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MT07 - Tamarack Falls - Tamarack Road

The rolling hills and honor-system produce stands of the northern valley dip down toward the crisp southerly edge of a long cliffside, increasingly wild forests blocking the wind from reaching the single, solitary road which crosses the border of Tamarack Falls and Fort Brunsett.

A signpost marks the change, the city's Tamarack Road becoming Main Street with no visible difference. While the road itself is a steep switchback of graded dirt, there's grass enough on the inner edges for foot traffic and horses, 'fragrant' evidence of their past presence often left behind amidst the wildflowers which dot the verge in gentler seasons, a thin path worn by its repeated travel.

Where trees don't block the view, the switchback offers a much-photographed vantage over ten-mile Lake Brunsett and the small city below, the forest at the feet of the cliffs fading through meadows to fields, fields to homes, and homes to city blocks in gradual progression, the southerly smudges of the Green Mountain range hovering on the far horizon.

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