucking anonymous I'd say we totes have to hang sometime. Make us proud by not getting caught though. I look forward to hearing about your work in tomorrow morning's Column. We're going to wind down tonight with a great big fucking thank you to a digital strike team that's helped us all bring the news of the people to you. To you juiced up elementals and Wizened mad scientists out there you all love as DJ Spock, I'm buying you bots and gadget-girls breakfast. So in parting remember: the information someone is handing out out there may be your own. Watch your asses in the market, and never freely trust anyone. So tonight I leave you with Daft Punk - "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" from the 2007 digital download with "Alive". Thanks for listening, and keep the signal alive, and keep your ears open."

<The last song fades into static releasing the airwaves from their digital clutches.>