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Spring Crowning 2017

Reginald Pook (NPC), Meredith Ryan (NPC), August Bordeaux (NPC), Charlie O (NPC), Heather Vale (NPC), Helah Morgenstern (NPC), Katie Jones (NPC), Tracy MacGregor (NPC), Ian, Iris, Aneira, Damion, Jonah, Beau, Ava Ardent, AJ Ray, Cobalt, Thorn, Sophia, Ashe, Byron, Tom, Rorschach, Andromeda, Prudence, Martin

20 March, 2017

Spring has sprung, and the faaabulous 'Queen' Reginald Pook has been Crowned the monarch of this period. Members of the Freehold gather to congratulate him and hear his first decrees, but Waylady Ava brings some awfully disturbing news: representatives from a Freehold called The Soundless are snooping around, claiming that THEY own this land... what will Fate's Harvest do about it?


Freeholders have been gathering for some time, now, a slow trickle of those not otherwise occupied with defense or, life being life, stuck late at the office down in the city. End of month invoices wait for no man. Or fairy-thing. A few human faces stand out amidst the crowd, some of them familiar, townsfolk ensorcelled to this or that Changeling from this or that Court, but by and large, the bodies in this oddly limitless space are not human. Not anymore.

Standing by the hearth, its flames chartreuse and robin's egg blue today, seven figures await the eighth, Spring absent just yet.

For Summer, Meredith Ryan; for Autumn, August Bordeaux; for Winter, Charlie O, who has already relinquished his Crown today; for Dawn, Heather Vale; for Sun, Helah Morgenstern; for Dusk, Katie Jones; and last, for Moon, Tracy MacGregor, the Councillors and political leaders of their respective Courts.

Food and drink have been laid out, decorations matching the bright blues and greens and delicate pastels of Spring, and given how long folks have been arriving, depredations into the spread are already well on their way.

Sophia has wandered in, wearing nice clothes to show appreciation of the event. No dress, but a nice pair of pants and a pretty blouse. She smiles to familiar faces as she makes her way to a seat, sinking into it and watching. Those arriving, those who have already arrived, doesn't matter. She's just a people watcher.

AJ slips her foxy little self into the meeting room, and she looks ready for Spring! Her yellow sweatshirt even features flowers on them! And, ok, maybe those are sunflowers, and maybe they're Summer flowers. But she's trying! Trying for some kind of message, at least. Probably more noteworthy than the sweatshirt, and it's sunflowers, is the bruise on her face. It starts up above her temple then goes down. It's just a glimpse of the injury, with the most of it doubtlessly covered by her thick red hair.

For some reason, Cobalt is here. He looks like trouble, but will he act like it? The tall, dark-haired demon looks for all the world like he'd rather be anywhere else, and he hasn't bothered to change his black armor and clothes, or to have something more Spring-like than a menacing sword strapped to his back. He scowls at the assembled, arms folded as he tromps around the outskirts of the hall, looking for those he knows. Maybe.

Prudence is sitting at a table, already. She's got a few bottles in front of her, they all look like they contain alcohol. She's donated more to the freehold for the event, because a lot of people like hard cider. But this is her personal stash. She's wearing some flowy little dress that probably came from a new age catalog like Pyramid Collections or something. She's got a full glass in front of her that she keeps sipping from.

Thorn lumbers into the Broken Hearth. He is not dressed for spring. He is dressed in the same way he always is. Catching sight of AJ from behind - tail and fox hair and such being easy to notice, long strides let him catch up to her. "Hey." he greets, moving over toward a table and apparently expecting her to join him. "What happened to your face?" the question is offered with a grin. Once at the table, he slowly and heavily drops down into a chair, getting comfortable for the coronation to come.

Ashe has been settled into a seat and she's doing her usual, watching and being quiet. The Shadowsoul's face cannot be seen for the moment, there's just shadows were her face should be. The Autumn seems to be keeping her eyes on the Springs though. Seeing who might get the shiny hat this Spring season.

Rorschach was a walking bane to merriment, really. It wasn't his fault, but the Bug's mantle shadowed and desaturated the colour all around him blanching everything to a monochrome. He looked around and sighed. Seeing Prudence he tapped Tom's arm twice and pointed, his antenna perking up a bit. THere were some other gestures (or he was working at swatting a gnat. Could be possible). He turned back to the party table and poured the punch into a cup and hovered there making busy with what little he needed with the snacks. There was a pile and a cup he brought back with him to the table, cinnamon stick in his glass still sticking out. Well two because he wasn't leaving Tom out.

Cobalt lands heavily on a chair at AJ's and Thorn's table. They didn't ask him to join. They didn't so much as look at him. He doesn't care. He might nod at them if they glance his way. Whatever. In the meantime, he has a flask, and he's drinking from it, chin leaning on his hand as his glowing green eyes move around the room, greedily devouring the occupants with his gaze.

Ava strides into the hall, just in time. Her perception of time must be on point! She is masked in serene neutrality, starlight and galaxy laden. Wearing a black A-line, tea-length dress with long sleeves and a plunging neckline, she seems leggy in her heels. She is heading toward the food, where she plucks up a cupcake and takes a thoughtful lick of the frosting. She slinks toward the front, looming for a moment before she takes a seat.

Beau has decided to perch himself against a wall, slowly nursing a drink as he surveys the room with a little bit of weariness, looking like he hasn't slept well in a few nights. He's dressed in pretty typical Dusk colors despite the festivities being tailored for spring, black slacks and a dark blue button down shirt. He definitely looks like he's here more out of a sense of duty than an actual desire to participate in the festivities. But hey, at least there's alcohol and snacks to be had.

"Fuck you," AJ says, to Thorn, yet there's no Malice in the words. She pauses to lift a hand, to wave over to Beau. "Hi Beau! You look beautiful tonight!" she calls out, then she does turn and follow after Thorn. She reaches out a hand to give one of Cobalt's horns a little push, then drops into a seat, between the two big men.

Tom, accompanied by Rorschach. Cat and Silent Bug, spilling moonlight and trouble as they go. "Yeah, buddy, I want a drink. This is the Spring party, right?" You know what really spoils it, though, when you're trying to be cleverboots about your trouble? When your cat buddy keeps looking over his shoulder and sniffing and generally seeming to indicate that SOMETHING is altogether still interesting about where you were just hovering. Tom is about as subtle as a cat falling off a sofa. He MEANT to do that. "Prudence! Heeeey, sugarhips." And probably the drink Rorschach kindly fetched for him is not his first, given that greeting and his liquid walk. Felines.

The Councillors converse quietly amongst themselves while they wait, though they do occasionally glance toward the entrance, and Charlie O, the until-today Winter King, discreetly dips a look toward a smartphone he slides up out of his pocket, then tucks away.

Jonah's actually on time, and already standing amid the crowd. He's dressed well enough in just a white t-shirt, dirtied jeans, and a pair of shoes likely made of an elephant's hide. After talking about with a few of the folks he's recognized he's already moved on to eating, and is now on his third plate of food. There's nary a bit of shame to be seen from him, and he's moved on to stand against a wall.

Cobalt is distracted from his brooding by the stunning sight of Ava. Who wouldn't be? Sure, it's a room full of gorgeous beings, but that particular one stands out to him. Might not be the last, but she is the first. He stares noticeably after the starry Fairest for a long moment -- at least, until AJ pushes his horn. That gets a full-on snarl from him, sharp fangs showing in his mouth as he bats at her with one clawed hand. "Nice face, fox tart."

Martin slips in and pauses just to the side of the door to take a look around. Perhaps he's looking for a bar or maybe even someone he knows. It's also possible he's confused and isn't sure why he even came here. Spotting Prudence, he heads that way. It could be he was looking for both booze AND someone he knows. Then Tom and his Noble Bug Companion (tm) head that way and his course is set for sure. He stops behind Tom and waves quietly to Prudence, then says in extreme deadpan, "Cheating on me, already?" That? It's for Tom. It is entirely uncertain if he's serious or not.

A queen always makes an entrance. Always. And make no mistake, Fate's Harvest, Spring has given you a Queen. Reginald Pook was a queen even before the crown manifested upon his handsome head, and he will be a queen long after it's passed on in three months' time. For the moment, the crown--a delightful trellis of green branches with fresh buds, not yet blossomed, rising from his neatly kept blond hair--is very much present and worn with grace and just a teensy tiny touch of humility as is only befitting a creature of such grace and stature. Social stature, that is. His physical stature is, well. The man's a wizened, and it was not girth which the Floriographer took from him, his build pleasantly plump, but height. Five foot five is a perfectly respectable height. Even if most of the rest of the crowd are decidedly giants by comparison.

Reginald waits until the crowd has shuffled in and started to settle, when the conversation is a quiet hush among those gathered. Then the music starts, as if from nowhere, a fantastic bit of fanfare complete with ghostly blue petals descending, flitting about, vanishing the instant they might come into contact with something or someone. By the time His Majesty the Vernal Queen arrives at his proper seat at the hearth, the melody has crested, concluding in a dramatic flourish the moment he sits down in a flurry of fluttering, a handful of butterflies, moths and lace-winged insects flitting off into the ether.

"Well then," he begins. "Shall we begin with a toast to new beginnings?"

Sophia smiles when she spots Rorschach, lifting a hand to wave to him. A few others get polite, even friendly smiles, but it seems most faces aren't as familiar as the bug's. Still, she's content, for the moment, to remain at her table, especially when Reginal enters. She shifts her focus to him and her lips twitch at his entrance, but she applauds politely.

Rorschach at the accusation of TOm cheating on Martin? Oh yeha, Plants a big ol smooch on the side of the Cat's cheek. He replied in sign handing Martin his glass and slapped him in the shoulder with a flashing grin and waggled his eyebrows. He went over to get two more glasses, because hey, why leave Prudence out. It'd be rude. He stopped and dipped by Sophia to give her a smooch on the cheek and wa warm smile. Creepy inky bug smooches... take that for what you will. A very good portent, or grounds for calling an exterminator and hte heath department.

A crystalline, icy femininely-shaped figure steps into the hall in an unhurried pace, dressed for the occasion in a sedate sort of way. For the few who know her, she goes by Aneira and has probably left little impression other than being an icy, stone-faced ... elemental. She glances over the area and, realizing she's totally late for this event, hurries off to the side to linger by a nearby wall. It's hard to interpret the impression of said icy, stone-faced elemental, but maybe, just maybe, she looks a little embarrassed.

Beau returns AJ's wave with a small tilt of his bottle. "Let me know if either of them bother you." He's obviously speaking about her companions at the table. Though once the festivities start to get underway he slips into silence, watching the entrance of the new Spring monarch with a stoney, expressionless silence. He raises his beer bottle to the toast and chugs a good half of what remained in the mostly full bottle, before returning his attention to the room.

Thorn lifts a hand in Ava's direction once he sees the woman, waving her over toward the table at which he's sitting. How inviting. The new Spring monarch enters and turns his attention toward Reginald. When the king calls for a toast, he looks for his glass. He probably grabbed one and so he takes a hold of it and lifts it up, waiting to see if the toast is over or will be more elaborate.

"At least my face will get better," AJ fires right back at Cobalt, not at all bothered by the demon's growl. And probably not just because she has Beau the Protector Cousin to back her up! No, she just sticks her tongue out at Cobalt, to hightlight her maturity, and then she looks to the front. She snags a glass, and then lifts it, only after a small glance around to see if everyone else is doing it, too.

Tom grins his irrepressible, fangy gotta-love-me grin and lifts a finger animatedly to mock-hush Martin. "We can have our catfight later, baby, the Queen is toasting." He lifts his glass up over his head, waiting to be set on with a word, the better to launch into full party mode from the table in the back.

Sophia doesn't seem to mind creepy bug smooches. She smiles at Rorschach even. "Hi Rorschach," she murmurs quietly to him before he moves away.

"At least my face will get better," AJ fires right back at Cobalt, not at all bothered by the demon's growl. And probably not just because she has Beau the Protector Cousin to back her up! No, she just sticks her tongue out at Cobalt, to hightlight her maturity, and then she looks to the front. She snags a glass, and then lifts it, only after a small glance around to see if everyone else is doing it, too.

Tom grins his irrepressible, fangy gotta-love-me grin and lifts a finger animatedly to mock-hush Martin. "We can have our catfight later, baby, the Queen is toasting." He lifts his glass up over his head, waiting to be set on with a word, the better to launch into full party mode from the table in the back.

Sophia doesn't seem to mind creepy bug smooches. She smiles at Rorschach even. "Hi Rorschach," she murmurs quietly to him before he moves away.

Cobalt doesn't have a glass, but he does have a flask, which he raises half-heartedly. Beau gets an eyebrow raise for his overprotectiveness. He actually sticks his tongue back out at AJ, which just goes to show that intimidation factor does not equal maturity. Then he glares at something Thorn says at the table -- right before Ava sits down and joins them.

There's a smooch and a glass from Senor Bugador and Martin lifts a glass. He winks to Prudence, a sure indication that he'll be taking her up on that offer of booze. He does whisper something to Tom as he finds a seat in which to slouch.

Charlie O, an icy figure half a foot taller and far more muscular than His Majesty the Vernal Queen, observes the fanfare and dramatic entrance with bland nonreaction, Winter's chill warmed somewhat on his right by Heather Vale, Dawn's Councillor. Heather seems to be taking Spring's power this year all in stride, a toast of something fizzy lifted toward Mr. Pook before she moves to take her own seat at the Council's table beyond the fire, others following.

Ashe lifts her glass in toast when the Queen makes the toast. She does smile, the stitched grin seeming to break the shadow of her face. She takes a sip from her glass and then settles it back down to pay attention to things going on. The Autumn does give a look to the entrance to seee if there are any late comers to the gathering.

"Darlings and not-so-darlings," Reginald begins as he lifts his own drink. "It's been an interesting few years for us, has it not? Our sheltered and secluded community has finally come out of our hiding spots and come together to make something lovely of ourselves. This spring marks our second, our fine freehold not only surviving our first full year but thriving. We have grown in both number and scope, learning how to tend to one another and keep each other safe and well in so many ways. I know I have not met quite enough of you, but I hope to rectify that before the season's through, taking your ideas, your desires and incorporating them into the fabric of our remarkable society."

He pauses there glancing about the crowd, then lifts his empty hand to flutter his fingers through the air dismissively. "Oh, stuff it. Let's drink!" With that, he takes a hearty swig of his drink.

Meanwhile, at the hearthside seats, a twisted smile marks the twisted face of Tracy MacGregor of the Moon Court, his drink disappearing in full down his gullet; his Found Path counterpart, Helah Morganstern, eschews the drink, her expression unchanged and unimpressed through the proceedings, her attention settled on the crowd, watching, studying; and the pretty blonde wisp of a thing that is Katie Jones seems hopelessly delighted by it all, the Dusk Councilor in apparently good humor, a mask of grim-humored sarcasm which doesn't falter for the sip she takes of her own drink.

August Bordeaux, Autumn's Councillor, seems almost human. Almost. If it weren't for the fact that he is a touch -too- perfectly handsome, not to mention the subtly pointed ears, it would be up to the observers to compare notes on his ever-appealing self. The Romancer settles down beside the wiry Summer, Meredith, to lean in and murmur something to the smaller woman which prompts a dry snort of a laugh, a wave toward the entrance, and a shake of her head, short black and white locks scarcely stirring. Split down the middle, black left, white right, she is a striking figure, though not a lovely one, and obligingly lifts a toast to their new 'Queen' before drinking it down.

Rorschach did the whole lifting of the glass, but when he went to drink it something hopped off him into it. It flailed kicking in the glass. He reached across the table and grabbed the nearest spoon clinking it against the inside of the glass trying to get the flailing cricket out, It sounded like a half submerged violin. The beauty of a string quartet...if it were pushed into a pool unwillingly. He let it chill out on teh spoon and then drank from it. Really he had no low bar for the five second rule apparently. He glances over to Tracy MacGregor, their current representation and upnodded glancing to the drink, and giving him an upnod as something at his table caught him unawares.

Better late than never. Andromeda sweeps into the room in a crisp white sundress. It doesn't clash with the rest of her very pale, colorless self. Pale and shimmery, she arrives with a spring (pun intentional) in her step and a swoosh in her knee-length skirts. Long fingers tangled together at the small of her back, she steps forward in search of an empty chair to sit on, a bright and curious expression illuminating her face.

Tom likewise drinks, something quietly said at his table, some chatter going around, then watches Rorschach's buggy pantomime with interest bordering on stalker-like fixation, especially once the gestures get into it. "Is that the joke?" he asks. "Because if so, that's some real Charlie Chaplin shit, my friend. Harpo Marx ain't got nothin' on you." And then the little purry chuckles start. Or maybe it's the booze.

Prudence is just watching Rorschach do his pantomime. Halfway through, she starts to laugh, and when Rorshach can't continue because he's laughing too hard, she, too, finds herself nearly cackling. It's loud, it's inappropriate but, by god, it's fun.

Beau sighs and pushes off the wall. He makes a beeline right for the food table, deciding that he might like something edible to go with his alcohol. It's usually a good idea. So he grabs a plate and begins to indiscriminately load up on free food without even really looking at what he's grabbing, just snagging up as much as he can fit on the plate.

The Winter downs his drink like he's taking shots. Martin talks quietly at his table and then Rorschach begins his pantomime and he doesn't so much laugh as bray quietly. It isn't full on jackass loud braying, mind. But it's like that's younger cousin.

Cobalt seems to notice Andromeda when she comes in. Maybe he has an eye for celestial women? At the very least, he eyes her curiously for a moment before looking back to the people at his table.

The Spring Queen's attention is drawn to the clatter when Rorschach's hoppy companion gets caught in his drink, the particular purse of his lips suggesting he's not wholly sure what to make of that cacophonous show. There's a mutter off to the the dusk councilor at his side, Tracy's basso laughter rumbling through the room and setting the regent's nerves at ease. Once glasses are down, Reginald lifts a hand to rather delicately dab at one of the pale, golden curls which frame his face then declares, "Let's get down to business. Who'd like to begin?" and opens the floor to all and sundry.

Ava rises to her feet with a flourish of the a-line of her dress' skirt. The nebula-smattered woman draws herself to the head of the room. The Waylord of Fates Harvest draws in a breath, letting a little anticipation flow through the room before she speaks. When she does, the starry-eyed blonde watches different faces, making eye contact with members of the audience, and the Monarch a few times as well. "It seems that we have envoys from a Freehold called the Soundless. They have requested that they be brought to meet with you." It is brief, it is to the point. She's addressing the Leaders.

AJ, if anyone is paying attention, seems to be passing this meeting by idly tormenting Cobalt. Cobalt doesn't really seem any more (or less) angry than he usually is for it. But all the tormenting means AJ is watching him. She catches him eyeing Andromeda's entrance, and eyes the pale Spring just the same.

Andromeda finger-wiggles at Cobalt and AJ, smiling -so- very brightly with dimpled cheeks and a curious glint in her shimmery eyes. She radiates a soft glow and ridiculous cheer. "Hi! Isn't this lovely?" she gives a hushed whisper from her newfound table. Perhaps it's no surprise that a constellation would be so full of sunshine. Her attention flits back to those at her table, so she may make quiet and polite introductions to the group she has unceremoniously invaded.

Sophia grins at Rorschach, shaking her head a little as she gets up, long enough to find herself a drink before she returns to her seat and settles, looking relaxed. Sure it's a semi-formal thing, with politics, but she looks comfy. She stretches her legs out and sips on her drink as she studies people.

Cobalt smiles again at Andromeda...well, not brightly, but his whole appearance is an interesting mix of beautiful and frightening. "You should come over here," he says, not the shy type. Then he leans in and says something in answer to Thorn.

Rorschach turned to Cobalt and held up an index finger when Andromeda was addressed. Did... did the rad-roach just tell him to hold on a moment? There might be some posturing there with some amusement which was utterly broken as the tiny, soggy violin cricket trying to hop without falling off the table. it was not up to a good start. To be fair it doesn't take that long of being in a strong drink to get an insect schnockered. The Darkling sighed, slammed his drink, and scooped the bug into the glass with a napkin on it for safe keeping.

Reginald smiles his most dashing smile when Ava gets to her feet, a pleasant acknowledgement of, "Waylord Ardent," offered to the star-dusted winter. His glittering eyes widen with delight at the mention of 'envoys,' but that excitement grows wary when the freehold's name is given. "Oh dear," is delivered with precisely the appropriate degree of drama. "Doesn't that sound ominous." He casts a glance around the hearth at his council, many of whom have descended into quiet chatter among themselves as they consider this news. Really, that tells him all he needs to know. Drawing up a little, he settles his pleasantly unassuming attention upon Ava once more and asks, "What else can you tell us about these envoys and the Soundless? How far have they traveled? How many are there? Have they told you why they're here?" That earns a nod or three among his colleagues who now look to the Waykeeper for answers.

Byron makes his way in and pulls up when he sees just how many PEOPLE are here. Its enough to make the gargoyle pause for a moment or three, little wings fluttering for a second. But then he picks a face out of the crowd and starts over to a table, actually managing a faint smile at the familiar faces who's eyes he catches on the way, staying quiet so as not to interrupt the telling going on, while he slips his big butt into a seat close by Ashe.

"But I'm over here!" Andromeda mouths to Cobalt, gesturing toward her chair and newfound friends. "I will come say hello later!" she promises, this time in another hushed whisper. "Someone has to make sure this cricket does not die of alcohol poisoning! My medical services may be needed," she adds, solemnly, pressing a hand over her heart as she focuses on Rorschach's poor little intoxicated cricket. As the new Crown and Waylady exchange words, she sheepishly dips her head and makes an effort to behave herself. For the next twenty seconds, anyway.

Maybe she's been here all along. Maybe not. You could say it's hard to tell, but this is Iris Delacroix we're talking about. The woman is nothing short of noticeable. Even when she's trying to play it down. Today? She's in a dark green maxi skirt and a fairly simple, lavender-hued blouse. The woman is, at the least, trying to be unobtrusive and maybe amongst all the other mantles and seemings, she'll manage to not be too obvious in her sidling the way through. She doesn't venture towards the tables. That's obvious stuff. Instead, she makes her way to just sort of post up just in front of Jonah. He's practically a wall, right?

Tom flaps a big paw back at Cobalt. "You come over here, big guy," he counters. "That's where the funnnnn iiiiiis." The singsong peanut gallery. He's not quite yet full-on misbehaving. It's better to say that that table has a great deal of potential misbehavior, slowly building while business carries on around them. Then: "Holy schnikies, don't pickle the cricket, my man," he says to Rorschach in concern. It's most amazing that he can say those words without tripping over his own tongue.

Like a person who's gotten the joke a few minutes after everyone else, Prudence sings, "Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the suuuun." Then she stops and looks over at Tom. "But you already sang the next line. Crap." She frowns, and says, "Is anyone else seeing sound? This is a /really/ good party."

"The Soundless claim to be a Freehold about twenty miles away. They say that this territory is theirs'. This is why I have kept your whereabouts hidden from Martin and Samantha. Once I learned of their beliefs of /our/ territories, I distanced myself." The starlit woman's near-clinging galaxy experiences a tiny meteor shooting across it over her shoulder. Ava's chin is lifted; she is regal and intent as she speaks up after pausing. "They demanded that I show them everything that is Ours', that they be able to inspect it, and that they meet you." A pause. "They are being nosy as we speak. " Another pause. "That is all I know."

Cobalt frowns at the shenanigans at Andromeda's table, beginning with Rorshach and...well...not really ending at all. Though given the half-smile on his face, he seems rather charmed by Andromeda's antics. Tom gets a raised pair of eyebrows and a genuine laugh out of him. He points to the guy and pronounces, "I like you." Well, isn't it your lucky day. Also, being liked this second does not mean Cobalt will like anyone in twenty seconds.

Ava slips back to her table then, because when a Winter says that's all they know, they're done tellin'. She sits, and then she drinks.

Somewhere along the outer edge of the room, Ian lingers, hands clasped in front of him, silently observing the goings on around him. His attention remains on Ava as she describes the Soundless, golden eyes following her even back to her table, expression thoughtful. Then his attention drifts to those faces he recognizes, those he doesn't for a moment, and eventually back toward Reginald.

Prudence sees Cobalt's frown and it makes her laugh again. She claps her hands over her mouth and tries to pay attention to the politics going on. It doesn't really stop the laughter, just makes it more muffled, and whatever's going on at the table isn't helping. "What!" AJ exclaims, at Ava's news. "That's-..." and she has the good sense to cut herself off, and then let out a wince, and shoot a glare at Cobalt.

Ashe is listening to the talk of the Soundless with her head cocked to the side a little. The Custodian Elect is curious to hear more and to learn more of course. Thankfully the look on her face is hidden by the shadows that don't let it be seen.

Sophia's people watching pauses when she spots another plant-person. Her head tilts and she studies Ian for a moment before AJ's outburst has her looking in that direction and blinking. Her lips twitch a little and she lifts her glass to her lips as she goes back to watching.

Narrowed eyes and thoughtful frowns tug at the lips of several Councillors, quiet conversation halting to let them hear Ava speak.

Meredith of Summer rises, hands planting on the table, and asserts a firm, "This is our land. We kept scouts on this place for over a year before we moved in here, and we never once saw any 'Soundless' moving about."

Charlie O of Winter snorts softly from his position farther down the table, lifting a frost-grained hand in a gesture to indicate his words should be self-evident. "If they speak truth, they have been our neighbors for two years without our ever knowing it. Could they not evade a scout?"

"They don't sound very nice," Andromeda points out, her tone mournful and gaze sad as Ava shares tales of the Soundless. With a disappointed shake of her head, her attention returns to her table, some of her cheer gone and glow dimmed. Cobalt gets a somewhat half-hearted shrug of her shoulders. "It sounds fishy. And I don't like fish." There's a pause. "I hope I didn't offend anyone, because I didn't mean to! Some fish are nice," she adds hastily, hands lifting in a defensive manner. "I just don't like -eating- them!"

Prudence says something muffled, then remembers and drops her hands. "They sound like pushy bastards. Fuck 'em. Oh, wait, is that an option? I could donate a couple of cows. Ok, I don't own any cows, but I could buy some and donate them!"

Beau looks up from his food pilfering at the news of the Soundless. He looks mighty annoyed at the revelation, and starts picking at his food as he glares up towards the front with the world's most sour glare. He shakes his head and goes to resume his lurking with his pile of goodies, but not before muttering something remarkably pithy under his breath.

Over at the (mostly) Summer table, AJ suddenly jerks away from Cobalt, and lets out what is surely a squeak. She glares at him. Her voice is quiet, and it'd be hard to overhear it if no one can read lips, but 'Behave yourself' is surely what comes out. She huffs, then lifts her hand. Is there ... red... on her pointed nails? Surely it's ketchup, right. She looks back to her other table mates.

Tom listens to the talk of these Soundless and their invisible ways. Invisible. "Invisible bugs. They ARE the invisible bugs." His pupils are big ol' dinnerplates, contemplating unfriendly invisible bug outsiders who clearly NEED! chase-and-run-aground. Also, he's probably among those who is seeing music and tasting colors, which can't help this reaction. Big paw-hands flex, claw-testing the air. At least he's not aiming for them this second.

Ogres double as walls apparently. The shorter ancient earns a brief glare when she just stands in front of him. Jonah was muching on something or other, and after a few seconds offers some of what's left to Iris. Which, sadly, ammounts to a few choice greens. "You know chairs are good for you, and you don't have to worry about any breaking on you."

Helah of the Sun Court is on her feet not long after summer and winter, banging LOUDLY upon the table to draw to order what she, of course, sees as a highly unruly and inattentive crowd. For all the ferocity of that table-thump, enough to resound through the floor underfoot, her voice is soft. "Whichever of you has made a mockery of these proceedings will be meeting with me after we're done. Have you even heard what your Waylord has said?" Looking to her fellow councilors, she nods then regards the--grimace--queen and insists, "We must meet with them now."

Katie of Dusk keeps her opinion to whispers, but Tracy is eyeing the Sun Councilor like he's got a bone to pick with her. But that's set aside for later as he insists, "They can wait," in his low rumble.

Reginald gets to his feet a bit more daintily than his fellows, a winning grin cast toward Prudence. "I think you have the right of it, Miss Powell. Bartering, I mean. Trade. Maybe not cows, but..." Ah, a Satrap to the last. Drawing in a breath, he regards Helah, casts a sidelong look to Tracy, before acknowledging Meredith and Charlie and the quieter Dusk and Dawn Councilors. "Seems we have one vote for seeing them now, one vote for attending them in private. Would the four of you care to speak for your courts?"

Prudence looks at Helah and says, "Duuuuuh. Why do you think I'm trying to donate cows for them to fuck? Haven't you been paying attention?" Her kaleidoscope eyes are spinning around, changing color and pattern and she looks really, really...happy. She finishes what's in her cup, then looks into her cup wistfully. Why is the booze always gone?

Andromeda stares at Tom and shivers visibly. "Invisible bugs," she repeats in gentle horror, hands lifting to her cheeks. The movement of her fingers unfortunately deposits poor Chester the Cricket onto the table surface, and she gives him the briefest of apologetic frowns. It's still a frown. A very sad, sad frown. The same mournful expression is cast toward the councilors as they vote. Until Prudence speaks of cows and unspeakable activities. Suddenly, she hides her whole face behind two hands. Her face darkens at the cheeks-- it's not a blush, because she can't turn pink, but it's the same concept.

"Maybe," Iris answers Jonah, accepting some of what's offered. She has no issue with greens. Could be worse. Could be already-picked-clean bones. She is not a marrow-sucker. She might be about to add more regarding chairs and the like, but instead there's shouting and the like going on. So she just leans up to quietly ask the other Ancient something... except he's tall, so she has to speak a bit louder anyway. "What did I miss? Besides our lovely Queen."

Ashe's head turns when Byron enters and there's a moment of stone stillness from the Shadowsoul and then she gives a dip of her head when he settles into the seat next to her. She leans in to whisper quietly to him. Catching him up on what he's missed. When the Sun Councillor gets grumpy with the people that are disrupting, the shadowed face moves to look at the leaders table and then she settles back into the shadows by the Gargoyle.

Rorschach apparently was letting the bug out, taking the napkin off the glass where he was kept for safety purposes. It dried itself off and seemed happier than Kanye on teh cover of TMZ as Andromeda paid attention to it. He sighed and did a doubletake; antennae cringing at each pound. He held up a note to Andromeda's words reading 'Yeah, those poor bugs. Look what that did to the invisible man.' At the insitance that they weren't paying attention there was much signing (none of it a middle finger oddly) btu there was a gesture maybe commenting on the cows? Man that was going to be a rough argument to win. He totally got all that though. Air mail them flying cows, something about stocks dropping, or at least being set down gently... yeah okay it was politics and the punch was deleriously good. He was trying.

Tilting her head to the side at the mention of the Soundless and territories, Aneira is silent and has been silent the whole time. A statue against the wall. She looks like she might speak up for a moment, but the Sun Councilor's warning forestalls her.

Jonah's attention immediately goes to his court's Councilor when there's yelling. His trap shuts until there's nothing left said, and then turns his gaze back down to Iris. "Waylord Ardent spoke about another Freehold a good 20 miles away. They've claimed this land is there's, and keep poking at things. I can't speak past that," he notes with a shrug. "Politics and boundaries aren't my thing."

August of Autumn, while remaining seated, nonetheless speaks up, his clear tenor carrying well. "We must learn more of them and their Freehold. It does us no harm to gather intelligence before charging their way." The dried leaves of his Mantle crisp against the flaring heat of his Summer companion, Meredith still standing, still angry.

Beside Charlie O, the slender, nondescript Darkling of Dawn also points out, "Why do they approach us now?" in tacit agreement with both Autumn and Winter. "If they have claimed this land, why not stop us before we began?" The soft, yet somehow audible whisper of the woman's voice is dry as she concludes, "There is obviously more to their story than they have told us."

Ava is so chill after wacking the wasps' nest with her news. She watches with impassive, serene neutrality. Bitch.

Prudence says, "They're coveting their neighbors' livestock? Either that, or they just have a severe cranio-rectal inversion, think they can overrun us and what we should likely be doing is either bribing them until we have enough catapults to fling said livestock at them, or just fling livestock at them without bribing them. Or...maybe some other solution altogether."

"Why would another Freehold claim land so far out? It's difficult to protect as it is." Iris may not be up-and-up in the matters of politics, but even she can ping on things that sound a bit funny. She does perk up slightly to listen when Dawn speaks up and gives a bit of a bobbing nod of agreement with her Court's councillor. "You don't have a drink, do you?" she asks Jonah, sort of peeking around the general vicinity of the ogre. "I could use one." Alcoholic or non, she doesn't specify.

Rorschach folded up a note at his table. Tiny airplane and aimed it at the far table. Were he to miss and hit a Summer with it? Eh he was sure Tom had his back on this one so he'd have company in teh hospital. All was well. He was aiming it for Ava though it seemed and by some miracle it didn't land in her food. He nodded once and then got up- woah. Okay he got up slowly and walked over to Jonah and handed him a note. At least he didn't try to air drop anything to crash into Mr. Meat Mountain there. It'd be like the end of Fantasia, only with more punch, and more punching.

      Cobalt is half-listening to the folks at his table, half-listening to the courtiers. He says something to Ava just before glancing Andromeda's way. This time, he gestures her over more vociferously, pointing to the chair next to him like they're old friends.

Ashe looks to the others and then there's a gentle clearing of the Shadowsouls throat before she stands, "Pardon my interruption, but I can take a few other Custodians and see what information we can gather on their Freehold and things if given leave to do so." she gives a dip of her shadowed head and then retakes her seat.

The eerily composed blonde slip of a thing who's said barely a peep thus far speaks only after all her fellow councilors have. "Dusk stands with Sun," Katie Jones calls, her voice more commanding that her slight form suggests it should be. "For whatever it's worth. If something must be done, why delay it? To play spy games?" The smile she flashes across the table at Charlie O has a bit of bite to it, something dark within her eyes. Still, there's a humor to it, sincere, if cutting. And lingering. That attention for the winter councilor unwavering.

"Well." Reginald draws in another breath. It seems like he may have more to say, but when Ashe steps up, his glittering attention turns to her. "Custodian Elect," is offered with a slightly tight smile, his charm strained as his council stands at odds. Once she's said her piece, he bows his head deeply to her. "Of course. You stand in agreement with the majority. We will hold off on attending to our guests just yet. I will leave it to you, Miss Whelan, to coordinate with Waylord Ardent and the Council to see that we learn what we must before proceeding with any official meeting, lest their intentions are indeed nefarious." He turns a look about the council to make sure that settles that point before looking back to the rest of the gathered crowd to ask, "Is there any other business this evening, my dears, or shall we descend into proper debauchery?" Beat. "With apologies to Councilor Morganstern, of course."

There's another shrug from Jonah at Iris' query. "I can't say why they'd do it, and how far is too far. I just worry about us, and-" He doesn't catch the bit on the drink, and instead looks down to the approaching Moon. He reads over Roraschach's note, although it'd appear to be otherwise with those white eyes. The note's lowered then, and placed in Jonah's pocket. "We need to talk." He pauses, briefly scanning the room. "Later, though. Somewhere without so many people."

Prudence gives Cobalt the hairy eyeball. "Man, that is not groovy. If you need help, maybe you should come here instead of trying to poach our table!" She mutters, "Square," and then pats Andromeda's arm. "It's ok, we're pretty fab and so are you. You're welcome to hang with us any time."

"I love proper debauchery!" Andromeda agrees sunnily, looking most delighted at the Crown's suggestion. Cobalt's gesture elicits a laugh and a breezy shake of her head, tossing silvery curls with the movement. "I mean, ahem. I don't have anything," she leans back, straightening in her seat, looking comically solemn. It fades in an instant as Prudence pats her arm, an act that makes her give the redhead a dimpled, grateful grin. "Thank you! I think you are very shiny, too."

Tom plucks up Prudence's cup and then his own. Wags fuzzy fingers in a 'gimme' towards Martin, then to Andromeda, arm crooked down to her as if to help her up if she wants to follow along with him. Apparently, he's getting more drinks. And...dancing? Maybe some dancing. First it's a headbob to music that no one else can hear. Then he starts rocking a little in his steps, a little shuffle, maybe a little white-guy-black-cat overbite. As he passes tables, there's snatches of song he's humming -- is that something by Prince? -- something funky that seems to be possessing him. It's right on the edge of disruptive again. Easily enough ignored, unless one wants to wrap up business with Full Attention and lack of groove.

Some of the color drains from Iris when Rorschach nears and she tries, she really does, to not look bothered by it. There's a slight squirm and a step in closer to Jonah, but all she asks the Moon is: "Did those candles work out for you?"

Andromeda could never refuse such a polite offer. She hooks her arm in Tom's and scoots out of her chair, smile bright as she accompanies the rad cat to the refreshments. His dancing motions are mimicked, as she too dances to the groove that she can't quite hear until he hums. Mercifully, she's quick on her feet and seems to enjoy moving in a bouncy, musical fashion.

Ava plucks up the note in her food. She flicks a piece of strawberry off of it, and she properly reads it. Her eyes finally find the Bug, Rorschach, to whom she imparts a rather dazzling and very rare smile. That should say it all, really. She glances back toward the people at her table, then. Ava lounges sleekly.

Martin wordlessly hands Tom his flask. Once it's out of his hands, his brows furrow, like he's sad. He immediately looks to Prudence, like she's his only hope.

Ashe gives a bow to the council and the rest and then draws the shdadows a little closer to herself as she settles into the chair. A look is given in Byron's direction and then she goes back to watching the rest of the gathered.

Cobalt rolls his eyes at the other table. "Fuckin' hippies," he says, scowling. It's certainly a large stretch to call the black-clad, metal-as-fuck demon square, but hippie he sure the hell ain't, so it must be an insult coming from him. He gets to his feet and makes a vague gesture at the folks at his table. "It's been real. I'm Audi 5000." He rolls his eyes as he takes one more look around the room. "This party sucks. Gonna go find some /real/ fun."

AJ looks entirely like a kid ready to get dismissed. She has important things to do! But then, Cobalt is leaving, noisily. She just gives a laugh. "Was it ever cool to say that?" she asks aloud.

"Your mom," Ava mutters under her breath very quietly at Cobalt as if this is the very best time for a 'Your Mom' joke.

Charlie O's lips twitch at Katie's reference to 'spy games', a thin and humorless smile offered the Dusk courtier before his attention shifts toward the new monarch. The others nod, or lift a hand in lazy assent, or, in Summer's case, heavily drop down to sit again while cussing steadily and, just loudly enough for those nearest to overhear, muttering, "Fucking idiots." Tact. Summer has it.

"Oh, cheer up! It's Spring! Come get a drink and laugh with us," Andromeda seems undeterred by Cobalt's sour departing announcement. Fingers wiggle toward the refreshments, along with a bounce of her brows. "I think I am very thirsty."

Byron seems to be just soaking this all in, though he occassionally murmurs a comment to Ashe from time to time, though the people at Rorschach's table are getting odder and odder looks from the Gargoyle as the evening carries on.

"Yeah, sure it is." Cobalt musses up AJ's hair, then winks at Ava. "It's been real." He leaves with a parting glance over his shoulder at Andromeda. A lingering, parting glance -- before he is indeed out. Or Audi. 5000.

This prompts Tom to throw up the horns at Cobalt, headbang, and sing along to the music no one else can hear: "I don't care pretty ba-ay-by, just TAKE ME WITH U..." Purple Rain era. Perhaps that's just going to disgust Mr. Metal more? "Drinks!" he exclaims. "Debauch." He keeps on bopping towards the punchbowl with Andi, still kinda dancing along.

Rorschach patted Jonah on teh shoulder nodding. Understood. Rorsh then, abruptly noted Iris standing there. His eyes got wide and he shuffled back. Looked, and shuffled back more trying to keep his mantle from desaturating the Rainbow as it started to stretch out like the virus of ennui that ate Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. He took a deep breath maybe hoping this would help reign it in? He was hopped up on the punch. No one said it had to make sense. The effort was being made folks! He did make some gestures to Iris and one being a nod of a fist in a 'yes' Apparently teh candles in question? Supremely helpful. The bug twitched an antenna and looked back to Ava and grinned quietly and gave her an upnod touching two fingers to the base of one antennae in a half salute. He was going to get his antenna CHEWED by teh SUmmer COuncilor but fuck it. He got Ava to smile. That was worth the beating.

The Spring Queen might titter, just the littlest bit, at all the chaos, at a few of the things said. The tone of the crowd is clear, however, whether one feels as Summer and Sun do or not: the meeting has reached its conclusion. "Right then, my dears. Should you find anything amiss or afoul when your sobriety returns to you, hopefully not too soon hence, do remember to consult your councilors. But for now, let the debauchery commence--" No, he doesn't sell that, his face contorting as he realizes it's off. "Continue. Go on." The last is for the council itself, a little shooing gesture made toward his colleagues.

Aneira glances around the room, then slowly makes her way over to Ashe. "Excuse me," she says after a moment of looming (stiffly, awkwardly) in front of her table, trying to judge the correct moment as to when to interrupt and very possibly failing.

Rorschach looked around for the cricket. Hedgedammit. Oh there it was on the floor hopping after Andromeda as she got her punch with Tom and then back. He sighed and rushed over to the little guy trying to catch him once. Jup-miss. He didn't talk but the expression was swearing enough. Second-gottum. He cupped his hands together and sought out the person who would have his ass. He did, the balls on that bug, walk over and seek out the one who was demanding heads, names, whatever.

Jonah was opening his mouth to say something, but then he gets a pat on the shoulder. He looks from there back to Rorschach, his expression turning dour. "Yeah, a long talk." Then his attention briefly turns to the newly crowned Queen. "Meda," he says to Iris, "I think I'll pass on that drink. I like where my head's at right now."

Ava rises then, suddenly, and glances to AJ. She's on her way to the refreshments, but she slinks by Rorschach. She leans over, smooches him on his cheek, and keeps on going to the likes of the refreshments. She gathers a few of them and heads out.

Before leaving the table completely, Andromeda says something to Prudence, and whatever it is? She sounds completely, utterly shocked. Then her thin arms reach for her fellow Spring, wrapping the Wizened up in a tight and affectionate, but brief, embrace. "It was wonderful, and we should talk about it very soon," she says warmly, before flitting off with Tom to dance to the punchbowl. "I don't think I know that song," the constellation not-whispers to Tom, but she still wiggles her limbs in some rhythm that probably isn't in sync with his, but she's trying. Oh, how she's trying. "How do you--?" Questioningly, she looks at Tom's hand, and tries to mimic throwing up the horns as well. "I hope this means something fun and not horribly rude," she realizes, laughing a beat later.