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A Brisk Beginning

“Nothing burns like the cold.”
– George R. R. Martin

The freehold of Fate's Harvest has survived its first full year and grown into a thriving community within Tamarack Falls and its surrounding area. To the best of their knowledge, they are the only local freehold and have been for quite a good long while, given how dangerous this particular bit of New England has historically been for supernatural folks like the Lost.

At the crowning of Vernal Queen Reginald Pook, Waylord Ava Ardent announced the arrival of a pair of envoys from The Soundless freehold, claiming to be situated at a rather cozy distance of twenty miles away... and claiming that Fate's Harvest is trespassing on their territory. With a strong majority opposing Sun and Dusk's preference to see them promptly and Summer's suggestion of just ejecting them outright, the Council voted to gather more intelligence about The Soundless and their envoys before meeting with them.

Now, a pair of outsiders wander Fate's Harvest's territory, doing their own digging while the freehold feels them out.


November Update: this plot is, slowly, continuing. It has reached a point where it will meander on at the pace of player investigations until certain specific things are triggered.

The Soundless
Martin Bergman (NPC)
Grumbly Summer Ogre
Samantha Whitaker (NPC)
Martin's Squire
Fate's Harvest
Reginald Pook (NPC)
Spring Queen
Ava Ardent
Ashe Whelan
Custodian Elect
AJ Ray
Harvestperson and Sheriff Fox
A Brisk Beginning
Storyteller: Staff
Setting: Fate's Harvest
Timeframe: Spring 2017, Ongoing
Status: Active