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Samhain Swearing In

"The pumpkins have been carved."


Logan, Dorian, Ashe, Cyril


Ashe meets some people at the Wayhouse and pledges a few.


The Wayhouse

It's freaking cold outside! But Ashe comes wandering into the Wayhouse with a big bowl of candy and dressed up even. A pink dress with a white collar is covered by a blue jacket. Knee high gym socks and some old tennis shoes finish off and of course theres some blood coming from her nose. Because the Autumn has to watch Stranger Things. "Trick or Treat!" the Shadowsoul calls out as Uvall takes off from her hair, the bat flitting above her head as she heads in.

Logan is here, his light dimmed down slightly in favor of a touch more shadow. He appears to be in costume of some sort, though it may not be recognizable to all: it's a black turtleneck with a stripe in gray quilting across it, tight black pants, a utility belt and boots, and he appears to have some sort of replica laser pistol at his hip. And he appears to be talking to Cyril, who is placing carved pumpkins around the room, nodding slowly. "I see. What do you see the new energy as -- " He turns around, laughing as Ashe appears in costume. "How can you trick or treat when you're bringing the candy?" he points out with a grin.

Cyril considers Logan for a long time before answering, "Well, you are." His attention now twists to Ashe however and he considers her as Logan begins the conversation. Cyril doesn't seem to be in a hurry to say anything, but finally he does move forward in the conversation, "Good Evening." The old man is not in costume, unless obivous tourist is considered a costume now. Then his attention is once again returned to Logan after another passing moment of consideration, "I suppose the pumpkins were finished just in time."

Gomez Addams! Dapper moustache, slicked back hair, dramatic brows, pinstripes and a cigar. Dorian's maybe not a perfect Gomez replica, and he's distinctly short a Morticia and company, but who's quibbling when the man's cane might be a sword? "Did I hear trick or treat? I'm out for candy. Or other sweet things," he announces, just a little behind Ashe in coming in, straightening his lapels.

Ashe gives a chuckle to that, "I thought I would stop by and see if I was needed this evening. Given the temperature Byron and I did not have very many trick or treaters so I decided to leave my husband to peace and quiet while I did work." she admits as she settles the bowl of candy down. There's a smile to Cyril, "Good evening." she gives a dip of her head in greeting. Then back to Logan, "It's good to see you." she tells him. Then there's a look behind her to Dorian, "Ah. A very well done Gomez Addams." she smiles to that. "Come on in out of the cold." she states with that stitched smile. "There's candy and I'm sure there's probably coffee or something we can make to thaw people out if needed." she adds.

"It's been a quiet evening so far, Queen Eleven," Logan says brightly, smiling his beautiful smile. "Cyril and I were getting acquainted. Hasn't he done an excellent job on the pumpkins?" He gestures around before turning to Dorian. "We have some apple cider I brought the other day. I could heat some up for you, if you'd like. It's a lot better than coffee." But he laughs a little. With his perfect teeth, it's maybe no surprise the Fairest disdains coffee.

Cyril nods at Logan, "Quiet here, at least." Then he's quiet again as everyone mills about around him and he slowly plods his way through the mental gymnastics needed to get to the next part of his own conversation. "Good Evening." He offers to Dorian and then to Ashe, "Hopefully, not too much work. Though it appears there is always some kind of work calling for the queen." His attention turns back to Logan and there's a long time of consideration as the old winter takes some more time to mill about before saying, "Acquainted. So we are to have the role acquainted. I will make note. Coffee would be appreciated."

"Apple cider versus coffee? That's a hard call for the underslept like me." Dorian comes by Gomezian dark circles honestly. It's called the late shift hours he keeps, weighing on him now at a time when he might normally be sleeping in, mirrorish eyes reflectinng by contrast in a low-key way. He sketches a dramatic bow towards Ashe-as-Eleven. "Your Majesty. Please do not throw me back into the Upside Down. I was hoping to make your acquaintance -- if Nathania mentioned me."

Ashe laughs a little, "Naturally, the evening where everything is supposed to be all running amok." she waves a hand to the ceiling. Then she finds a seat. "The pumpkins are nice. I didn't have a lot of time this year. But, next year I'll do it." she nods to this. There's a bit of a look up when Uvall flits down and lands on her crown then she reaches up to pet the bat, "Cyril are you new to town?" she asks him curiously. Then she looks to Dorian, "No, no sending you to the Upside Down. Nathania did send word to me. I was hoping to catch you this week so I'm glad to catch you tonight." she smiles.

Logan gives Cyril a long, inquiring look, the smile on his face small. Thoughtful. "Yes. The role acquainted and the role helpful, I think you said." His smile grows a tad broader as he starts towards the kitchen, laughing at Dorian along the way. "I'll start with coffee. No skin off my back."

Cyril takes the bowl of water into the depths of the wayhouse before returning and finding his own seat. Then he waits and once a suitable amount of time has passed, there are words exchanged with Ashe, "New to this place, no. New to Fate's Harvest, yes." The mentioning of Nathania seems to cause recognition on his face, so at least he knows who they're talking about, but for the longest time he says nothing until, "Nathania. Loyalists. Attempted Recapture. This is concerning. I have been told my role is to look at the briarwolves, but these soundless also bother me." His gaze turns to Ashe quietly and for a long while he doesn't say anything again, as if expecting the question to be understood, but finally, "Assistance, soundless. This one can provide?"

Dorian gives Cyril a particularly curious look, as if taking extra time to parse out the man's odd speech. "Thanks, man," he calls to Logan in between the study, before holding hands open to Ashe. "Halloween's a good time for it, isn't it? I figured I'd have a chance to get things done in between my social run if I came out tonight. Is now a good time for you to hear my pledge, o Sovereign?" It's not that he's making fun, exactly, but there's a certain lightness to how Dorian addresses things. Not a solemn man. It might be the costume talking.

"Thank you, Logan." Ashe tells the Bright One as he mentions making coffee. She then looks to Cyril and there's a nod. "I've not met you, so I was wondering if you were needing to speak with me about swearing to the Freehold and all." she explains to him. "Yeah. The Soundless are bothersome. Though Miss Whitaker has not come calling yet. I have a Briarwolf corpse that needs an autopsy. Just need to get a group together." she states. "If you'd like to provide assistance I'm not going to tell you know." she tells him with a smile. Then there's a look to Dorian, "If you'd like to have a seat I'll get you sworn in. If Cyril is needing to pledge in we'll get you both in at the same time." she offers.

Logan puts a pot of coffee on, but then he comes out of the kitchen with an apologetic smile and a gold iPhone in hand. "My apologies, but I have somewhere to be this evening. Coffee should be finished soon. A pleasure to meet you." This is said to both Cyril and Dorian as the Golden Boy waves and heads out into the night and to his blue Porsche outside, whistling all the while.

Cyril nods at Ashe, "Autopsy. I can do that. Anatomy is my specialty you might say." There's a pause as Logan and Dorian move off, though he offers a slow wave at Dorian, "Good evening. The costume is good." His mannerism of speaking seems to have returned to normal. Though how long is a good question. Turning back to Ashe there's a long pause as the man stares at seemingly nothing, perhaps the wall behind the autumn monarch, and then opens, "Pledge. Yes. Re-commit to the freehold, three seasons are up now." This did not last long and after another long pause he is seemingly back to normal, "I've not met you, I don't believe, but everyone knows the autumn monarch."

Dorian's grin is happily manic when complimented on his Gomez. "Your taste! Impeccable. Your pace! Well, you're getting there." He mimicks the Raul Julia delivery without quite the same wit, though he's working on it. He sweeps his way to a chair. "What do I need to do to go through with this? I don't mind making it a group effort with the gentleman here."

Ashe gives a smile to Logan, "Be safe in your travels." she tells him. Then there's a look to Dorian and to Cyril. The older gentleman gets a nod, "We'll get a few of you together about the autopsy." she tells him. "I was surprised August was not wearing the Crown again. I had big shoes to fill to be honest." she tells Cyril. "And we'll be doing it like this." she states as she stands. "Stay seated." she motions to them. "If you'll repeat after me." she smiles.

"I pledge my time, my talents and my fealty to Fate's Harvest.

I swear that I no longer serve the Fae, nor will I while this promise stands; that while I am under its protection I will obey the principles and bylaws of the Fate's Harvest Freehold as ratified by Monarch and Council, in return for the support and safety they provide.

May I perish in exile, should I be forsworn."

Cyril nods at Ashe, "I tend to not make judgments about who should hold what role until I do. You seem to be upholding your role fine. You haven't had easy things to deal with either." He is quiet as the pledge is read. Oh boy, this might take awhile. Sure enough. Here we go. "I pledge...my time, my...talents and my...fealty to Fate's...harvest," the old man is making his way through the pledge, though his gate leaves much to be desired as there is a long, heaving pause between each phrase he manages to get out, "I swear that...I no longer serve...The Fae, nor...will I while...this promise stands; that...while I am under...its protection I...will obey the...principles and...bylaws of the Fate's...Harvest Freehold as...ratified by Monarch and Council...in return for the support...and safety they provide...May I perish in exile...should I be forsworn." That was an entirely unncessary length of time. Though Cyril seems unaware of how long that actually took now turning his attention to Dorian and giving a nod once the other has finished their own pledge, "Welcome to Fate's Harvest."

Dorian is a bit askew in his lightheartedness, wearily manic, but the pledge turns this around. He recites this like a vow that will matter, like a court of law or a wedding, something very important. At the same time, he speaks his pledge about as -quickly- as Cyril goes painstakingly slowly. He could practically lap the old Wizened and pledge twice with: "I pledge my time, my talents and my fealty to Fate's Harvest, I swear that I no longer serve the Fae, nor will I while this promise stands; that while I am under its protection I will obey the principles and bylaws of the Fate's Harvest Freehold as ratified by Monarch and Council, in return for the support and safety they provide, May I perish in exile, should I be forsworn." All one oh so sincere breath, then listening to Cyril play catchup. When he's welcomed, once that catchup does occur, he grins another of those bright grimace-grins at the medical man. "Same to you, my good man. May it be fortuitous!"

Ashe gives a smile to them both as they recite the pledge. While they do this she gets a small box out of her pocket and takes two pins out. When they are done one is handed to each of them, "Welcome to Fate's Harvest." she tells them. "These are small tokens of my appreciation for joining the Freehold during Autumn. I hope to make you proud during the season." she tells them.

Dorian plucks up one of Ashe's fealty token pins, and examines it with eyes that reflect that leafy item as if real leaves fall within his eyes, in strong contrast with his windy-gust spring mantle. "I like it," he says in quieter summation, and then fixes the pin onto his lapel. "Is there any service to be provided straight off? Things the crown demands, other than not to be too foolish? I'm a bit fringe. Comes from keeeping the oddest of odd hours. Among some other quirks."

Cyril accepts the pin and stands. "Thank you for the pin. I'll keep it as a reminder. One day, I'll be able to say I was here when you were Autumn Monarch." His attention turns to Dorian and there's a blank stare for a long time before the conversation continues, "Fortuitous, yes. What happens now depends on you, but you seem to be eager to do great things. If you get hurt in that process, then I can fix that." He nods to both of them, "Since I have carved the pumpkins," and if you thought this would be quick, he suddenly goes quiet before opening back up, "I should go now. Good evening to you both." Then the slow walk out of the wayhouse begins.

"There's nothing straight off, no." Ashe tells Dorian. "Just that you be safe." she adds. Then there's a smile to Cyril as he stands, "You're welcome and thank you." she tells him. There's a moment she looks after him as he makes his way out and then she looks back around the wayhouse, "Think it might be time to start heading home. The witching hour is fast approaching." she smiles to that.

"No blame there. I can man the candy bowls. Or woman them, if need be," Dorian quips. Flipped-identities jokes! They never get old when you make them yourself, do they? "At least, until I snooze here before my shift. Go home if you need to, your Majesty. I appreciate this being a lot easier than...some other things."