Log:RFF - July 22nd 2019 Broadcast

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RFF - July 22nd 2019 Broadcast

Your Host: DJ KA

22 July, 2019

Livestream broadcast: Who Loves The Sun?


Everywhere. You Can't Stop The Signal.


The Broadcast

The radio, television, phone near you starts to crackle with static, and slowly... slowly adjusts to the station. It's almost like a subliminal vibe being transmitted by frequency for the Lost out there in the regional Freeholds and without. Music starts to fade in, a whisper to a scream:

There's a wisp of laughter, and then in comes a voice that is no less animated for being digitized and whispered. Cutting through the music's tail end, discordant. Urgent, and calm, all at once. "Seasons come and go, but vigilance should be forever, sharper than diamonds and far more valuable. Can you hear me out there, kin? Are you listening? You remember what to do, if you are. I have my own tales to tell. But treat your old friend dee-jay Ka to your words. Let's break the wheel, together."

DJ KA's voice fades out, for a new track to take its place:

DJ KA's voice crackles back in, as the song comes to fade out. "It seems like we do have some pulses out there in the great wide world. Speak with me, and them, darling."

<CALLER> Ruffles's voice is effeminate and tentative, and more than a little nervous. "Um...Hi. What do you do if you might have accidentally poisoned a neighbor's dog with goblin fruit? They want to have the dog brought to a vet, but what if the fruit shows up as something weird?"

DJ KA says, “That's an excellent question that I don't particularly have the answer to. But it sounds like we've got someone else on the line that might. Uuuuuggghph, are you there?”

<CALLER> Uuughph is in fact here, although their connection sounds like it'd much rather they weren't. "Attention's like a river, always rushing on. Redirect it, so they ain't worried about their dog no more; start a fire in their larder. Once embers are ashes, their mutt'll've shat out the fruit and be better for it..." A brief grunt, then Uuughph grunts. "Or've died."

DJ KA's laugh is digitalized and sharp. "There you have it. Yet another problem where fire is the solution. Thanks, callers. Anything else to share, before I dump a case of the Mondays all over our collective asses?" A pause, silence, before her voice crackles back to life. "Alright, Knightly one. What do you have for our ears, this afternoon?"

<CALLER> Knight's baritone is smooth, cultured, pure old-fashioned British. "Thank you, DJ Ka." He's silent just long enough to draw attention to his next words. "I would like to publically place the vandals of my property on notice, and caution others who may be so afflicted. Hedge detritus and infestations of non-mortal insects in ventilation ducts are a danger to us all. I will be watching for the perpetrator, as should we all be."

DJ KA's voice makes a sound, not unlike choking. Perhaps on her own laughter. "That sounds like an unfortunate pest infestation, Sir Knight. Best of luck with that, and I'm sure that people will stick by the old mantra of see something, say something." Beat. "Next on the line, we've got Trinity. The frequency's yours - just don't go looking for Neo."

<CALLER> Trinity responds, sounding faintly confused at the reference but continuing on. Their voice is quick and latin, far from practiced. She sounds pleased to be doing this more than anything else. "Hi! Also about- ha! can hear myself- dogs. A /lot/ of them got out on-" There's some sort of metallic scraping sound. "Tamarack Road. Maybe not normal ones. Very hungry. Be careful. Yes." Growling then barking is heard, the caller cutting out with a frantic metallic banging sound.

DJ KA's voice is silent for a moment, like she's giving that a sec to process. "Right then. Watch out for hungry hounds on Tamarack Road and the surrounding areas, dears. I'll howl at the moon with them, even if I don't run with the pack. Last call for callers - while this has been fun, there's still work to do."

The voice crackles, and then changes tone. "Alright, kiddos. Time to listen up, and listen closely. By now, you've all heard about what's gone down in Europe, and you're all smart enough cookies to know that shit has gone pear-shaped. That it's slowly marched from Mother Russia to Eastern Europe. And it's still moving. Still coming. And it's only spreading." Sound cuts out completely for a moment, and then comes back, sharper. "You know it's bad fucking news when I'm authorized to say the plannings of Winter, our behind the scenes work. But there are alliances tentatively being struck, up and down the east coast. Freeholds linking up, because this? This is some serious fucking shit. So it's time to spring back into action, lovelies. Time for all you little Courtiers to do what your courts do. Before it hits our shores and it's too late."

DJ KA's voice is nearly drowned out, by the first notes of the song. But it carries over, for a moment. "Mobilize, motherfuckers. Reach out and touch me, if you need me. And watch out for each other." Her voice cuts out, leaving only the song playing, and then finally silence.