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Birthday Charity Bash

Logan, Dross, Kseniya, Billy Ray, Dielle, Sam Whitaker, Gisa, Max, Alonso


Logan throws a huge space-themed birthday/charity blowout at his estate. Samantha Whitaker shows up to survey the scene. Part of Plot: A Brisk Beginning.


Phoibos House - MT07

The path to the house mimics stars at your feet, a black velvet carpet installed with small LED lights, and is decorated above with models of satellites. The satellites spin in reaction to unseen signals, catching the last warm light of the day with their gold panels and reflecting it back at you. Gold letters over the entrance to the house spell out “WELCOME” in English, Russian, French, German, Italian, and Japanese. A white cone installed around the door makes it look like the entrance to the International Space Station. 'Also sprach Zarathustra' by Richard Strauss pipes out over the grounds.

There is a (complementary) valet to park cars -- not something at all common in Vermont, but Logan went for it. Staff dressed in jumpsuits similar to the flight attendants in 2001: A Space Odyssey -- complete with round hats -- direct partygoers in the directions they need to go.

Once inside, staff greet you and usher you through the foyer to the mezzanine floor, where the main party events can be found. The black velvet carpet starred with small LED lights continues inside to direct you to the party. “The Blue Danube” plays as you enter and proceed to the next room.

As you walk through the main hall and west wing, you pass plinths of white marble set with meteorite fragments. A small tag identifies the age and provenance of each one. The meteorites grow older and stranger-looking going down the stairs to the mezzanine (MF).

The furniture in the conversation area has been replaced with tables and chairs resembling those of the space station from 2001: A Space Odyssey, except that the chairs are gold instead of red. Each table is set with an arrangement of finger foods shaped to resemble space artifacts like rockets, astronaut helmets, and satellites. Circulating staff carry additional treats, and ensure everyone is well-fed and hydrated.

On one of the tables, there are three miniature models of the white space pods from 2001. A discreet card lettered in neat gold script explains that this is the place to deposit any donations. Donations are, of course, not required. Each pod is labeled: Rainbow Railroad, Vermont Foodbank, and The Nature Conservancy.

Two bartenders dressed in navy blue jumpsuits stand ready to take orders at the fully stocked bar. Sparkling water, still water, sodas, and juices are also available. A copy of the kitchen from the International Space Station is installed next to the bar (reference: https://goo.gl/bqe8xN), where you can try out a variety of prepackaged space foods (example: https://goo.gl/XKKQ2m).

In addition to the normal virtual reality equipment, you see an array of replicas of early space suits. You’re encouraged to try any of the space suits on. Once inside, you will find the visors equipped for a virtual reality experience of a space voyage made in that suit.

The screening room is set up for karaoke, with an extra monitor for singers to read lyrics from, plus a selection of drinks and crunchy snacks. There are instruments and props for anyone watching karaoke, too, like tambourines and streamers.

The black velvet carpet covered in stars leads out to the pool area. The walls in the pool area are covered with screens showing views from space like videos taken by the Mars Exploration Rover, space shuttles taking off, and of course, films of the earth from space, including a striking one of thunderstorms moving over the globe at night. There is an additional bar near the pool, also with bartenders ready to serve beer, wine, or cocktails upon request.

The glass doors on the far side of the pool are rolled up completely. Big panels resembling the gold fins of a satellite are arranged around the lawn to provide lighting. Out on the lawn, you see an expansive dancefloor set up with a rock band playing. (When the band needs to take a break, a DJ comes out and takes over.) Staff can take drink orders out here and are also constantly circulating with water, champagne, and trays of hors d’oeuvres. You also see a life-size replica of the spacecraft from Project Gemini: aptly chosen for a late May birthday. Guests are encouraged to climb inside (two at a time) and experiment with the controls. The replica spacecraft is also equipped with an interactive virtual reality experience so that you can try navigating in space. As this was an earlier space exploration program, the shuttle is very small inside, and may not be appropriate for the claustrophobic.

Gifts, like donations, are not required for this event, but if you brought one, there is a table for them on the lawn near the house. 

You arrive at Logan's birthday, where space-themed decorations, foods, and activities abound, befitting of the theme 'sic inure ad astra.' When the first guest walks in, a sound like a satellite pinging goes off, and must trigger some sort of alert. The birthday boy himself, Logan Brenner, comes down from the second floor to welcome you. He's wearing a broad smile, ready to play his part as host.

Logan is dressed in an outfit that could best be described as “astronaut chic.” He wears a well-tailored couture flight suit in white with the sleeves artfully rolled, a black belt with several large, round metallic rivets cut into it cinched around his waist. Several stripes in pale shades of metallic gold and silver and zippers decorate his left hand chest and right thigh. The collar fastens in dagaz triangles high at the throat, secured by a white gold pin. He wears a pair of pale golden gloves on his hands, and the flight suit extends down into tall black leather boots that hug his calves.

Dross comes down with Logan, darker and quieter, almost like his shadow. Part of the way, he walks /in/ the area of shadow that constantly grapples with the warm, effulgent golden light of Logan’s mien.

Kseniya enters, looking like she's taken part of the pathway leading to the room with her. But.. no. No, that's actually just her dress. The little carnie is in a multi-layered dress, the bottom layer black, the middle layer a housing for a network of 250 little LED lights, and the outer layer a dark gauze, transparent enough to let the lights shine through it, and those lights have all been arranged to form an actual starmap. (Based somewhat loosely on: https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/jhsu/ only black, and in the form of a dress, not a skirt)

The dress is sleeveless, of a sheath-like design, and comes to her knees, where a pair of knee-high boots pick up the story. Moreover, those many, many lights are set to a twinkling mode, winking on and off like distant stars. Little silver star-shapes dangle from each ear, and she's bleached all the colour from her hair-streaks, and gone with a silver-white instead. She also arrived in a very battered RV style van and, yes, insisted that the valets park it. In tow - unless she is the one in tow - is a Polychromatic panda girl, waving her invitation at all and sundry, evidently Kseniya is her guest, though the young Freehold member gets distracted and wanders off almost as soon as they arrive, leaving the Enchanted mortal abandoned and on her own.

Billy Ray set up on the table his offerings, after talking to Logan for a few minutes. He leaves behind what appears to be samples for folks to look over - a rifle and revolver, semiautomatic pistol - all in excellent condition but unloaded, proof of his gunsmithing work (and clearly highly customized.) Behind a case to be opened when folks want to see it is a hedgespun rapier with a steampunk motif. He's dressed simply - boots and a dark blue and grey NASA jumpsuit, open at the neck with a NASA baseball cap. Various tools are stuck into the pockets and there's the telltale bulge of both a pack of cigs and a circular Copenhagen tin. He makes his way towards the booze.

Logan alights near the entryway -- for a time, anyway, so he can greet people as they come in. And the party appears to be getting a pretty good turnout. His light-filled mien shines out brightly, illuminating everything in his wake. A broad smile is given to Kseniya as she enters. He doesn't know her, but that dress is super-impressive! "Hi there, thanks for coming out!" he says in her direction, flashing a brilliant grin. "Love the dress." He turns to Billy Ray after the staff helps him bring his samples over to the charity table, and reaches out to shake the man's hand, still grinning away. "Billy Ray, my man, thank you for coming. Can't wait for the auction."

Dielle comes in, having unhappily surrendered the keys to her beloved POS truck. She's wearing a black lace-up vest over a crocheted skirt. The skirt is dyed in multiple colors: white for the top, fading into a light blue that becomes progressively darker until it's black at the bottom. Tiny, glittery beads were crocheted into the darker part of the skirt, making it look like stars. Under the crocheted part is solid material in the same dye pattern. This is over her usual cowboy boots and of course, the ever-present cowboy hat. She looks incredibly uncomfortable as she looks around in some awe. She takes a glass of some kind of white wine almost immediately, just to have something to hold and do with her hands. She finds a wall to hold up and looks around to see if anyone she knows is there.

Kseniya goes sidling over to the birthday boy, pretty much right away, and coughs. "Sooo. Hi." She goes up onto tiptoe until she sees her rainbowed friend, and points her out. "She brought me. Thought I'd just.. let you know that before you decide I'm crashing or.. yeah. Surprise? Or. Maybe not. Anyway, happy birthday, Mr. Brenner. We did meet, once." And she moves on, not the type to hog the host, apparently. Instead, she turns to give Billy Ray a thoughtful sort of look.

Hanging back by the stairs, Dross watches the new comers enter. He looks impressed by the thought that’s gone into each of their outfits, from Kseniya’s light-up dress to Billy Ray’s NASA jumpsuit to Dielle’s aurora of bright-to-dark colored skirts. For a while, he just stands there, rather stiffly. But then he seems to remember that he lives here and should help guests get around. After a quick trip to the bar to pick up a black-looking cocktail, he sees Dielle standing by the wall and goes over to her. “Is this your first time here?” he asks quietly.

Logan would, of course, have greeted Dielle as soon as she came in. “Dielle, hi! Thanks for coming out! Please, try some of the games.” There is actually a /ton/ to do and explore at this party, so it’s not a bad place for wallflowers. Definitely not just a party where there’s conversation and booze and nothing else. But if Dielle stays where she is, Logan will probably come over and talk to her more, eventually.

He turns to Kseniya again with a smile. “That’s right, we did meet, didn’t we? Kseniya, right?” He smiles in understanding as she points out the rainbow friends. “You’re welcome here. Thank you for the birthday wishes.” A uniformed waiter comes up and hands him some kind of sparkling clear drink with lemon in it — did anyone even see him order that? He laughs in appreciation at Billy Ray. “Thank you. I know a good tailor...for next time.” A slight wink to the redneck at that.

Dielle waves at Billy Ray and Logan, and nods at Dross. "Yeah. Y'all got...a real nice place. Big." Then she gets that look on her face like she's kicking herself for being boring. "What's that you're drinking? I've been a bartender for a while, that don't look familiar." Not much better, but it'll do. "Oh...right. I'm Dielle." She pronounces it as if it were D.L., all slurred together. Oh, and her accent is as Southern as Billy's, but doesn't sound like it's from the same area.

The dress that Gisa wears is Traditional: a long black silk tunic hand embroidered with elaborate whirls of silver thread, down the front panel, and studded with small, glittering silver beads and hand-stitched crystals. She wears no shoes: her pale grey ceramic feet click gently against the floor, and there are small silver beads on her copper hair. The golem pauses just inside the door, shakes her head with amusement, and moves over to one side. Her hand rises to wave in greeting to Logan, to Dielle, to... well, everyone... and finds herself a place to people-watch.

Kseniya nods once at Logan, grinning a bit when he remembers her, then she drifts onwards. She stares around in some awe, and really, it's as much for those gathering as it is for the lavishness of the home. One hand absently adjusts the twinkling dress. She also pauses, to note to Billy Ray, "I can sew, though I'm more used to making costumes. When I'm not playing with mechanical things. Hobbies, you know? Look. Sorry I ran off the other day, but Sid's protective streak was getting up, and I didn't want to be a cause of trouble."

"It's not my place," Dross tells Dielle seriously. "Just Logan's. But yes, it's very big." He looks at the drink. The black color comes from coconut charcoal. "It's called 'Black Thai Optional'... You should try one next." Pause. "And the games, too. Logan will like that." He smiles when Logan stops by to greet them, and looks up again when Gisa walks in. More guests!

Maybe Samantha forgot to read her invitation. Maybe she didn't catch 'space themed'. Or that this was a party in some 'fancy house'. Or that it was 'invite-only'. Whatever the case, Sam is here, dressed in tight, ratty black jeans and a black leather jacket over her. Wait, wait! Beneath that, tee is grey, and features an image of a wolf howling in front of saturn. It says 'Jefferson Starship' above that. Winds of Chance, baby. The snake-eyed woman slowly looks around, taking in the gathering.

Dielle waves at Gisa and Logan, but she blinks at Dross. "Coconut...charcoal? They burn the coconut?" Really, it's professional interest. "That don't sound like it'd taste too good. How is it? Maybe I will!" She tries sipping the wine. It's clearly Very Good Wine from the surprise on her face. Yeah, she's finishing this. "Hey, Logan. Nice place!"

Logan sips his sparkling drink, continuing to nods and smile at everyone who enters in. "Thank you, Dielle. Really glad you like it!" He keeps making the rounds, though he's constantly checking up on everyone. His grin shines out when Gisa enters, and he waves merrily in her direction. "Glad you could make it, Gisa! Where's Alonso?" His blue eyes move to the figure of Samantha, next, and he watches her for a little while. No, he doesn't recognize her. But to be fair, he doesn't recognize plenty of the people here, even other Lost from the Freehold. The event has plenty of security, but doesn't seem to be too strict about that whole 'Freehold only' thing. Still, Logan watches her for awhile until he finally steps up to her, as she probably had to pass him when she entered in. "Hi," he says, his usual bright and shiny grin in place, to match his bright and shiny mien. "Welcome to the party. Not sure I've seen your face around here before." He's pretty new, after all...

Arriving a bit late, Max is dressed much differently than she usually is. Gone is the casual attire and she's looking pretty nice! The enchanted mortal is wearing a black dress with various galaxy and space items printed, black tights, sandals, and some jewelry around both her neck and one of her wrists, a small clutch purse held in her hand, fingers painted with a black sparkly colors. Her hair is worn down is loose waves, with faint but still apparent makeup on her lips and eyes. Walking inside, her bright blue eyes glance around with a light smile, admiring all the work put in to making the place even fancier than it usually was. Then she pauses upon seeing Samantha, raising a brow but watching her curiously for a moment. (( Outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=222283363 ))

"Hello, Logan." Gisa leans against the wall now, watching people come in. "He is looking in on something for us. I hope he will join us later." The golem pauses, her eyeflames glittering. "I plan on being here when he walks in."

Dross considers Dielle's question seriously, head tilted toward her, still watching the movement of people coming and going. "Yes, it's worth trying," he says. "Excuse me." It looks like someone is having trouble with one of the VR equipped space suits.

Billy Ray starts messing with the VR equipment. Why? He's a Knight of the Third Hour - they live and breath tech! He's humming to himself as he puts the goggles on and plays one of the games, asking one of the attendants several questions before a multitool and Leatherman appears. He opens the case, adjusting some cables and putting it back together, looking pleased as he begins to play again, tools sticking out of his NASA jumpsuit pockets. He reaches for his pint glass blindly, to empty it and put it down.

Samantha Whitaker glances aside, to Max. She smiles. "Evenin', Max," she says. Then her attention shifts over to Logan. "Hi," she says. "Happy Birthday," she adds. There's a pause, then she tilts her head to the side. "You are Logan, right?" she asks the man. Then, she slips a hand into her jacket, and pulls out from it a small package, wrapped in black paper, speckled with white. Space wrapping paper! "Happy Birthday," she says, again, as she holds the package out to Logan. "It's a lighter."

Billy Ray seems to realize he was talked to and shrugs off the headset about two minutes after Kseniya speaks, moving over to her. "Sorry 'bout that, miss, the cross channel upstream was set to four four six which of course the book tells ya to but anyone worth their salt knows in temps under eighty degrees if'n y'go to four six FIVE, boom, bobs yer uncle and yer in like Flynn." The words tumble out rapid fire, "Yer brother an' ah made up and ah apologized. Ah came on strong. This city is ... a touch unique. Not what ah'm used to, and there's parts of it, y'knowwhatImean, ah gotta get used to - and that's all me. Ah am sorry fer makin' it all awkward. Triggers, tech, swords, guns, hell yeah, ah'm yer man. Social stuff, ah ain't so good and ah'm sorry."

Kseniya finds herself a drink, and then she just sort of starts to wander, the lights on her starmap dress all a-twinkle. Still, she does pause, when her eyes spot the other Enchanted mortal entering the room, regarding Max with a look of utter bemusement for a moment, before shaking her head. Billy Ray comes up, and she turns to listen, then grins up at him. Sure, he's a short fella. But she's kind of puny. "Never follow the manual," she informs him. "Learned that a long time ago. And don't worry about it. I mean. I can empathise with this not being what you're used to. Just. Y'know. In my case, nothing is what I'm used to. And I like tinkering with things, always kept the rides and machines running at the carnival. Well. Not -just- me, but. Part of my jobs."

Logan waves and smiles in Max's direction as he enters...actually, his gaze follows her for quite awhile, like he's trying to calculate something about her. He seems pleased with what he sees. "Glad you finally made it, Max. And Gisa, I hope Alonso will join us, too." Is the irony of all of that lost on Logan? Hard to say. He watches Max look at Samantha, and then takes the gift from Samantha with a grin. "Yes, I'm Logan. Thanks so much!" What will Logan do with a lighter? He'll probably find...some use for it. "Will you excuse me? I need to make an announcement."

At that, he is heading swiftly through the room to the stage, depositing the wrapped gift on the appropriate table as he moves up the small steps to the stage proper. The band already saw he was coming and stops playing as Logan takes the mic. "Hey, good evening, everybody!" Logan's boyish, musical voice booms amplified across the entire party space. There's no place where you can't hear him. "I want to thank you all for coming out. This is a charity event, so I wanted to bring attention to that very important aspect of this party. We are donating tonight to three charities: Rainbow Railroad, which supports gay and bisexual men trying to escape injustices in Chechyna. The Vermont Foodbank, which provides canned goods and other necessities to in-need communities right here in our own backyard. And the Nature Conservancy, which we'll be donating to to support environmental initiatives across America."

Logan? He was kind of born to do this sort of announcement. Like he'd probably make a good politician. He pauses and smiles to take in any applause.

Dielle smiles at Dross as he leaves, but definitely applauds the announcement. She hmmms, then pulls a card out of her bag and scribbles something on it. She walks over to Logan when he's done and offers it to him, saying, "For the auction." She's brightened up considerably as she's done it, too, and for those who can see, her Mantle has come on strong: her obviously thrift-shopped clothes look newer.

Billy Ray grins at Kseniya, "Good, good. Ooh, y'good with tinkerin', tools. Y'know, y'ever wanna do some side work, y'should call me. Ah'm gonna open a shop - gunsmith, range, archery, swords, all that jazz, and tinkerin' usually means a good mechanical gut sense - which ah can't teach but ah can sure layer good tech knowledge atop it." He falls quiet as Logan speaks, clapping and reaching for his beer. Oh look it got refilled. AWESOME. A sip.

"Welcome," says Samantha easily enough, and the word is followed by a little wave of her hand, dismissing the host. Left alone, she turns and wanders off towards the bar. "Bourbon, neat," she orders, soon as she's beside it. Then she pauses and looks up, as the announcement starts. "Charity?" she asks, aloud. Then gives a look around at the Freeholders. There's a snort, and a little shake of her head.

Kseniya squints up at Billy Ray, looking surprised, but she grins a moment later and reaches up to clap the mechanical fellow on the arm. "Only if I can pet the dog sometime, but.. yeah, maybe. We'll talk, sometime." She turns, and more or less stares at the shiny fellow making the announcement, then looks around. Everyone else applauds, so she follows suit. "...this is so not my gig," she mutters softly. "Where're the funnel cakes?"

Dross looks up for Logan’s speech, which brings an odd sort of half-smile to his face. Perhaps something about it amuses him in some way. He puts a hand in one pocket to look for something to donate… Black drink in his other hand, he continues to watch the guests’ movements carefully. Samantha’s scornful reaction to the solicitation draws his focus in particular.

"Oh awesome. That gym is super rad, y'all! It's got climbin' walls an -every'thing-," says Billy Ray as he grins at Kseniya and makes his way up to the stage. "Uh. Hey y'all," he says, lips pursing as he looks a touch nervous. "Anyway, lissen. This be a good cause, y'all. Ah got my personal Hedgespun rapier over there - check it out, t'see my skillset an' work. Got some of my personal weapons over there as well - normal, mundane firearms, t'see my worksmanship. Ah say all this t'say that ah'm gonna donate three t'ings - one, in return fer a cash donation to one a' the charities that Mister Logan there mentioned, ah'll make ya a Hedgespun weapon, armor or tool or a token. All we'll gotta do is investigate and learn about it - no monetary cost fr'm me. Likewise, ah'm donating two separate options fer mundane weapon or armor work - swords, blades, armor, firearms. Trust me, yer gonna love 'em when they're done. Uh," he pauses, his eyes twitching as he goes through his memory list. "Ah think that's all," he says, stepping aside for Logan. Quick double gulp of beer.

Max returns the polite greeting to Samantha, even offering a bit of a friendly smile her way. She doesn't interrupt with the brief gift exchange, though she does watch her for a moment longer. "Not a fan of charity?" she wonders of the woman, her expression curious not judgemental. A brow raises slightly. There's a moment where she looks to where Logan is auctioning off people and things, then returns her attention to Samantha.

"Oh, no, no," Samantha says, after a quick 'thanks' to the bartender. Her attention shifts back to Sam. "I like charity perfectly fine. Just wondering what he imagines getting out of this crowd," she says, giving a quick glance around, before her eyes fix on Max once more. "You secretly a millionaire?" she starts. "I doubt-..." And then a particular word catches her ears, and Samantha's gaze flicks to the stage. To Billy Ray. Her eyes narrow.

Kseniya listens to the speechifying, then wanders off to where the food is and, wonder of wonders, discovers a funnel cake. This leaves her blinking and staring, but she takes the treat, and meanders off to where the dulcet strains of Changelings trying to sing karaoke are drifting from.

"Great," Logan says to Billy Ray, giving him a reassuring grin and patting him on the back. "Thank you, Billy Ray. Well, let's start with the crafted item by Billy Ray. Donations for that one will go to the Vermont Foodbank. Let's start the bidding at 50 dollars. Do I hear fifty?" Logan looks out in the crowd, shielding his eyes so he can see farther, although this is probably more for effect than anything else.

Max chuckles gently at Samantha and shakes her head. Leaning against the bar, she orders herself a stiff drink. Then her attention returns to the woman with a smirk. "I think I have about fifteen dollars in my bank account right now. So, definitely not a secret millionaire." Then she looks over to Billy Ray as well, once more arching a brow at the reaction Samantha has toward him. "Got some beef with him?" Looking back to her once more, she smiles lightly. "I think Logan is more concerned with having a fun party than getting a bunch of money to donate."

Dielle smiles at Logan, then goes to hold up some wall next to Gisa.

No, pocket's empty. Dross takes another drink, phthalo blue eyes tracking from Gisa and Dielle standing together by the wall to Samantha and Max at the bar. He moves through the crowd for a better view of Logan as the bidding continues. Guests have gone from 50 to 100 and now 200 dollars so far. There's still music coming from the karaoke room, and splashing sounds coming from swimmers in the pool just outside.

"Do I hear $250?" An extremely tall Ogre wearing a tiny party hat solemnly raises his giant hand. "Going once, going twice -- sold, to the tall gentleman over there." Logan smiles and continues to move on through the auction, including Dielle's contribution. He starts his prices a little lower for the other items. If any of these items or services interest anyone in the audience, now is the time to make your move and say your piece...Logan's had a pretty decent turnout at this party, and though the crowd isn't particularly well-heeled, he's at least getting some offers.

"Well, if you ever need a job, I can always use some help," Samantha says, to Max. She smiles along with this, a smile that's sincere and friendly. She then glances back over, to Billy Ray, and then back to Max. "Didn't have any before that little speech," she explains. "Sort of curious, to me, is all, I guess..." She lifts her whiskey and sips.

Dielle stays quiet where she is, watching various people in the crowd and sipping her wine. She seems to especially be watching Samantha and Max, although she's too far away to hear their conversation.

Logan hops down from the stage, wiping off his hands for no particular reason, other than a job well done. He spots Max first and heads her way...the mysterious Samantha still being there as well. "I didn't hear you bidding, Max. Should I have started the prices lower? Do I hear a quarter?" He grins in a mischievous manner at her, folding his arms. "You look great, by the way, just like I thought you would." His blue eyes train up to Samantha. "Hope you're having a good time. Not sure I got your name earlier."

"What is it that you do again?" Max questions Samantha with a curious look. Though she's not necessarily looking for anything, it's good to know what's out there. Maybe other people need a job! When her drink is served, she offers a thanks to the bartender. Then she enjoys a few sips, chuckling a bit at the strong taste. When Logan wanders up to them, she smirks. "I am unable to use any of the services and such offered at the auction," Max replies to him with a faint smirk. "Otherwise I might have bid something, even if I didn't win." Then a bit of a warmer smile touches her painted lips. "And thanks. You did pick out all of this, so, of course I look nice!"

There is a squeal from the pool area as a tiny Darkling, clad head to toe in a black form-fitting bodysuit that's painted up like a comet, is pushed into the water by a gorgeous, drag queen Fairest with a decided Barbarella thing going on. The Fairest cackles like a maniac before losing her balance, slipping on a puddle in her platform boot and landing smack dab in the center of the pool.

"Bodyshop," Samantha says, to Max, easily enough. She sips her bourbon once more, then turns her attention to Logan. There's a slight, sly smile on her lips as she watches him. "Believe she needs her quarters for laundry money," she offers up. "Though you are right. She looks great," Samantha says. Then she looks aside, to Max. "You look great," she echoes. Then it's back to Logan. "Samantha Whitaker," she offers. "Call me Sam," she adds.

Whenever Dielle finishes her wine, one of the waitstaff drops off a black, forbidding-looking cocktail. Nearby, guests are experimenting with the space kitchen unit. "This is disgusting," one of them says, trying to rehydrate a pack of spinach. His companion wrinkles her nose in agreement.

One of the 2001 flight attendant-clad waiters strolls up to Logan with another one of those clear, sparkling drinks with lemon. Is he just communicating with them telepathically, or is his staff just that good? Or maybe just tipped off. Either way, he takes the drink and takes a sip. "Max is always welcome to do her laundry here. Aren't you, Max?" The Golden Boy raises an eyebrow, smirking just a touch, and then offers a manicured hand to Samantha. "Good to meet you, Sam." His clear blue eyes move over her face. Trying to place her, perhaps. "How do you know Max here? Or did you just meet?"

Dielle takes the drink with quiet thanks, then pushes off the wall to stroll over towards Logan and Max. "Hey, y'all. How you doin'? I don't think I know you, Miss." That last is addressed to Samantha. Then she takes a sip of the drink and looks at it, surprised. She takes another cautious sip.

When Max hears a squeal coming from somewhere, she perks up a bit until she sees that it's just someone getting pushed into a pool. Nothing to be too concerned over. Then she relaxes, leaning against the bar once more. "I'm not sure I'd be of use at a bodyshop, but, I'll keep the offer in mind," she replies to Samantha with a friendly grin. There's a simple, polite nod given to Dielle as she approaches, then she lets her gaze shift toward Logan. "We met at Kip's bookstore not that long ago." There's a pause before she quickly adds in, "And you look pretty good yourself. I like your outfit!"

"Just as she says," Samantha says, with a gesture to the side, to Max. "Chance occurrence. Though she's a little bit famous," Samantha adds. Sam then glances aside, at Dielle. "Doin' fine. And no, I don't think we've met, no. Samantha. Sam, please," she adds, with a smile. "Just came by to have a drink, check out the fancy house... I can't say I'm unimpressed," she says, gaze shifting back to Logan.

"Hi, Dielle. Having fun?" Logan offers her a friendly smile. The band is taking a break, and the DJ steps up. Very first song he puts on is "Let It Ride" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. His eyes move between Samantha and Max, and he nods slowly, his smile growing just a touch again when Max compliments him, such as it is. "Thank you, Max. You're famous?" His golden eyebrows raise, but the pleasant smile stays on his face. He raises his drink in thanks to Sam when she mentions his fancy house. "Glad you like it. There's plenty to see and do, so I hope you'll be entertained."

Dross approaches the bar, too, and orders a second, equally black drink. This one is called Death Before Dinner. He looks over the assembled crowd and moves to one side of the bar, putting a bit of space in between himself and the rest of them. Logan’s glow is particularly bright at the moment. Dross watches it shimmer around Logan and his interlocutors for a while, then turns his head to watch the rest of the party. Someone in the karaoke room has just found the tambourines and seems very excited.

Dielle smiles in return and says, "Of course! Nice t'meet you, Sam. I'm Dielle. Hey, Max. It's a real nice party, Logan. Sam, I don't think I've seen you 'round here before. You enjoyin' our fair city?" That last comes out with a bit of irony, since it's not really a city so much as a pair of towns. Or maybe villages.

"I am enjoying it! I come by every few weeks," Samantha says, to Dielle. "Mostly just to drive, but it's fun to have a destination in mind. Meet with some friends up here, now and then," she adds. Then her gaze shifts, and looks over, towards Dross. Her brows go up. "Whaaaat is that?"

Dross's eyebrows go up in return as he catches her staring at the drink. He answers in a low voice: "Rum and charcoal... and a few other things. It's called Death Before Dinner." He leans over the bar to request the same for Samantha from one of the navy flight suit-clad bartenders, then looks back at her and the others, as if waiting patiently for something.

"Famous? Nah, of course not," Max quickly replies to Logan. Then she returns her attention to Samantha watching her for a moment. Then a smile spreads across her lips. "Did we exchange numbers last time? Maybe I can drop by your shop or we can meet up somewhere sometime to discuss how you think you know me? I don't want to pull the attention away from Logan here on his birthday," she tells her, that friendly grin remaining plastered on her face. "I wouldn't mind getting out of town to see where you're at. Brighton or something, you said?" Then she glances over to Dross, smiling warmly his way. "Hey! How are you enjoying the party?"

Logan is standing on the lawn, presently, talking to Samantha, Max, and Dielle, while Dross is watching them from the outside bar nearby. The DJ is currently playing the best of '70s FM radio, it sounds like, with "Play That Funky Music" currently blasting out from the speakers. The Golden Boy, his mien shining brightly tonight, is clad in a couture version of a white flight suit, sipping a clear sparkling drink. "You'll have to tell me all about it later," he says, staring at Max with a slight tilt to his head. "I sure would like to hear everything."

By the time Alonso has been greeted, ushered, feted, waited upon, ushered some more, decoated, handed a drink, ushered further, and finally gestured up to the mezzanine? His olive toned skin is perhaps a hue or two paler than it would typically be. He's also holding a card case in his hand, from which he is drawing cards to press into the palms of the staff as he happens by them. "Only through solidarity will conditions improve, friend. Call me." Because who wouldn't want to call a strange spaniard handing out IWW cards at a fancy party? Right? Once he's actually /arrived/, he is most definitely frowning. Trying not to touch anything, too. As though it's all contagious and likely to stain his trousers.

"Charcoal?" Samantha echoes Dross, and her nose scrunches up. "I mean... I'll try anything twice," she offers to the big man. Then her gaze shifts back to Max. "Oh! Yeah, I... I can just give you my number. Let me know when you're ready?" she asks. "And Burlington," she adds. Then her attention shifts back to Dross, and then the bartender, and then Dross. "Don't talk much, do you?"

Dielle is listening, quietly. She waves at Alonso from the group. She's wearing a black, lace-up vest over a crocheted skirt that goes from white at the waistband through varying shades of blue to black at the bottom. She looks like, try as she might, this conversation has her a bit lost.

A pair of short, red-headed young men who /must/ be identical twins are standing at the mezzanine bar. Flames lick through their hair and around their fingers, and one is clad in a black suit while the other is in red. Both of them look at Alonso, and the one in black snickers and leans in to whisper something in the other one's ear, his bright red eyes on Alonso the whole time. The red-clad Fireheart snorts and shrugs a shoulder, and the black-clad one laughs loudly and arrogantly.

"You live in Burlington?" Logan asks Samantha. He grins at Max. "That's the 'big city' in this state." His clear blue eyes focus on Sam, watching the way she addresses his housemate (that'd be Dross). After awhile, his gaze moves off towards Alonso and Gisa, and he waves in their direction as well. But he doesn't seem quite ready to move and mingle, just yet, for whatever reason. Though several of his guests come up and have a word or two with him while he's standing there.

Samantha's question must amuse--or maybe intrigue--Dross, because he doesn't say anything in response to Samantha. The silence is so marked that it seems to be a joke in itself. Instead, he simply holds her blue-green gaze for a few moments, then stands up from the bar and walks over to where she's speaking with Logan, Max, and Dielle. He pauses by Dielle's side, and asks, "How are you finding it?" It could be: the drink...the party...the house...

Then Gisa's entrance makes him look up sharply, pale eyes wide.

Logan gets Max's attention first, simply smiling over at the bright Fairest. "Of course. Just ask later," she tells him, watching him for a moment with a knowing look. Then she shifts those bright blue eyes to Samantha as she pulls her cell phone from her clutch. "Ready." And when the number is given, she'll quickly input it, then send off a text so that Samantha has her number as well. "I'll shoot you a text soon. Or you feel free to text me first," she suggests, glancing at her with a friendly smile.

Dielle looks over at Dross and says, truthfully, "It's kinda weird, but it ain't bad. Sure never had anything like it before. What's the alcohol in it?" She looks between Samantha, Logan and Max, then back to Dross. "Gotta admit, I got no clue what's goin' on. Which seems par for the course, really." She looks over at Gisa, when her friend talks, and smiles at her, but quickly signs to her that she has no clue what the hell is going on.

Gisa's fingers flash back toward Dielle, with a small gesture toward the pair of fiery twins at the bar: that seems to be where her question was directed. Her face is quite literally a ceramic mask at the moment, and the shin on her forehead has gone back to its usual red-orange glow.

The black-clad redhead flips his head at Gisa, sending out a shower of sparks. "Boy," he says, rolling his eyes and speaking with the unnecessary loudness flashy young people sometimes use. "Logan sure knows some people. C'mon, Aidan." He tugs on the redhead's sleeve, trying to get him to move off with him, and it seems like Aidan doesn't have much of a choice. He shrugs to Gisa, mouthing 'sorry' to Gisa, and looking genuinely sorry to boot. Even if his brother appears to be an asshole.

Samantha sends a slow, overt wink over at Dross, when the man answers with silence. She then reaches for the black drink. "Thank you," she says, to the bartender. Her attention shifts away, to the twins, to Gisa scolding them. She looks amused. Her eyes shift back to Logan. "That's right. Well, outside of Burlington," she says. "Not one for that 'big city' feel," she adds, with a smirk. "Alright, so..." And Samantha rattles off a number, for Max. It's Vermont area code, for sure! When her own phone vibrates - in her back pocket - she pulls it out. "Excellent," she says, with a smile. Finally, her eyes shift back to Dielle. "We're exchanging numbers... You want to call me, too?" she offers up, sincerely.

Alonso had been too appalled by his surroundings to really cotton to the fact that the brothers were laughing at his expense. Ironically, it takes the kid lipping off to Gisa for him to really take notice of it all. He squints their way from under the brim of his hat, the lightning in his eyes darkening perceptibly. Well. Perceptibly for those able to see such things. The absence of light leaves the whole of his face in shadow. "It's bad luck, you know. Behaving in such a manner to a lady. I'd be careful for the rest of the evening, were I you." Alonso's curse comes with the requisite warning, spoken as he begins heading in the direction of the golem. Still decidedly grim in his bearing.

Max watches the redheaded twins with an amused look, unable to help but chuckle as they start to scamper away. "Well, seems like the party just got a whole lot better," she says, loud enough for them to hear. Then she glances away, not giving the pair any more of her attention. She leans back against the bar, letting her blue-eyed gaze drift between the various Dawns.

"Sure, that sounds good," says Dielle. She goes ahead and punches in the number that Samantha just said, and calls her. "Burlington is a big city?" she says in some wonder. "Seriously? What, do they have an entire four stop lights?" She grins as she says it, but she means it, at the same time. She glances at Alonso and the twins and says, "My money's on the socialist."

Logan smirks appreciatively back at Sam, but now it is time for him to once more mix and mingle with his guests. After all, he wasn't asked to exchange numbers with Sam, was he? "Excuse me, ladies, I should probably make the rounds." On the way away from the group, he passes by Dross and clasps him on the shoulder, whispering something in his ear before heading back into the house proper, where he passes the twin Firehearts. "Are you two behaving?" he asks them with a grin, and the one called Aidan rolls his eyes. More at his brother than at Logan, it would seem, and Logan shakes his head at the black-clad twin. "Kieran. What did I tell you before?" "Whatever," scoffs Kieran, rolling his red eyes and trying to move Aidan over to the karaoke room, though he does cast a sneering backwards glance at Alonso.

Logan, watching them go, moves up to Alonso and Gisa with his usual smile. "Sorry if they gave you trouble, Alonso. Gisa." He nods to the golem. "Those two are a handful. Anyway, Alonso, so glad you could finally make it! Welcome to Phoibos House."

"And here I thought gender constructs were a tool of the bourgeoisie," Sam says, a bit louder, in the wake of Alonso's words. Loud enough that he can hear. Her attention shifts back to Dielle, and she gives a laugh. "No, not seriously. I know we're in Vermont! I've been elsewhere, I promise," she says, as he taps a few buttons on her phone. Dielle and Max's numbers are both saved. "Now, Dielle... you work at... Aspire Arena? What do you do there?"

A few more exchanged signs with Dielle, and Gisa's attention shifts back to the errant pair briefly. Her shoulders lift and drop like a mountain range rising and falling in response to Aidan, The Very Sorry Twin, and then she turns her gaze back to Alonso. His words soak in and her eyeflames blink once, twice. "Ah, motek,," she rumbles, and reaches her hand out to briefly touch Alonso's forearm. It's so sweet to vaguely threaten someone with bad luck, apparently. Then, to Logan: "It is all right. Of all the trials I have faced in my life, a rude child is the least of them. It is certainly an event, this party of yours. I think maybe you have spent more than my annual store budget on this event."

Dross cranes his head a little to listen to whatever Logan whispered in his ear, then nods. He watches Logan go over to Alonso and Gisa, running his fingers over his newly short hair. Then he returns Samantha's wink, slowly and with perfect seriousness. To Dielle, he says, "Yours... that's gin, lychee wine, amaro...syrup...lemon juice...egg whites and the coconut charcoal we talked about." He seems to realize for the first time in a while that Max is here, and spoke to him. He nods to her as well. Then a splash draws his gaze to where Not Sorry Twin just tripped into the pool with his space constellation-detailed leather jacket on.

Dielle says, "Personal training. Overseeing the rock climbing wall. Counter work. Smoothie making. Cleanup. A little of everything, really. Except no one lets me drive the Zamboni, after I saw Deadpool." She pouts a bit, but it's not real. She glances over at Dross and smiles at him. "I like this one, it's growing on me. Like a fungus." Her fingers go in a pattern vaguely recognizable as ASL to anyone who knows it, but it mostly waits until after she finishes speaking.

"The American aversion to slapping children bemuses me in light of behavior like that. My backside would be as red as Moscow in October had I behaved like that in front of my father's guests." Alonso's brows furrow as he watches the children go, then he focuses on Logan instead. "All is well. Sticks and stones, eh?" He seems momentarily at a loss as to what to say at this point and suffices with a blunt, "Your house is absurd." But in a good way? The comment from the peanut gallery earns Samantha the first real attention she's received from Alonso since he turned up. More squinting ensues. "The children are wretched regardless of gender or class." More bluntness. Back to Logan, "I think I should go."

Kieran, the Not Sorry Twin, curses and sputters as he emerges from the water he's just fallen into. "Fuck!" he yells. "This is your fault!" He pulls on Aidan, the Very Sorry Twin's ankle...sending him toppling into the pool as well. The twins start splashing at each other and arguing while a man with dirty blond dredlocks and horns, standing on the side of the pool with a can of PBR, bellows with goatish laughter at them.

Logan laughs appreciatively at Gisa's little joke...or was it a joke? He shrugs a shoulder, a characteristically boyish gesture. "Well. Sometimes you have to have a blow-out." He turns to listen to Alonso. "Well, at least they're not my kids. I've just known them awhile and feel a little responsible for them." Alonso's bluntness doesn't seem to bother him, though he does say quickly, "So soon? You just got here. Anything I can do to make your time here more pleasant?"

Samantha sips her drink, and ignores the comment from Alonso. Though the slight uptick of her chin suggests she heard it. And the slight broadening of her smirk suggests she's amused by it. But she doesn't look back over, and doesn't respond. "Mine's also good," Sam says, to Dross, as she takes a sip. "And a rock climbing wall would be fun. I usually prefer the real thing, but... takes forever to get it all set up," she muses.

The Twins catch Max's attention again. It's not hard to do. Leaning back against the bar, she finishes her drink and orders another. Still something with a decent amount of alcohol in it but also fruity! Then her bright blue eyes gaze about the area and the various inhabitants. A soft smile lingers on her lips as she listens in on nearby conversations.

The staff must be well-trained, indeed, because at the first mention that someone wants to go home, the lights drop, the music pauses, and they bring out a cake.The cake takes up a lot of space and several people have to push it out on a long, thin golden cart. When it comes into view, you see the birthday cake looks like a model of the galaxy. The planets are arranged in roughly accurate spatial relationships to each other, and each planet is represented by a different flavor and composition of cake. Staff is available to cut into the planets and provide slices on gold plates with matching utensils—after the candles and singing, of course. Small labels at the base of each cake describe the flavor and ingredients of that cake. There should be a flavor to everyone’s taste and dietary restrictions.

The DJ whoops and announces the cake, to wild clapping and cheers from guests assembled around the pool. He motions to Logan to step forward. There are white and gold candles poking up out of the Jupiter and Saturn cakes, each ending in a crazy sparkler of spitting light. Then the band starts to play 'Happy Birthday', softly at first, until guests start to sing, and then louder, keeping pace with their voices.

"Oh. That is a shame. Look. They fell in the pool." Total deadpan. "I feel sorry for his brother." The golem signs briefly after speaking. When Alonso mentions he wants to leave, the corners of Gisa's lips tighten slightly, but she doesn't rebut the idea. Gisa pauses to watch the cake being rolled out, and then, nodding appreciatively, she stands on her tip-toes (apparently they make goylomim in 'medium' as well as 'very large,' and whoever made her decided that 'medium' would do) to whisper in Logan's ear... hopefully before the DJ calls him up!

Dielle agrees, "The rock wall is a lot of fun. And the real thing is great, but it's more like it takes time to go find a real rock wall. Driving time to a gym is easier." She stares at the cake when it's brought out and she takes her phone and takes a picture of it. "Daaaaaayumn."

"I am afraid I cannot long be the manner of guest you deserve on your birthday, Logan. This is my fault, and not your own." Alonso both seems and sounds contrite in this, shouldering the blame entirely. The misfortune befalling the twins doesn't even phase Alonso. He just tightens his grimace into a sort of smile and notes, "I warned him." Alas. "In any event, worry about your other guests. I insist. And go get yourself some cake. I can see myself out. Happy Birthday." He then asides to Gisa, "You should stay. It would do you some good, I think."

"Exactly," Samantha says, to Dielle. And then the cake, and the DJ, and the band. Samantha gives a slow shake of her head, and a laugh. "That's my cue," she declares. "Nice to meet you," she says, and that seems to go for everyone within earshot. Samantha lifts up her glass, tosses back the rest of the drink, then pivots and heads for the exit, setting her cup on whatever flat surface as she goes.

Dross gets a slightly tense, pinched look when the cake comes out, probably from the knowledge that he’ll have to use his voice to make a sound in public soon. In spite of that, when the music starts playing, he’s one of the first to sing, and his expression relaxes almost immediately. He sings louder than might be expected, actually, in a clear and obviously practiced tenor. The volume and clarity are meant to encourage others to join in. His gaze does cut away to watch Samantha and Alonso leave, but for the most part, his eyes are fixed on Logan as he comes up between Jupiter and Saturn, grinning and shining brightly in his white suit.

"Suit yourself, Alonso. At any rate, I'm very happy you came. Thank you." Then Logan looks suitably charmed when his birthday moment comes. And as it so happens, he does get to hear Gisa's whisper before he heads down to the cake. He turns and looks at her for a moment and shakes his head, the shadow in his mien whipping around his head for a few moments. "I want to know more. Don't go yet." Then he turns away from her, his light and grin shining out once more as he moves through the crowd to where the cart is on the lawn. After everyone has finished singing, Logan takes a huge breath and blows out aaaaaaaaaall the candles in one go. He'll be damned if he's not getting his wish!

As Samantha announces her depature, Max returns her attention back to the woman. Those bright blue eyes of hers linger on her momentarily before smiling. "Talk to you soon," she calls out to her with a small but friendly wave. Then she looks over toward the cake, blinking a few times. "I am not surprised that the cake is impressive looking. If I had a party, I'd just make a simple yellow cake from a box or something," she comments to Dross with a slight smirk.

Dielle says, "Nice talkin' to you, Sam!" She sings the birthday song when that starts, and she's at least on key. "Happy birthday, Logan!" she yells out, fairly loudly. Hey. There's gonna be cake!

"I should -- " Gisa begins, but it is time to sing Happy Birthday, and so Gisa does this. "You will want to hear this," she tells Alonso, "but I can tell you later." The flames in her eyepits track Samantha, though, rather than watching the Birthday Boy and his cake.

As soon as Logan blows out the candles, guests descend on the cake in swarms. The Fireheart twins are among the first to carry away pieces, still squabbling with each other. Looks like they took chocolate.

Logan is given a nice slice of Jupiter, which appears to be lemon on the inside. Red-frosted vanilla on the outside. He rescues his piece and takes it further out to the lawn, smiling his thanks as people congratulate him. "I didn't hear you sing, Max," he says, raising his eyebrows at the Enchanted Mortal. "And thank you, Dielle!" He turns to his fellow Dawn next with his usual blinding grin. "I heard you. Dross, too." But his eyes also catch Samantha leaving, and they zero in on Gisa, too. He takes a small bite of cake and watches her, waiting to see if she will come down and say more to him. Not about his birthday, either.

Dielle heads in after the mob and snags a bit of Black Forest Cake from a moon, putting down the empty glass of her second drink. She heads towards Gisa and Logan, and says, "Hey, there, Gisa. Logan, gotta tell you, all parties get better with cake, but I've /never/ seen a cake like this."

"When is your birthday, Max?" Dross asks. "I don't think you'll be eating cake from a box anytime soon, somehow..." He doesn't take any cake himself; just goes on drinking his strange black cocktail and watching the other guests pick the solar system apart one slice at a time. He smiles to Logan when their host comes up to join the little band in conversation. "Alles Gute."

Max sings along when people start with the birthday song, watching Logan with a soft and warm expression. As people swarm the cake, she pulls out her phone instead, checking the screen, tapping and swiping a few times, then putting it back away in her purse. When Logan calls out to her, she simply smirks. "I sang. I apologize if my voice didn't carry through the crowd. I'm not exactly talented in such a way," she tells him with a chuckle.

"Thanks, Dielle. They did do a bang-up job, huh?" Logan grins as he nibbles on some more cake. His azure eyes glow a little brighter as they turn upon Dross next, grin turned up a notch. The brilliance around him quavers. "Du mußt doch Kuchen essen. Jetzt!" Then he rolls his eyes at Max. "Sure you did. Go eat some cake. I think you'll like Pluto."

Dross gives Logan a long, silent look. Then he sighs, and gestures to Max. “Come. There’s no arguing with the Sun King here.” He leads her toward the cake. There’s a jasmine-flavored sphere somewhere in that orbit that he has in mind…

The man with dirty blond hair and horns who laughed at the twins before makes a valiant attempt to get around the staff and take one scoop out of every planet. He gets about a third of the way around before an ogre lumbers up to him, lifts him clear off the floor, and tosses him back into the pool with no cake.

"They really did," agrees Dielle. She's chowing down on her cake, and watching what's going on. "I'm just sorry Jon couldn't make it. Then again, he might be in the pool, too, for tryin' to take too much cake." She finally remembers, and pulls out a tiny wrapped gift and offers it over. "Happy birthday from both of us."

"It's near the end of the year," Max replies to Dross with a smirk. There's a light purse of her lips when Logan rolls her eyes at her but she doesn't otherwise comment or argue. Instead she turns her attention back to the Autumn, faintly smiling. "Did you get to have any input on the various cake flavors?" she wonders of him, tilting her head slightly.

Dross gives her a quick nod. “You guessed it.” They stop by Pluto, since that’s the one Logan called out for Max. It’s a dark flavor, like plum or red velvet, if memory serves. “Here, by the way… ” He passes over something small and round, leaning in to whisper something in her ear. Then the tall Darkling straightens up again. “I think the cake I wanted was earlier in the system…” And he walks back toward the other end of the galaxy, maybe Venus or Mercury.

"Wow, thank you, Dielle! I think now is a good time to open presents, actually." Logan grins and unwraps her tiny gift, pulling out a Pop Vinyl keychain of Wesley from The Princess Bride. He lets out an appreciative laugh. "I love it! Thank you both so much. Please tell Jon thank you as well." He gives Dielle a big pat on the shoulder, then drifts closer to the rest of the presents. May as well start opening the rest of them. The one from Samantha gets picked up first, and unwrapped -- just as she told him, it's a lighter. He stares at it for several moments with a speculative look on his face.

Several more gifts follow, and soon brightly colored paper is everywhere, and the air around the gifts table is filled with thank yous and warm comments. The next gift Logan finds on the table is small and rectangular, wrapped in brown kraft paper without any sign of tape or glue. Inside is a small model of a door, about as long as Logan’s hand, either made of gold or covered in gold leaf. You can open the door from either side and look through it. When the door opens, pearly lights turn on inside the frame, creating what looks like a tiny, glowing portal that you can just barely see through to whatever’s on the other side. When the door shuts again, the lights go out.

Dielle grins at Logan and fails to make any comments on what she could afford. She's utterly fascinated by the tiny door, and ends up staring at it over Logan's shoulder. "Wow," she breathes. "That's amazing."

Carefully taking the object from Dross, Max studies it over with a curious smile. She pins the medal onto her chest on the left side. "This is awesome. I'll make sure nothing happens to it and give it back to you once the party is over," she tells the Darkling with a warm expression. Then she turns her attention back to Logan, a grin lingering on her lips as she watches him opening and enjoying his presents.

Logan pauses, staring hard at that little door. He seems deep in thought for the briefest of moments...but soon after, his grin returns and his mien shines out as it always does. His blue-eyed gaze raises to Dross, making eye contact with him and holding it. "Thank you, Dross. It's perfect." He moves onto other presents -- a sumptuous blue silk aviator scarf with gold tassles, a huge coffee table book on the history of sci-fi, a pair of gold cufflinks shaped like small suns -- all of them are pretty great, but none of them quite live up to that little door.

Dross returned silently during the gift opening, carrying a very small slice of light cake. He takes a bite after Logan addresses him, and says in return, simply, "For your birthday, much joy." He has a small smile on his face. Then he looks at Dielle and Max. "All right?" he asks.

Dielle nods at Dross, still a little wide-eyed. "That door is beautiful," is all she says, but there's a great deal of awe in her voice. She's even forgotten to finish her cake, but she goes back to it, several minutes later. She's quiet for a while after that, just thinking.

"Did you make that or find it somewhere?" Max questions curiously of Dross before taking a bite of her cake. Looking over to Logan, she smiles over at him. "I'm still working on your present. Sorry that I didn't have it ready in time, I couldn't think of what to get you until an idea finally came to my head last night while I was getting ready to sleep," she explains with an apologetic smile.

Dielle eventually puts down her plate, smiles brightly at everyone, and slips out of the party with a final, "Happy birthday, Logan. It was great to meet y'all."

Logan opens the last present -- an envelope that contains a gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride. "Oh wow, bitchin'." His grin beams out and he thanks the giver, a short Darkling woman dressed in a deep purple silk dress, who smiles at him before she slips away. Then he gives Max his full attention. He nods slowly and says, a slight smile on his own face. "Okay, Max. I believe you." A beat. "I look forward to seeing whatever it is you come up with." It sounds like quite a genuine sentiment.

Dross considers Max's question carefully. "Both," he tells her. It's getting late, and guests are starting to disperse, though there's still some splashing coming from the pool and music is still playing. Dross looks at Logan and raises one eyebrow. "What would you like now, Logan? You have a little birthday left."

"I'll have to question more about it later," Max replies to the Darkling, smirking lightly. After taking a glance around, she settles her blue-eyed gaze on Logan with a warm smile. "Seems like everyone enjoyed themselves here. This was a fun party. Definitely the best birthday party I've been to," she says grinning. "I suppose the most important part is whether you enjoyed it or not."

"But it's the only 'adult' birthday party you've been to," Logan tells Max with a wink, "so how would you know? I'm having a great time." He looks up at Dross and indicates the screening room with his head. Time for some karaoke. In fact, he's already heading that way. The Fairest doesn't tend to waste time.

A look of amusement crosses Dross’s face. He glances at Max to check that she’s following and heads to the screening room on Logan’s heels. The Fairest’s halo of light looks mostly bright right now, with just patches of darkness appearing here and there, trying to eat away at it like moths. No doubt Logan already has a song cued up by the time they arrive and Dross picks up a beer from the table.

Of course Max is following! She doesn't know any of the lingering guests and the Fairest and Darkling are cooler to hang out with anyways. "What are you going to sing for us?" she calls out to Logan with a curious expression. Finishing her drink, she sets the glass down somewhere before looking to Dross with a playful grin. "Are you planning on singing too?"

Of course Logan already knows what he's singing. And for those who know him, it's probably no surprise. He grabs a beer too -- a bottled IPA -- and some water, which he swishes around in his mouth before placing his drinks to the side of the karaoke machine. A few buttons later, and he takes up the mic. His mien glows fittingly bright, like it's providing him with a personal spotlight. He closes his eyes and belts out, in a beautiful clear tenor:

               Carry on my wayward son
               There'll be peace when you are done
               Lay your weary head to rest
               Don't you cry no more

"I'll sing with one of you if you want," Dross tells Max. Any song that he would want to sing himself would be terrible for karaoke. Once Logan starts singing, Dross watches with rapt attention. You get the feeling he's seen quite a few of these performances before, but he must be enjoying himself, because that little quirk at the corners of his lips that passes for a smile is back. The light and shadow in Logan's mien battle each other to the end of the song.

"What song would we sing?" Max wonders of Dross, tilting her head slightly to the side. Then she easily turns her attention to Logan as she listens to him, a soft smile lingering on her lips as she keeps her focus on him until the end of the song. Then the Fairest is rewarded with a round of applause from the enchanted mortal, obviously a fan of his singing. "I didn't know you were that great of a singer!"

And it's an amazing performance from Logan, too. He is completely spot-on, doing an amazing Steve Walsh impression as he belts his way through the song. Not a missed note or an off-key moment to be found. Hell, the other folks left in the room are pretty spellbound by his singing, like they can't look away. And though there's only a few other people besides Dross and Max in here, he gets unanimous applause. "Thank you." That's directed at the room, but mostly at Max. "I really like to sing. Dross! Get up here, I want to sing a duet with you." His grin flashes, almost hungry.

“You pick,” Dross tells Max. “Or Logan will.” Whatever that look was in Logan’s eyes, Dross reacts instantly. He puts his beer down when Logan calls him and goes to join the Fairest at the monitor. He’s a little taller than Logan and has to crane down to watch him cue up the next song on the monitor. An odd pair, but oddly complementary, too, standing next to each other like this with their similarly shaped collars.

The music starts playing, and Logan takes the lead, singing:

               It could've been me
               But it was you
               Who went and bit off 
               A little bit more than he could chew

Dross sings the backup part from the duet, echoing “bad!” “blood!” after Logan. He keeps his eyes fixed on Logan as they sing.

Max stays back while Dross joins the other Changeling on stage. Her bright blue eyes focus on both of them, flitting back and forth between whoever is singing. And when they finish, she brings her hands up to clap once more. "Bravo!" she cheers out with a smile. "I bet you two would make it pretty far on one of those singing competition shows," she tells him, smirking playfully. Pulling her phone from her pocket, she checks it briefly before putting it away again.

Logan and Dross are singing "Bad Blood" by Neil Sedaka, because it never stopped being the '70s here at Phoibos House. Logan sings this one with a sort of childlike glee, very different from the soaring, polished performance he gave previously, but still excellent. He gazes in equal amounts at Dross and the rest of the audience, Max in particular. Not that he much expects someone Max's age to know this song, but you never can tell. Either way, it's a gas to sing. When they finish, he gives a deep bow that flips his head all the way down -- amazingly, when he flips it back, his hair is still pretty much perfect.

"Somehow, I doubt Dross would be into that. Alright, Max." He eyes her phone with the teensiest bit of a frown before his smile shines out again. "What're you and me gonna sing?"

Dross laughs when the song ends. And immediately seizes the excuse to return from stage to audience, where he picks up his beer again. There's more color than usual in his cheeks, and the air isn't quite as cold around him. He looks intensely at Max. "Go on," he says, and nods toward the performance area. "I'd like to hear you."

Noticing the frown, Max is quick to say, "Sorry, I was just checking the time is all." Young people don't wear watches, they check their phones instead! Setting her little clutch purse down near Dross, she tells the Darkling with a playful grin, "Guard it with your life." Of course she's teasing. Then she moves up onto the stage, brushing some of her wavy hair from her face while she chuckles. "You get to pick what we sing. It's your birthday! I have no idea what to sing because, well, I don't exactly have the talent to do so," she says with a faint smile as she looks up at Logan.

Logan examines Max closely. "Do you know 'Bicycle Race' by Queen?" Like I said, it never stopped being the '70s at Phoibos House. Especially not on Logan's birthday. Or close to Logan's birthday. "Some of it is kinda like a duet."

Dross looks seriously back at Max when she commands him to guard the purse. As soon as she gets up, he pushes it under her seat. We'll see if she remembers it at the end of the night. Then he turns his attention back to where Logan and Max are getting ready to sing. There are a few other stragglers in the room, too, drinking and snacking and waiting to be entertained.

"I know the main parts of the song," Max replies with a laugh, chuckling some at the choice of song. "I know enough to sing along with you. Besides, I'm just the backup singer to you, birthday boy," she tells Logan, grinning playfully over at him as she prepares to sing.

"Alright, let's hit it!" Logan grins wide at her and starts it up. It's a good thing he's such a good singer, too, because Max is...challenged. Just a little bit. Logan can even get up into those operatic parts that Freddie Mercury could. He seems to really eat up the dramatic aspects of the song, maybe having more obvious fun than Dross or Max usually see him allow himself. After all, he usually tries to keep his cool.

Watching Logan lose his cool--in a good way--is a special experience. Especially since Logan looks pretty cool doing it. Dross doesn't seem to mind the disparity in singing range as he sits and listens to Logan and Max bounce their way through 'Bicycle Race.' The other guests seem to be enjoying the song, too. For the moment, there's almost no shadow in Logan's aura, and the light, always moving between white and gold, looks surprisingly warm.

It's a good thing that Max lets Logan take the lead and only really chimes in to sing 'bicycle!' when it pops up in the song. Her voice isn't the most terrible thing in the world, better than a cat yowling in the alleyway. But only slightly. It's definitely much nicer to hear her speak regularly than when she tries to sing. However, the mortal doesn't seem embarrassed by her lack of skill, getting enjoyment from seeing Logan happy and enjoying himself while actually performing.

But Logan doesn't seem at all offput by Max; if anything, she adds to his enjoyment of the song. He definitely tries to play off her chiming in whenever she puts herself into it. And when it's done, he'd probably very much like to give her a high-five or something, but instead he just picks up the bottle of water and toasts the room with it. "Happy birthday to me. May you all get home safely and not crash your cars." Just a rare openly mischievous moment from the Golden Boy. A fitting end to the party that's winding down.