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MT04 - Tamarack Falls - Town Square

The heart of town is picturesque, what tourists tend to call quaint, with views pictured on many a postcard sold in shops around the square. Caught between a curve of Main Street and its intersection with westward-running Brunner's Way, the town common is a broad and open grassy swath with a statue of one of the founding fathers at its center, verdigris greening the brass where birds haven't added their own accents to the stately image.

Surrounding the commons are a number of old wooden buildings with traditional peaked roofs, including the town hall, the original schoolhouse - now an historical museum - as well as the first church meeting house, the tiny town library and a diner with a plaque proudly announcing its occupancy since the 1930's.

A neatly kept graveyard stands behind the church, abutting the common with its antiquated iron gate and granite walls, centuries-old slate stones and spires mingled with more modern engraved memorials.

Splitting off toward the east, Cross Street offers a straight path down toward the riverbank.

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