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MT05 - Tamarack Falls - South Main and Mill

South of the town square is Tamarack Falls' financial and business district, such as it is. Settled directly on the corner of South Main and Mill Street is the town bank, housed in an historical wood building with an ornate clock set in a tower at its roofline, though both tower and roof are as steeply ridged as most of the architecture in the area, the clock chiming the hour loudly enough to be heard streets away.

Also present is a small law office, the town's sole real estate agency and other small offices. There is even a medical facility which houses one GP and has room for specialists with appointments once a week, though for anything serious, patients are outsourced to the city hospital a good half hour away.

Townhouses filter in on the southern end, a few smaller shops occupying space in the triangle of Mill Road and Brunner's Way.

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