Charlie O

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Charlie O
Charlie O.jpg
On Game As: Annapurna
Played By: Daniel Flint
Date of Birth:
Apparent Age: 35
Occupation: Web Designer
Virtue: Vigilant
Vice: Vengeful

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Cyclopean Snowskin
Court: Winter
Entitlement: Duchy of the Icebound Heart
Keeper: Unknown

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
– Desmond Tutu


      Charlie O, known online by the handle Charrho, is a reclusive Web designer who does work with security organizations across the world. Fluent in many languages, he is a patient, quiet man more likely to listen than to speak.

      The leader of the Winter Court (when no PC has taken the position), he is well versed on the Occult and the local politics of the area.

RP Hooks

  • Web Designer - Have you seen his work? Do you need work done?
  • Coder - He codes apps for various devices in his spare time.
  • Hiker - Charlie enjoys extreme sports, but hiking is his true love, especially on unproven trails.


  • Hot on Heather? - Are Charlie O and Heather Vale an item? They're often seen together, and seem quite close...


  • Freeholders! - You, and you, and you!

Information and Roleplay

This NPC is played by Annapurna and is active in the Fate's Harvest Freehold.

If you need something from this character, please use +req/npc <NPC Name>=<explanation of request>.


  • (2017.03.20)
Spring Crowning 2017
  • (2017.12.22)
Winter Crowning Court 2017
  • (2018.02.08)
February 2018 Council Meeting
  • (2018.02.09)
February Court 2018
  • (2018.03.10)
March Court 2018 - Last of Winter