Crossroads Cafe

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Crossroads Cafe


      A spot for good and cheap comfort food, open both early and late, the Crossroads Cafe on Tamarack's Town Square offers a strong cup of coffee and a good place to linger if you just want to blend in and relax. A back room is available for special events, or moments that need particular privacy, by request.


  • Amusements: Games, newspapers, crayons and other items available for patrons. Miniature jukeboxes on booth tables.
  • Dessert Case:It revolves. Fall under the spell of watching the pies spin slowly past.
  • Menu: Detailed menu coming soon. Please assume the restaurant sells good comfort food for cheap, with a reasonably extensive menu within the veins of "all-day breakfast" and "classic American lunchbox/diner", with the occasional creative spin, particularly in its daily specials.
  • Specials:Specials rotate at Crossroads. There are two breakfast specials daily, two lunch/dinner combo specials, and a Dessert of the Day. Some of these more special items might be: chai cinnamon rolls, brown sugar pecan pancakes, Saturday morning garbage plate, butterscotch pie, Hazel's famous family mulligan stew, apple walnut salad, Monte Cristo sandwiches with homemade jam, and more.

The regular predictable weekly dinner specials are:

  • MONDAY: Chicken Pot Pie
  • TUESDAY: Homemade Meatloaf
  • WEDNESDAY: Pork Chops and Applesauce
  • THURSDAY: Roast Turkey Dinner
  • FRIDAY: Fish Fry
  • SATURDAY: Chef's Choice
  • SUNDAY: Roast Beef

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Back Room

  • Buffet: For catering and events.
  • Bookcases:Feel free to borrow the books.

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Upcoming Events

  • Damn Fine Coffee! - Mon Apr 17 19:30 EST - +event/signup 13
    Murder mystery event. Twin Peaks/Riverdale Noir.


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Owner: Hazel
Location: Tamarack Falls - Town Square
Hours: 06:00am - 02:00am Every Day
Hiring: Yes


Six.jpg Six - ???Odd Jobs???
Winter Whisperwisp/Polychromatic
TaiIcon.jpg Tai - Waitress
Summer Fireheart Windwing Di-Cang
Go1.jpg Ting - Morning Baker
Spring Waterborn