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WR05 - West Bank - River and Cross

Grassy land slopes sharply down toward the southern bridge over the river, crossing the winding line of the dirt-paved road along the Tam's safe western bank. The steepness of the hillside forces what few businesses do exist to cluster up against the town square to the west, though a dilapidated old bait and tackle shop, raised on low stilts against the occasional spring flooding of the river's banks, stands alone at the base of the hill to occupy a corner of the often soggy intersection.

Grating has been dug and placed in an attempt to keep the hill's runwater from eroding the dirt of the road too badly, a brief stretch of cracked pavement maintained around the bridge footing itself. Benches have been set on either side beneath twenty-year sugar maples, a fiery show of colour in the Autumn river wind.

The river here is far swifter, narrowing in its banks, and a potentially deadly challenge for the novice kayaker. Signs are posted to that effect, cautioning tourists that the waterfall is a mere three quarters of a mile south.

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