Log:Tempered Temperance: First Impressions

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Tempered Temperance: First Impressions

Are you Kip!?


Kip, Megan Sato, Saulot as ST

11 May, 2018

Kip meets Gilded Aspirant Megan Sato, and the two have a great (if not mildly terrifying) first meeting. Part of Tempered Temperance.


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With how cold things have been the number of customers has been unbearably low today. Things do look to be picking up well into the afternoon, but it was simply a group of friends trying to find directions to the closest gas station. During the midday someone does enter to brighten up the place, but that largely appears to be a product of her mantle. The woman is covered in patches of scales along with a pair of knife ears that betray her as Lost. She catches sight of the now quiet Kip, and shouts, "Are you Kip!?"

Kip, slouched in his chair with a book propped on his thigh, looks up as if realizing that he's not alone. He blinks a few times, having been clearly absorbed in his book. The shout causes him to wince slightly, as if loud noises somehow seem louder to him than to others. "Uh, yeah," he says as he sits up straighter and closes the book, though he still rests it on his leg. "Uhm, I mean yes. I-- I'm Kip. Can I help you?" His own voice is quiet. A whispery thing, paper thin.

The woman clasps her hands together in amusement, and exclaims, "Excellent! Just who I was looking for." She approaches Kip, and when close enough leans down to get a better look at him. Her eyes have thin slit green slits that narrow as she stares just that much harder at him. "I was expected someone without all the slouching." She harrumphs, stands back up straight, and sets her hands on her hips. The woman's dressed in a black red pencil skirt, a short-sleeved white blouse, and a pair of black kitten-heels. She points at him, as if accussing of something. "Your superior, Ashe Whelan, said you were the one I was supposed to look for." Then that accusatory finger is laid out with the others in an offered hand. "Gilded Aspirant Megan Sato."

Mention of Kip's slouching just causes him to slump a little further into the seat as he peers up at her. "Uhm, Ashe?" he mumbles a little before realizing she's offered her hand. So he slides the book off his leg to place it onto the table next to him and stands up, a bit awkwardly since she's closer now, and pulls himself up to his full six feet of height. There's still a tiny bit of a slouch to his shoulders, though, even when he takes the hand she's held out to him. "Ashe sent you? To me?" He looks a little surprised by that, though there's also maybe a sense of something akin to pride in it. Ashe thinks he can help someone! "Kip Kensington. Assistant Librarian. What is it I can help you with, Miss--Ms? Sato?"

"Aspirant Sato or just Sato. I only prefer Miss from clients, and it doesn't look lake you play much tennis anyway." Megan shrugs to that, and moves to find a chair of her own. "She said you were the newest recruit, and you sounded like you might've been the right one, but she may've been wrong." The Wizened shrugs, clearly uncaring as she continues on. "We do what we can with what we must. I'm not from around here," her accent giving away her origins from somewhere a bit further south. "But I'm going to go about exploring the hedge of your people. I heard you Custodians record all of those things, and I need my deeds recorded as I travel through. That's where /you/ come in."

"Well, we do," Kip mentions, absently running his hand through his too-long hair, though it flops right back into his face again once he pulls the hand away. "Record things. It's one of the things we do as Custodians. Keeping accurate records is very important. It's what separates facts and legends and gives more reliable data for research and note-taking." Yeah. Super nerd here. Despite the fact that now that he's standing, he's clearly not /built/ like a total nerd. Skinny and frail he is not. Must be used to carrying around heavy boxes of books or something. He waits for her to take a seat before reclaiming his own, though now his poor posture veers the other way, with him leaning forward a bit, resting his elbows on his knees. "So you're looking for-- for someone to take dictation of your deeds or record them as they happen?"

"Both!" Megan exclaims again. She slaps her hands on her needs, quite literally beaming with excitement and pride. "I've nothing to hide, and don't care what information you pass on to your people. The agreement with Whelan also includes that anything learned or gained goes completely and wholly to your Custodians. A small price to pay for the recording of my glory in such a small place, yes?"

"If that's what you're after," Kip mumbles quietly. "I mean, I'm more the type to care that the information gets out there, not necessarily having my name attached to any of it." His shyness is still undertoning his words but at least it's not as painfully obvious as before. "But it definitely sounds like a win-win situation, Aspirant. I've been looking for someting new to add to the Library. Is there a particular mission you're embarking on or is it simply an exploration to see where it takes you?"

"Mission?" Megan asks, blinking in confusion for a beat. "Heavens no. Mission implies I took some kind of order from a superior or am doing this for official business." She scoffs, waving flippantly at the thought. "This is for /my/ glory, but it can still prove beneficial to everyone involved. My singular goal is to reach beyond the cloud on the largest mountain here, and conquer whatever challenges may come my-" She stops, and clears her throat to correct, "our way." She stops to look over Kip for a long moment, and eventually asks, "You do have armor, yes?"

"Uhm," Kip mumbles, "The uh-- the Freehold has armor. I'm sure I could use some of it? Should I uh, should I look into any certain kind? I mean, I guess-- the Hedge can be pretty dangerous. I mean we went like /this/ far in looking for some berries and I ended up almost dying after losing my damn mind, so armor is probably a really really good idea."

"Get something good, flexible, and you know you can sweat in." Megan nods thoughtfully to that, and stands up after looking at the seat she left. "We won't be looking for some simple little berries, and if we're lucky we might lose our minds. I heard that there chiropterawyrms along the path we're taking."

Kip doesn't look convinced that losing minds is a good thing. "I'm not sure I'd /want/ to lose my mind again. Three times is enough for me." Wait, didn't he just get the fuguespore illness the once? "And chiro-- I'll have to look those up. I admit, I haven't spent much time in the Hedge until recently. I've got a lot of catching up to do on what you find there."

"Oh? How quaint!" She chuckles, and straightens out her skit as she speaks. "And it's chy-rop (like drop)-tear-worm. A lot people mistake them for dragons, but they're anything but! They're like snakes, cute just like them too. They can't see worth a damn, but could hear just about eveything and identify everything down to color via sound. They have a certain appetite for the fearful, but that won't be a problem. Right, Kip?" She doesn't wait for him to answer the question, and instead makes her departure of of the bookstore. "I'll be looking for you in a few days, dear, so please be prepared."

Kip sort of gulps a little despite himself. "Uh-- snakes? Cute? I... I guess some people think they are," he ventures quietly, looking like he's not necessarily afraid of snakes, just a bit unsure about snakes in the Hedge. "I uhm, I'll start getting prepared for when you want to go! And I'll update Ashe that we've made contact and are planning this."