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MT06 - Tamarack Falls - South Main and Greenfield

South Main undergoes a gradual transformation as it leads the way toward the town outskirts, businesses becoming residential plots and, slowly, small garden farms.

Bordered by widely-spaced wooden houses with sharply peaked rooflines meant for shedding colder seasons' deep mountain snow, the street soon broadens, sidewalks eventually petering out as the pavement is replaced with graded dirt, lined instead with ditches to handle runoff water. The rolling hills offer a clear view of the river's western bank, a shining silver line a quarter mile off as it cuts down from the northeast toward the dimly visible mist of the falls in the distance.

To the north, Main Street heads toward the business district, continuing south toward the town limits on the other end. Greenfield Road breaks off to the northwest to lead out into true farm country.

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