Oak and Thistle

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Oak and Thistle


A two-story stone shop in Tamarack Falls' town square wedged between two similar shops featuring a pair of bay windows that display a variety of glass jars in an array of hues that are all labeled in hand written script. To the left of the green double doors they are filled with colored liquids, to the right they are stuffed full of dried plants. The weathered antique sign outside hangs from an iron hook and reads "The Oak and Thistle" with an masterfully painted oak tree whose base disappears in a thistle bush covered in tiny, spiky purple flowers. Below this, it reads:

  • Apothecary: Natural and chemistry free medicine;
  • Occult Supply: Altar cloths, athames, candles, crystals, gems, minerals, wands and other ritual supplies;
  • Antiques: All the furniture and decorations is for sale. Other pieces are avaliable upon request;
  • Rare Books: Whatever you can't find at your local bookstore.

Hiring Positions

  • Apothecary: A pharmacist/herbalist that needs to double as cashier/store organizer;
  • Manager: Responsible for organizing the finances, cataloging the products and dealing with the suppliers.


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  • (2018.05.23)
Shopping and Trading Favors
  • (2018.06.08)
Hiring a Witch
  • (2018.06.14)
A Custodian Unofficial Meeting
  • (2018.06.28)
Boxes and Birds

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Location: MT04
Hours: 08:00 - 20:00 M-F
Hiring: Yes


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